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The Be All End All of CHIKARA King of Trios 2016 Previews! (with mizfan)

Updated on August 31, 2016

IT! NEVER! ENDS! The PWG BOLA column is in the books and you’d think it would be time to take a break. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! As it turns out the IWRG super show, the CMLL 83rd Anniversary Show and Battle of Los Angeles aren’t the only big wrestling events this weekend. All the way here on the East Coast, Lucha Underground’s even more bat shit crazy cousin CHIKARA is going to hold their Grand Daddy of Them All, the King of Trios 2016. What is King of Trios for those of you who only watch wrestling brands with three initials? It’s exactly what it sounds like; a tournament of trios teams (or six man teams) battling to be crowned the greatest trio in the world. Last year I got to see my first King of Trios and well, it was superb, largely because my boys Aerostar, Fenix and Drago took up the trophy by beating the Bullet Club. That’s right folks, Lucha Underground > Bullet Club. And while the kings won’t be back to defend their crown this year, King of Trios 2016 should still be a great event feature a number of great teams from both CHIKARA and the rest of the world. So with that I bring you what is going to be the longest King of Trios preview in the history of time. And I won’t be alone. With me tonight is an old friend of mine, the master of Bobby Heenan, CHIKARA super fan and one of my best buds ever to help me break this shindig down. True believers and nonbelievers alike, I give you mizfan! Greet your people you wondrous man you.

Greetings, mizfan fans! When I heard my good buddy Colt Iken was doing a piece on King of Trios, I knew I couldn’t stay away! The rich world of CHIKARA is so layered and complex that I know it can be daunting to some wrestling fans, but fear not! I am here to help give you a guide for what to expect from the upcoming super-tournament! Cultidinous Maximus, my friend, let’s get it on!

I need to tell luchablog to refer to me as Cultidinous Maximus from this day forth when he promotes my work! Alright mizfan let’s get cracking. Moses...good lord what’s he gonna say in this meme?

Arctic Rescue Ant, Missile Assault Man and Worker Ant

The “Auxiliary” Colony Team, if you will. The Colony is the long running, very popular ant-themed team in the CHIKARA pantheon. These three guys are the remains of “alternate” versions of the group, usually evil ones. Worker Ant was originally known as AssailANT and was part of “The Gekido”, an invading stable of malevolent doppelgangers to some of the favorites of CHIKARA. He decided to change his ways after the birth of his daughter, and was eventually accepted into the fold and renamed Worker Ant, after a retired former member of the original group. Arctic Rescue Ant was originally a member of “Colony: Xtreme Force”, a GI Joe-esque rip off of the original group designed to be more about advertising and accessories as opposed to actual wrestling. Missile Assault Man (formerly Ant) was also part of this group, but left the faction in frustration and was recruited into Kevin Condron’s “Battleborn”. The charismatic but ultimately doomed Condron further solidified the destruction of the group when he “killed” Orbit Adventure Ant, the third member of the Colony: Xtreme Force, at King of Trios last year. Yeah, people can die in CHIKARA by the way! Condron has recently been taken out of the company by Missile Assualt Man himself, but still this group may have some real trouble co-existing!

Missile Assault Man is by far the most impressive of the group in terms of wrestling ability, and I feel he has a good chance to break out into the larger indy scene any day now. Arctic Rescue Ant spent a long time being unremarkable in the ring but has really shown something in the past year, upping his game and impressing me more and more. The rotund Worker Ant is more of a question mark, but with a solid power game and surprising agility for his body type he can usually deliver in multi-man situations. Their chances to win the whole thing may be slim, but there may be some juicy story opportunities hovering around this threesome.

You know what I love the most about CHIKARA mizfan? These damn Ant teams. We need to get more of these in all of wrestling. Sadly I don’t see the B-team of Ants doing that good a job here as I just looked at who they’re facing and the name Hallowicked came up. Poor bugs; that’s what happens when you leave your fate in the hands of the draw. Hopefully they get a few nice moves in before Hallowicked and his mysterious pals send them to the great ant gig in the sky. Also, sorry to hear about your buddy Condron there mizfan. Remember when you had that guy who possessed him on your LOP podcast that one time? That guy was a straight up legend.

The Batiri (Kobald, Kodama and Obariyon)

The Batiri are a long running trio of demons in the CHIKARAverse. For the last few years they have been fighting (more or less) on the side of the angels, ever since the super stable The Flood tried to end CHIKARA for good, but recently they have been converted back to their evil ways thanks to Hallowicked. More on that later! But it does seem that under the thrall of darkness they are more vicious than ever. Kodama and Obariyon are the guys to watch in terms of ring work, they are the two that pair most regularly and have put something some of the most brutal looking double teams in the business. Kobald, who stands alone as a “toilet” demon, is traditionally more of a comedic character, but he may have something to offer in this setting. Ultimately I don’t peg them as potential winners, as there are heels above them in the pecking order, but they are having a good run currently and may go as far as the final four.

