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Keeping Score In Baseball Is Fun!!

Updated on August 22, 2008

Learning how to score baseball is a lot of fun. It provides an opportunity for real baseball fans to get intimate with the game. It gives a vehicle for learning more about your favorite team, the players and the strategies and idiosyncrasies of the game.

Learning how to score baseball brings back memories of when I first learned how to do it. It was with my dad at my first major league baseball game back in 1969 at Shea Stadium - between the New York Mets and Cincinnati Reds. Just talking about it brings me back on the nostalgia road.

Learning how to score baseball can provide opportunities for parents and adults to talk with their kids on the same level. Since early May my kids and I are spending time watching the Mets on cable and keeping the baseball score. The time together has unexpectedly let to discussions unrelated to baseball. It's provided a vehicle for my kids to feel comfortable to discuss anything on their minds - and their becoming very knowledgeable of the game - very fast.

The other day, my 8 year old daughter woke me up to tell me the Mets were playing a day game and she couldn't wait. She actually had come up with "her" Mets lineup for that day's game, it was awesome.

I strongly recommend learning how to score baseball for anyone who wants to understand the mental side of the game, the different strategies and becoming knowledgeable in the game.

Why not learn how to keep score in baseball.


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