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Kearney Shreds To Get First Gold For US In 2010 Winter Olympics

Updated on February 12, 2013
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Alright it is 2010 Winter Olympics Time!

What stood out early on? As an introductory note I must say that Canada had a good opening ceremony considering they were following a China performance that looked like 1 million people led by some Michael Jackson type dancing syncronization machine. I loved the giant screen floor/stage and I would not have even noticed the torch lighting mishap if it wasn't for that damn Bob Costas guy.

Women's Moguls

Cannot help but say that the Mogul Competion is one of those events that exists because the U.S. couldn't win the Ski Racing ones. But I love to ski and if it comes in the form of moguls I will take it.

Hannah Kearney, the US womens mogul skier, kicked butt in the first run with a perfect run consisting of a sweet layout backflip on the first ariel requirement. Ekaterina Stolyarova, from Russia, moved into first after a slow but clean second run. Stolyarova's run was topped immediately by Chloe Dufour-Lapointe who had a faster run and she nailed a crazy flip twist thing on the first ariel that was awesome. Micelle Roark, a 35 year old from Denver, Colorado, had to go all out in her second run and she did. She had the best wipeout of the night after the first ariel but she pulled it together to at least finish. A very gutsy performance which is what the olympics are all about. Hannah Kearney had a fast and smooth second run which was enough for her to earn the US Olympic Team its first gold of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Men's Speed Skating

OH NO! Apollo Ohno got second in his qualifiying race which put him in the field for the medal race. In the medal race the Koreans were kicking but, like they always do, poised to sweep the event when the 2nd and 3rd place Koreans wiped eachother out and Ohno slid in for a second place and another American J.R. Celski got the bronze. Celski is a great story because this was his first meet since a gnarly crash at the U.S. Trials in September where he was carted off on a stretcher.

Plenty more to come

There is plenty more great events ahead and I plan on dropping all my commentary and knowledge about these great games along the way so tune in. Keep a look out for the Men's and Women's Downhill race which is currently postponed due to poor snow conditions. Go USA! Go Olympics! Go Canada (it is always nice to see the hosting country get some hardware)! And most of all go olympians! Here is to a safe and exciting 2010 Winter Games from here on out. Nodar Kumartashvili may your rest in peace.

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