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Kho Kho a sport brother to Kabaddi.

Updated on February 11, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Just say Kho and go.

Kho Kho is very popular to all people of all ages.
Kho Kho is very popular to all people of all ages.

Kho Kho is for the Very Young to Very Old.


Kho Kho Field Diagram.

27 X 15 Meter Rectangular  Ground.
27 X 15 Meter Rectangular Ground. | Source

The Game.

This is a game invented in Pune,Maharastra

Kho Kho can hard very strong for boys and men.There is a Ekalavya award by got of India for Men,Rani Laxmi Bai award for Women,Veer Abhimanyu award for Boys and Janaki award for Girls. The game needs very good running,refluxes and keen observation.To play the game you need a ground over which 2 wooden poles firmly fixed at a distance of 27 Meters.

The Yellow arrows are the Chasers sitting at the place of the arrow.There are 9 chasers sitting in the position as shown in the picture.Marked by 30X30 cm square the place appointed for each of the 9 chasers. The size of this square can also be 40X40 but not more.It takes hardly a minute to position and be ready for the game.Who has to chase is decided by the toss of a coin.To start 3 players enter the field and by a rapid movement of running by the players and the chasers run in the field to touch the players the players run avoiding the touch to avoid a score by touch to any of the 3 players.Once touched by any of the 9 chasers a score is made.The umpire keeps track of the score on a score card.The team which makes maximum touches win the game.The game gets a 2 Nd play or innings when the players will become the chasers. The chasers Kho to any of the players from the back by saying kho loudly and touching the chaser with his hand when the sitting chaser runs to touch the player running in front of him there is only in one direction which is that of the player can the chaser can run.The key to the game is rapid kho's and running.If there is any violation of the rule a short whistle will warn the player or chaser to correct.Many games are played with out any rule as per the book.This is a 9 minute long fun game but very hard and the participants do get injured some times and a first aid box is essential.You can watch the game played by so many teams in India.

Watch the Video on You Tube,there are plenty to watch.Play if you can but take care.

Uploaded by krishnakanthkk05 on Apr 27, 2009 Gurvayur:- The boys of Jayanthan Sir is really flying.....


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