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Keeping the Mind Sharp by Working Out

Updated on April 20, 2020
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Davie is a passionate consumer of nonfiction literature and knowledge distributor for the purpose of enhancing people's lives.

The cold truth is…there are as many sports and gyms available as excuse nowadays. By increasing motivation to exercise doesn’t necessarily boost healthy lifestyle because of the bad nutritional choices. We are not discussing eating habits in this article but rather exercises that boost mental health, motivation and creativity.

As mentioned, there’s a wide-range of sports we can practice and as a former competitive sport participant, I shouldn’t limit healthy lifestyle inside the boundaries to one fashion.

BUT (there’s always the but) I’m going to give you a few tips of mine that I have gathered throughout my former profession – an authentic personal trainer.

Personal trainer as a title causes salvation and aversion due to the quick expansion of the industry. When financial incentives are rapidly injected into the markets, quality is inevitably the first element to suffer.

I was whole-heartedly committed to my job and I kept studying biology, physiology, psychology, biochemistry and medicine beside variations of old and new methods of exercises. The best part is - when you are (even partially) able to handle the aforementioned faculties, the creativity level for new methods enhances automatically.

You may wonder what an authentic personal trainer differs from a personal trainer. An authentic PT is the person who doesn’t solely create workout and nutritional plans but also provide services regarding mental and physical wellbeing. I treated every client as my family, and as an APT, my obligations included taking care of them. No one were left out when something troubled their minds.

Long story short – I was only sharing my memories with you about how passionate and committed I was to the sport (and job) and it also demanded hair-greying amount of studying. The tips I’m about to share are common theories and generic wisdom, so without any hesitation YOU need to HIRE a personal trainer for yourself to OVERSEE your performance if you are willing to take my advice.

Use Compound Movements to Stay Lazy

You heard it. Stay lazy. Well okay – allow me to walk you through.

Exercising with compound movements allows you to burn fat more effectively because you are forcing numbers of muscle groups to drudge simultaneously. This method doesn’t only save you time, comparing to isolated movements but also burn fat for a longer period of hours – in other words, if your compound movements were performed with heavy weights (max 3-6 repetitions per set), your body keeps burning fat for the next 5-8 hours (depending on your metabolism) even if you are lying on your couch or front lawn.

Compound movements also keep your mind vastly more motivated. Throughout the years I’ve come to notice that 8 out of 10 clients didn’t fancy long sets of repetitive work. They usually wanted to give the weights a great pounding for the rage-packed 30 minutes and leave the gym. The range of exercises vary a lot and I change either the program or rhythm every time. Sometimes, I even integrate sneaky cardio exercises between the heavy roars.

With that kind of intensity, it as well requires the purest techniques so NEVER start lifting (heavy) without a trainer whose responsibility is to supervise your performance. You can go solo when you are 1000 per cent certain about your techniques of exercising, breathing and water intake but before that, stay with your band.

Exercises to Love

We try not to be biased nor mundane, but…yes, we do. If you ask any trainers or athletes about one exercise that they will never abandon, the answer is inevitable the king of exercises – deadlift.

Deadlift allows you to activate the great amount of muscles of every muscle group. You can look for videos with explanatory and you’ll be amazed (Remember to practice and fine-tune with a trainer). Unfortunately, you wouldn’t feel all the muscle contractions the exercise grants but sure it does the job.

Next comes the unicorn – squats. The phenomenon of people training legs is becoming more popular (phew). Legs are the base of our physique, literally. Legs represent our lower body which are also half of our bodies. (...What are the chances.)

Training legs for the purpose of burning fat can be done in various ways because the legs are such a huge portion of the entire body. In other words, your body acknowledges to work on the lipids in any way you perform leg exercises. Jogging and sprinting work as well and I prefer mixing them up by interval cardiovascular exercises.

Now, I know you have been waiting for this - the ego lift that enhances the body part that exposes the logo of a superhero. The bench press. Bench press, by far, is the least important of the three exercises. I wouldn’t say it’s not important but only ranked third after deadlifts and squats.

Despite the common fact that bench press only trains the pectoral and triceps muscles, it actually trains your abdominals, obliques, front deltoids, trapezius and neck muscles as well. But as you can see, it doesn’t exercise your lower body muscles at all so it’s just ridiculous to merely gain meat on your upper body and neglect the rest.

There are plenty of compound exercises to perform to for the same job but I have usually started with deadlifts, squats and bench presses with a new client to make more precise adjustments for upcoming techniques, variations and movements. Since this is one of my most passionate topics, I will definitely share more tips regarding working out and nutrition.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Davie Chen


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