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Why Kell Brook is the most complete fighter in modern Boxing

Updated on October 11, 2016

By Lee Costello

After years of knocking out welterweights who were below his standard and chasing after a fearful Amir Khan, Brook the made the brave decision to not only move up to Middleweight, but to go toe-to-toe with the most feared man in boxing, Gennady Golovkin.

Initially I was surprised by this move as I always questioned Brooks bravery and heart.

From the outside his fights looked hand-picked for a while and his dominance had something of a 'klitschko effect' in the sense that it made him boring.

I was never really excited about a Brook fight because I didn't think he would actually be tested and the outcome was inevitable, so when he took this challenge I became a believer and it was clear to see that his legacy as a warrior was more important than keeping his unbeaten record.

Not that he thought for one minute that he would lose his unbeaten streak as he possess the arrogance necessary to be a champion and if he didn't believe he could beat Golovkin then he wouldn't have took the fight.

Punching power is something that GGG is renowned for but Brook matches him in every other department and went into the fight with one of the most dangerous advantages you can have over a fighter... he was smarter.

I don't mean this in a technical sense where Brook does a lot of homework and is very analytical of his opponents (although he very well might be).

I mean that instinctively Brook is the trickiest, sharpest and the most slippy fighter in the game following Mayweathers retirement.

A natural born talent matched with a lifetime of hard work created the most efficent and effective fighter in boxing.

GGG proudly wearing his world title belts
GGG proudly wearing his world title belts

The weight jump was the real problem.

Although Brook is a big Welterqweight and didn't seem to struggle putting on the muscle mass required for a Middleweight, there is a huge difference in making weight and being comfortable in it.

Albeit in a different sport, but Conor McGregor fell victim to this in his first match with Nate Diaz.

He put on the muscle too quickly and wasn't used to the demands of cardio and endurance required at that weight.

However, if you look at his rematch the difference in his performance is significant because he had a few months before hand too maintain that weight and train at it, thus allowing his body to get used to it.

Conor McGregor also made a massive jump in weight for a fight
Conor McGregor also made a massive jump in weight for a fight

Ultimately this was Brooks downfall and the reality is he is not a Middleweight.

But what a fight he put up.

It was a thrilling encounter which completely gripped boxing fans from all over the world as Brook frustrated Golovkin, fighting him at his own game.

The dissapointing reality of inevitability surfaced however, as GGG did what he did best and absorbed all of Brooks punishment and gave him a lesson in the power of a natural Middleweight, breaking his eye-socket in the process.

Mayweather said that Brooke "exposed" GGG but I disagree.

Golovkin was as motivated, sharp and as strong as ever, he was tested for the first time by going up against a warrior of his own caliber.

Nobody ever doubted Brooks talent or ability, only his heart.

After the performance he put on he has now cemented himself in the heart of boxing fans from all over.

He has finally ticked all the boxes making him the complete package as a fighter and I cant wait to see what he does next.

If Khan was ducking him before, he will be running for cover now.


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