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Khaki Backpack

Updated on March 21, 2011

The Casual and Durable Khaki Backpack

The khaki backpack has become a popular favorite among everyone from students to hikers. This is because of khaki's durability, as well as its ability to go with any outfit.

Some even use their khaki backpack as a purse. These types of backpacks are often smaller than regular backpacks with more compartments for things like cell phones, wallets, hair brushes, and everything else you can shove in your purse.

A hiking khaki backpack is made of very dense khaki that is built to withstand heavy weight and beatings. This is why they've become so popular with college students who carry around thirty pounds of books each day. Plus, they look great no matter if it's summer or winter.

Khaki Backpack Style

Khaki backpacks don't just come in a light, easily-dirtied color. They are really not all light tan or light beige. They can be deeper shades of beige or even darker shades of browns or greens.

These darker shades are great if you're on the move constantly. If you're just using your khaki backpack as a purse, then a lighter color is not necessarily a bad thing. It's only a bad idea if you're out in the woods camping.

Using a khaki backpack as a purse has become a stylish option because of the many compartments within the backpack. There will be a place for every item you own as state previously. These are the same compartments that are normally used to hold canteens, batteries, flashlights, books, pens, and anything else you would bring to class or on your camping trip.

If you're worried that you're not into the classic khaki backpack style, then consider that many khaki backpacks are over the shoulder or held like a suitcase. These are perfect for laptop computers or work documents.

The truth is, the khaki backpack is much more stylish than it once was. It's come a long way from the khaki skater backpack covered in patches.

A khaki backpack can be completely rugged and casual, but it can also be quite dignified and elegant.

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khaki backpack
khaki backpack


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