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Keitech Salty Core Stick | The Ultimate "Wacky" Worm

Updated on July 14, 2014

Unbelievable "Wobble" & "Wiggle" On The Fall

With the popularity of "wacky" rigging baits, in order to get a subtle "wobble" and "wiggle" of your worms on the fall... comes a bait that will give you a more dramatic and pronounced wobble and wiggle, then you have ever seen in a soft plastic worm before. Not only does the Keitech Salty Core stick have an unmatched wobble and wiggle when wacky rigged with a traditional circle or finesse hook, but... and here's the kicker... it has the same pronounced action when Texas rigged! Now you have all the benefits of a wacky rigged bait, in weedless form... making it a very attractive bait for a wide variety of applications. Don't believe me, check out the video and see the action for yourself. So how do they do it?

Keitech Salty Core Stick | Dual Pouring Process

It's The Special Dual-Pouring Process

With so many senko style soft-plastic worms on the market, they are all starting to look and the same... but it's the special dual pouring process that takes the Keitech Salty Core Stick from ordinary to extraordinary. The outer later is made from a durable plastic that acts as a protective outer layer, or shell, protecting the inner core.

The inner core is constructed from a super dense, heavily salted plastic which gives the bait a very hefty 3/8 ounce weight (that's much heavier than the traditional senko soft-plastic bait you're used to throwing). This bulkier weight makes this bait ideal for chucking it on a bait-casting setup, which we all know is a little more difficult with those lighter baits.

The bait even comes equipped with a hard or re-enforced nose, allowing for a secure way to rig the bait in the Texas manner, with out constantly ripping or destroying baits, after aggressive strikes. That saves you money too...

Unbelievable Action

Actual Customer Reviews

Comments: These are the best stick bait I have found. I like the colors that are offered in the more that other stick baits. I used this bait to weigh in the largest 5 fish stringer in our bass club history on the Red River this past February south of Shreveport Louisiana. And placed second in the next tournament.

Comments: Unbelievable bait, with unbelievable action. Caught plenty of big fish! My largest being a 5 lbs large mouth. Would definitely recommend this bait to anyone that likes catching fish!

Comments: A little on the pricey side, but well worth it - these things catch fish!

Comments: This little baby is definitely an addition to my tackle box. I'm threw with senkos, they just don't last! And if I can get the same action rigged Texas style, as I do wacky rigged, then why wouldn't I???

Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass Killers

These baits are fantastic on a wide variety of applications, but there are a few key areas of focus. If you live in the northeastern, or mid-western part of the country where you have access to larger smallmouth bass fisheries, then pull up to a large rockpile or some scattered boulders to throw this bait "wacky" rigged, and rake in the "smallies." The open hook when rigged wacky style means better hook-up ratios, and quite frankly - more fun!

If largemouth bass are your targeted species, then you'll love rigging these baits Texas style, and fishing them in tall vertical weeds or around structure. You'll still get that great wobble and wiggle action on the fall, but without all the nasty hang-ups and snags.

Both species like the bait dragged across the bottom, and gently tugged. Thank's to it's hefty 3/8 ounce weight, you can fish it without a weight hook, and will have a better idea of when a fish has slurped it up, so you can set the hook. If you're anything like me, then you have a hard time telling when your bait is just bouncing off objects on the bottom, or whether it's made contact with a lunker, so I'm grateful for a bait like this.

Plenty Of Fish Catching Colors

These little babies come in plenty of fish catching colors, with a focus on "natural" colors - which I happen to be a huge fan of. As these catch one, they will no doubt expand their selection. Let's hope they do!

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