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Kids Ski and Snowboard Helmets

Updated on June 1, 2013
Snowboard Helmet
Snowboard Helmet

Your Child Should Wear a Helmet On The Slopes

Your Child Should Wear an Approved Helmet When Snowboarding or Skiing

Let's face it skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous sports and that nice soft snow is anything but soft if you hit your head on it. Not to mention the fact that the speeds in snow sports are much faster than those that your child goes on his or her bike and i'm sure you buckle that helmet on every time.

New Jersey First State To Pass Snowsport Helmet Law

The state of New Jersey was the first state to pass legislation making it illegal for children under 18 to participate in skiing or snowboarding without wearing an approved helmet. Many other states such as California are letting parents decide and that's what I personally think is best. I think most of us make pretty good decisions when it comes to making these types of decisions for our kids. Leave it to governors and legislators and our kids will take their drivers tests in booster seats.

Buying a Snowboard or Skiing Helmet For Your Child

There are many brands of Snowboard helmets out there. But, at the end of the day if you go with a good name brand you will be getting a few things. Fit, a good consistent fit that is adjustable. Which is great if you can adjust it small and adjust it out for one more season as your child's head grows. Because aren't they always growing. Safety, hey isn't that why we are buying a snowboarding helmet anyway for safety. The name brand helmets are all rated by the CPSC. Cooling, most of the better brands have some vents in the helmet that allow airflow to cool your head off during a long day boarding. When you get to the higher end they have things like music and things like that but it's not really necessary just something to have if you want it.

Snowboard Helmets by Brand

Giro Ski Snowboard Helmets are a pretty popular helmet with families for one mom and dad might have a Giro cycling helmet so they recognize the brand as being top quality. Not to mention the fact that they put out a very good kids snowboard helmet called the Giro Ricochet for kids that is big on features and pretty easy on the pocketbook. I think Giro is going with the model of get the kids in their first helmet and you will have a customer forever model. My niece has a bright barbie pink Ricochet and she loves it.

Another good brand with a pretty big following is Smith Optics They have some of the best styling out there and that is important especially when you start talking about the teenagers in your family. Because you know they have to look cool. Smith Optics lids definitely look cool enough for your teenager and will keep them from getting hurt when they take a spill in the terrain park because hey they saw it on the X Games so they can do it too. Good luck with your purchase and have fun with your family snowboarding.

Red Snowboard Helmet

The Red Snowboard helmet. This is one of the more popular helmet brands on the market today. In fact at a lot of the rental places this is the helmet of choice. They have all the factors you are looking for in a youth snowboard helmet. They are safety rated they have a lot of vents for airflow and can be adjusted for size so they can possibly last for more than one season. Another nice thing about a helmet for your kids is it just keeps them warm and that let's them enjoy the snow more. Because once they get cold especially for the young ones it's pretty much over.

The Best Snowboard Helmet For Your Kid

What Is The Best Snowboard Helmet For Your Child

The answer to that is as varied as there are kids snowboarding and skiing. As long as it does the job for them of keeping them safe lettings some air in so they stay cool on a long day with a lot of runs or playing in the terrain park. Not to mention especially for older teenagers looks cool. Also coming in at a reasonable price it pretty important for parents. Because let's face it this is not a cheap sport but I think as in motorcycle riding you don't go cheap on anything that might hit the ground. All of the helmet companies above will provide good quality lids for under $100.00 and some for kids even under $50.00 so have a look around and have fun this ski season.


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    • JustMike profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I Agee about your kids following your example. If you wear a helmet and expect them too as well they definitely will.

    • neilKurt profile image


      6 years ago from Hull

      Adults and kids alike should wear helmets on the slopes. It shouldn't take a law but unfortunately some people don't see the risks. Kids follow by example as well, especially their parents, so it is simple. Wear a helmet. Thanks for the Hub, very nice.

    • JustMike profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Most of the United States there is no law either. Only in New Jersey. California's governor recently vetoed a law that made helmets mandatory. I put them on my nieces and nephews for sure.

    • theskibug profile image


      6 years ago from France

      Currently not law for people to wear helmuts while skiing in Europe although recommended for young children.


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