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Kentucky Considering 4 point Buck Rule - Part 1

Updated on September 15, 2015

Kentucky Quality Deer Management

It’s a well-discussed issue on whether or not to apply certain harvesting rules on Kentucky deer hunting. Currently the state only allows deer hunters to shoot one buck for the entire year. There are several possibilities being considered, but the favorite is to allow a person to shoot two bucks during the Kentucky deer hunting season. The stipulation is that both buck must have a minimum of 4 points on one side. This address sometimes the quick decision making hunters have to do when seeing a bunch of horns. As that buck comes of the thicket and into a shooting lane, most of the time, hunters only have a few seconds to make a decision to shoot, then they need to find the front leg and pull the trigger! Many bucks are missed because of certain gaming laws such as this, but it really is a part of the sport.

The second option to really help Kentucky make the turn to an acknowledged leader in world-class whitetail hunting is to only allow hunters to shot one buck. The same rule as above; the deer must have a minimum of 4 points on one side. Many Kentucky hunting outfitters has this self-imposed expectation during a Kentucky deer hunt. Michigan has the same type of rule except they allow any size buck for their first animal and the second buck must meet the above standards.

In order for the culture of Kentucky to change, it is acknowledged we need some laws to govern the size of bucks taken. The responsibility of making Kentucky a world-wide destination for deer hunting should all fall on the shoulders of larger property owners. The vast majority of the Kentucky deer hunts and kills come from individual citizens who like to go to their friends or grandparents property once a year in hopes of killing that Kentucky Whitetail trophy! Another big question law makers are considering is does the average Kentuckian want to change? Many generations of families have been fed by dad going out in the truck and doing a little road hunting of deer for meat. I have family members who do this and I’m certain the fisheries and wildlife factors in the kills from these people who do not report the poached deer. So does that make it acceptable for wildlife management purposes? Maybe, but I don’t know.

There will always be those who break the laws and I suspect many of us have no problem looking the other way when a man goes out and kills an animals to feed his family on. It’s the people who shoot a deer just for fun or worse yet, because they seen a big rack on a deer consider it a trophy buck. I’m afraid not. That is the same as going to a store to buy your own 2 foot tall trophy made of plated gold saying you did something special. If there is no competition, then is it really a trophy?


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