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Kayak Fishing on Lake Texoma - Suggested Places to "Put In" on the Texas Side

Updated on July 23, 2017


I live in North Texas and enjoy kayak fishing.

I would like to do some kayak fishing for Striped Bass and Smallmouth Bass.

What are suggested places to "put in" on the Texas side of Lake Texoma?


There are a number of places to launch a kayak on the Texas side of Lake Texoma.

Here are four suggestions next time you plan a kayak fishing trip:

  • Highport Marina
  • Lighthouse Marina
  • Eisenhower State Park
  • Spillway Ramp

Note: See the Summary of Launch Point Fees table below for information on fees for a given location.

Day Use Fee
Highport Marina
Lighthouse Marina
Eisenhower State Park
Spillway Ramp
Put in at Spillway Ramp 7/23/17... Boat Launch is $5.00 now.
Put in at Spillway Ramp 7/23/17... Boat Launch is $5.00 now.

Do check out the sections below for video clips of the kayak fishing action at the various launch points mentioned in this article! Had a great time this past summer (2014) fishing Lake Texoma!

Highport Marina

Great Starting Point

Highport Marina offers a wide range of services for boat owners.

Of note to the kayak fishermen is the Marina's location to nearby islands and submerged structure that attract Striped Bass!

Do check out the video in the sidebar "Another Round at Texoma" where we put in at Highport Marina and fished one of the islands.

Caught little Stripers, a Catfish, and Gaspergou. Even did some wade fishing and had them boiling around us at times!

Lighthouse Marina

Nice Beach...

Lighthouse Marina is just a few miles up the road from Highport Marina.

Of note to kayak fishermen is the white sand beach and the Marina's two boat ramps.

Also, the shallows that front the beach offer the opportunity to wade fish!

In the video in the sidebar, "Saturday Kayak Fishing at Texoma", we decided to give Texoma a try Saturday morning in hopes of Striped Bass.

Put in at Lighthouse Marina; things started out slow with no strikes on a Rat-L-Trap or Tube Flies.

Switched to a Blue/White Bucktail Jig and Fluke and started hooking up. Steady action... despite missed hook sets and thrown hooks, was able to put eight on the stringer.

Largest went 26" in length! Fun stuff!

Eisenhower State Park

Protected Cove and More

Really nice state park that offers camping, cabin rentals, and other non-fishing activities.

For the kayak fishermen, the boat ramp is in a protected cove well back from the main lake.

That said, don't let it detract using this location as a launch point for your kayak.

Striped Bass and Smallmouth Bass are often caught while paddling the cove en route to the lake!

In the sidebar is a video, "Afternoon Kayak Fishing at Texoma", where we put in at Eisenhower Park,

Windy and cold that day but managed to catch Striped Bass trolling windblown points!

Well away from the protected cove in the park but was well worth dealing with the wind and waves as bite was steady that day!

View from Spillway Ramp
View from Spillway Ramp

Spillway Ramp

Quick Put In

Spillway Ramp is closest to Denison Dam which forms Lake Texoma.

Offering a convenient launch point for kayak fishermen, it is a quick put in to deep water as well as the rocky shoreline that will hold a Smallmouth Bass or two!

Even better, when the wind is in the right direction, the Striped Bass will lurk along windblown points!

The video in the sidebar, "Struck Out This Round But Too Nice a Day...!", shows no fish caught but like the title indicated, it was too nice a day to stay indoors.

It was our first time putting in at Spillway Ramp and things looked promising at the start but the day ended without a fish caught.

Calm conditions with a slight wind from the South changed the pattern from the day before. A North wind was kicking up the water and Striped Bass were lurking on points feeding on bait fish.

Did get four Striped Bass to chase our lure but did not get a hook up. No worries; got a good workout in... paddled to Eisenhower State Park, back to the Spillway Ramp, and then to the Dam face itself.

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Do Let Us Know...

If you get a chance to do some kayak fishing on Lake Texoma, do let us know how you did.

We would like to hear feedback from our Readers on the four launch points as well as other suggested places to "put in" a kayak on the lake!

Good Luck and Good Fishing!


COAF Field Team

Highport Marina (May 2, 2015)


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    • hbng84 profile image

      hbng84 2 years ago

      Fished Highport Marina Saturday - May 2, 2015. Fun time! Posted a video clip in the article. Do check it out. Boat ramp fee is still $5.oo!

    • hbng84 profile image

      hbng84 3 years ago

      Hope our Readers near Lake Texoma find this one useful!