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Kharma: The Savior of the WWE's Diva's Division

Updated on June 27, 2012
The Female Beast known as Kharma
The Female Beast known as Kharma | Source

The One Woman Who Can Turn the Diva's Division Around

Every wrestling fan has a certain fascination with larger than average wrestlers. Big Show, Mark Henry, The Great Khali, and Brodus Clay are a few examples of the humongous in-ring performers currently involved in WWE. These are Superstars that exhibit outstanding strength and dominance over the majority of their opponents, performing moves that seemingly destroy each foe and leave us all in awe. There have been many such wrestlers in WWE over the years, but only one Diva can honestly say she’s perhaps the biggest her division has ever seen, and her name is Kharma. She is big. She is dominating like no other Divas before her. Frankly, she's the Mark Henry of the Diva's division.

Kharma made her WWE debut in early 2010 after a series of eerie weekly vignettes featuring her evil laugh and macabre antics (such as plucking the heads off of female dolls). Finally, she appeared live at Extreme Rules 2010 and viciously assaulted the newly-fired Michelle McCool. For the next several weeks, the female beast known as Kharma continued to decimate Divas, though more than often it was in the middle or after other matches. I was instantly impressed with this new brand of Diva. She was exactly what the failing WWE division needed to reboot itself. Then she appeared on an episode of RAW in May of 2010 and, instead of attacking the many Divas already in the ring, she fell to her knees and started bawling. The following week, Kharma revealed she was pregnant and would be taking a hiatus (damn that was quick) from the WWE until after her pregnancy. Sadly, she ended up losing the baby, which I know is a complete blow to her psyche. She needs time to mourn for sure. Still, her career is only now starting to pick up since she has signed with WWE and she must overcome her demons and establish her legacy, her goals, and all that she can be as a Diva.

Fast forward just over two years later, and we have seen Kharma make only one appearance, though a shocking one, when she ended up being one of the entrants in the 2012 Royal Rumble. She held her own for a period of time but was eventually tossed by Dolph Ziggler. Other than that, Kharma has been absent from the radar, and that is not a good thing. With the Divas division still as bad as it’s ever been, Kharma is essential to its legitimacy. She brings something totally different to the WWE Divas table and it’s something impressive. She's massive, able to "womanhandle" as well as manhandle her opponents, exhibits a disturbed personality, and comes out to frightening theme music which begins with her laughing evilly like a witch (it's pretty bad-ass in my opinion).

I believe the perfect rivalry for Kharma would undoubtedly be Beth Phoenix. The Glamazon is another standout Diva with significant size, strength, and resiliency, and a battle between her and Kharma would be a Divas match like no other in history. Phoenix has demonstrated that she has the capability to annihilate every other Diva in the division, every other Diva but Kharma.

The WWE Divas division needs Kharma and it needs her now. In a time where many fans turn the channel or take a bathroom break during Divas matches, this new brand of woman could totally change that around. While I do believe the WWE currently has some quality Diva talent (Beth Phoenix, Layla, Tamina Snuka) but they are not doing anything creative or compelling with them or developing any real rivalries. Kharma should not only be back in WWE but also hold the Divas Championship. She could return and capture the title from Layla, then turn around and feud with Phoenix for the belt. To me, however, I believe Beth Phoenix vs. Kharma for the Divas Championship is Wrestlemania material. So, with that being said, let's hope a big return by Kharma happens by then.

Kharma's Scary Entrance

Kharma Beats Up Michael Cole

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    • profile image

      AARON 5 years ago

      I hope she comes back at HELL IN A CELL

    • profile image

      aarob 5 years ago

      I hope she comes back at HELL IN A CELL

    • profile image

      Sueswan 5 years ago

      I would not want to be on Kharma's bad side.

      It is sad and unfortunate that she lost her baby.

      I am not a fan of wrestling but I can see why you are waiting for her return.

      Voted up and interesting.

    • profile image

      The Phenom Saif 5 years ago

      Kharma is a super talented diva.She should return to WWE & teach other divas a great lesson! I would love to see Kharma beating AJ Lee.

      Kharma should return after or at special 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw on July 23,2012.

      After Raw's 1000th episode it will become 3 hours SuperShow,that means great quality matches, including quality divas matches.

      Good Luck Kharma! :-)