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Kifaru Marauder & 5.11 RUSH Moab 10 tactical packs.

Updated on October 14, 2015

Marauder pack & Moab 10 slinger.

Kifaru & 5.11 tactical piggyback

The KIFARU Marauder is one of the most favored backpack in the Spec-Ops community. Known for its tough durability and no nonsense approach design.

This is one of the best Assault packs out there. Names like Eberlestock, Blackhawk, Kelty, Eagle industries, Granite gear and Mystery ranch are other top name brands in the tactical world of backpacks.

Besides the Kifaru pack I have another favorite in the mix. The 5.11 tactical packs are awesome. Perfect for any missions out there. It alllows the operator to have different options in configuring the pack.

But today I will show you how to piggy back the RUSH Moab 10 slinger on to the Maruder pack. Very simple.I will Just use the available straps that came with my Moab 10 slinger.

This system is called the RUSH TIER system. It comes with 4 available straps and quick release buckles. Easy attachments are made via hook buckles. You can use this with any tactical packs out there with PALS webbing.


5.11 RUSH TIER System straps

These are the straps that came with my Moab 10 slinger pack. They come in a set of 4 straps. Very durable if you ask me.

Or you can buy this equipment separate for 15.00 dollars. availbale at a 5.11 tactical dealer near you.

Each strap is adjustable and on each end of the strap comes with double hook buckles. While on the other end of the strap is a very beefy quick release buckle with hook and loop attachment system.

KIFARU Marauder pack


Omni suspension system.

2,500 cubic inch.

8 rows of PALS webbing all around.

4 compression straps. Full wrap around system.

Interior hang loops for your 100oz hydration bladder.

Interior back wall and all around PALS WEB.

Made in the USA!!!


Side by side.

Moab 10 on the left.


Grab handle and compression straps.

1050D water resistant nylon.

YKK zippers all over.

Concealed system. Carry a glock or a HK PDW system.

Ambidextrous design. Slinger can be used left or right shoulder.

Sandstone or black.

Using the TIER Strap System

To begin with I start by positioning the first 2 TIER straps on the left side of my main pack. In any order I start at the top and then to the bottom.

Then I will do the same on the right side of the pack. Once all straps are squared away Then I will position the slinger pack.

I start by hooking the double hook and loop buckle on to the 1st row web of my Kifaru pack. Once you are squared away do the same with the bottom strap. Hook it to the 8th row webbing.

TIER strap hooked on bottom row webbing

Now on the other side of the pack do the same with the straps. At this time I do not adjust straps.Not until It is hooked to the Moab slinger.

Do not mine SSGT. AIRBORNE PUPULI!! He is on guard duty.

Right side of the pack.

Once I am done connecting all 4 straps on the the pack I grab my Moab 10 slinger and position the bag in front of the Kifaru.

Hook the slinger up!!! HOOK UP!!!!!

Now the packs are in postion. I take the other end of the TIER strap. This the one with the quick release buckle. I take it and hook it to the 2nd row web on the Moab slinger. Observe image below.

Once I am done hooking the top then I do the same at the bottom. I will hook up to the last row of the webbing on the slinger pack.

Once that bottom is hooked up I am squared away.



Once everything is squared away this is how it should look. All OK KIFARU MASTER!!!!!!


Once I adjusted the straps on all four corners it was very snug. The look and feel of both packs was awesome.

It would have been unnecessary for me to buy another pack with a bigger cubic inch. So I told myself why not piggy back the Moab 10 slinger to my Kifaru pack.

And the result was outstanding. And if I do not need the main pack then all I needed to do was BREAK AWAY!!!. And take my slinger pack with me for smaller missions.

Moab 10 TIERed to the KIFARU Marauder

Piggy Back using 5.11 TIER System straps.

So in the end my mission was accomplished. Both Tactical packs has served me well. With all the other name brand tactical packs I have had in the past KIFARU and 5.11 Tactical did not disappoint me.

The Tactical packs in my possesion:




5.11 Moab 10 slinger

BlackHawk X1 Raptor Jump Pack

TAD GEAR Fast Pack LITE Speed.



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