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A Review of Kickboxing Sparring by Justyn Billingham

Updated on February 17, 2012

Martial Arts Book Reviews

A Review of Kickboxing Sparring by Justyn Billingham

Published by Crowood

ISBN 978-1-84797-130-2

I am a 1st Dan Black Belt in Kick boxing and am a fully qualified instructor and both train and assist the British Karate and Kickboxing association run by Dave Cartawick and also the British Combat Academy run by Peter Lakin, a long time student of Peter Consterdine, I have trained in kickboxing since 1999 and have also cross trained in various other styles mainly mixed martial arts, karate and Ju-jitsu.

The Author

Justyn Billingham started training in Tae kwon do at the age of fourteen, also taking up both karate and kickboxing two other very similar styles to further his training and widen his knowledge of martial arts, he holds several black belts including a 4th Dan in kickboxing, a 2nd Dan in sports karate and 2nd Dan in Keysi Fighting Method and a 1st KUP Black tag in Tae kwon do. He held various titles including representing England through his tournament years. He is chief instructor of Blaze martial arts and also writes regular features in the Martial Arts Illustrated magazine


User friendly and straightforward the book is divided up into chapters each one progressing to a slightly more difficult area then the previous.

The initial chapters contain

A foreword by Matt Winsper


Solo warm up drills

Partner warm up drills

Conditioning drills

Conditioning drills with partner

Flexibility training

The next chapters then deal with Defences and counters

Defence against punches

Defence against kicks

Counters punches vs. punches

Counters Kicks vs. punches

Counters Punches vs. kicks

Counters Kicks vs. kicks

The final two chapters detail the different between continuous sparring and points sparring with a finals words chapter

My Opinion

Quite a newly released book the author also regularly writes in Martial Arts Illustrated. Overall the book is good with decent photos showing all the varying techniques and exercises. Its contains the usual sections on warming up, stretching and conditioning which many Kickboxing will be familiar with but is a good insight for beginners and it never helps to refresh the basic, there’s also a few unusual variations of basic exercises shown. As the title suggests this book concentrates on Kickboxing sparring and sparring drills offering various drills, and counters to various attacks, one useful feature to note is the little "blue rectangles" which often contain useful nuggets of information. For anyone involved In Kickboxing this is another useful book focusing on an area few other books do. However given the nature of some of the counters and drills I would recommend this book more for people involved in semi or light contact fighting as opposed to full contact. That aside the book is generally well written and laid out and will be a useful aid to anyone involved in sparring, though some of the more advanced drills will have to be something for beginners to aspire to in time.

Marks 8 out of 10


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