I would agree with you mizfan…until you look at the bracket and see that they’d get Hallowicked in the next round, and that’s if they get by the Mustache dudes! And I don’t know about you but I can’t quite bring myself to bet against those well groomed men. What a pity. At least the opening match between these two should be great though. I seem to recall guys with Mustaches being pretty good at last year’s King of Trios and these guys sound like some pretty dope dudes too. So at least we’ll get a fun match out of it.

The Colony (Fire Ant, Silver Ant and Soldier Ant)

The true Colony! This is the most “classic” version of the long running stable available, since the original Worker Ant is now long retired. Fire and Soldier Ant go back all the way to 2006 together, and are just recently reunited for the first time in a long time (Soldier went MIA and came back brainwashed, long story!). Silver Ant, formerly Green Ant, has been with them for many years as well, and together these three are actually former winners of this very tournament, having won the 2011 edition over F.I.S.T. This is a very heavy hitting team in terms of wrestling ability, as well as tenure in the company. I would rate both Silver and Soldier Ant as two of the best technicians in the game today, and Fire Ant is a truly breath taking high flyer at times. It’s tough to imagine a two time KOT winner, but I’d say they have a very strong chance of going all the way to the finals.

This is a semi-finals team waiting to happen mizfan. Like you said these ants can go, they’ve got the inside track due to their longevity in CHIKARA and the bracket works out very well for them. They’re easily in to the semis in my book; beyond that I can’t quite see it, a) because of your point on there being no two time King of Trios winners and b)…wait there is no b. Damn mizfan, one column with you and it's like we're in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!

Hallowicked and two as-yet-unannounced partners

This one is a bit mysterious, but it’s absolutely one to watch out for. Hallowicked is currently the chief heel of CHIKARA, and is the current reigning and so far only two time CHIKARA Grand Champion. Despite his nominally dark nature he actually spent much of his career as a face, but at the end of the 2014 season he fell under a dark influence and has been worshiping the dark deity known as “Nazmaldun” ever since. It seemed his power was waning when he lost the title at the end of the 2015 season, but he has since rebounded in force. He has acquired a powerful CHIKARA artifact, the Eye of Tyr, and with it has seemingly caused his old friend Ultramantis Black to become possessed by Nazmaldun himself! Together they have used their dark powers to force others to join their cause, including the Batiri trio and former champion Icarus as well, and they have made it clear they are not done yet. I’m not sure why his partners are being kept a mystery, I expected him to put both Icarus and his longtime partner Frightmare on his team, but the fact that they are holding back makes me wonder if it will be some kind of surprise!

Either way, this team is definitely one to watch. On the one hand it may not be entirely likely that the Grand Champion will also win KOT, since CHIKARA tends to try to spread the love around, but then again the fact that the mystery opponents may be extremely heavy hitters may tip the balance. CHIKARA is very story driven after all and Hallowicked is at the center of their biggest current story by far. Hallowicked himself is no slouch either, after many years of ably playing a supporting role he has stepped up to be an incredible singles ace in the last couple years. His ring work is very much on point and his psychology and storytelling is often next level stuff. Absolutely this is one team to watch carefully, whoever they may be.

You had me at Hallowicked mizfan. That skinny tree of a man is one diabolical hater and I’m pretty sure he could win this damn thing all by himself if he really wanted to. Hell I’m going to throw it out there; maybe there are no partners. Maybe he is going to just go it alone and depend on his alliances with other teams he may come across or just his bad assery to get all the way to the Finals. In the event he does have two guys with him I have no idea. I know Aerostar (one third of the King of Trios winners last year) is going to be at King of Trios and while I have no idea why he’d associate with Hallowicked you have to at least consider it. Beyond that I’ve got nothing. Either way it doesn’t matter because this would be my pick to make the finals from the lower end of the bracket. Aside from maybe one team I don’t see anyone stopping them.

Heidi Lovelace and N_R_G (Hype Rockwell and Race Jaxon)

This is a team without a strong connection that I can really think of. Heidi is a premiere performer in CHIKARA, having burst into the company a couple years ago after winning the Young Lions Cup and not having left the spotlight since. NRG are a relatively recent edition to CHIKARA who have spent a fair amount of time with the title belts, so maybe they are all… successful, I guess? Heidi is an absolutely fabulous performer on all levels, I can safely safe she is one of my favorite people working anywhere in the world right now. Her bumping and selling is incredible top tier stuff, her offense is excellent, she can pull a crowd connection out of thin air; in fact I’m hard pressed to think of anything she can’t do well. NRG… well, to me they are a different story. I am not a fan of NRG. Hype Rockwell is ok, he’s a decent power wrestler, but I just cannot get into Race Jaxon, who is surely one of the sloppiest and least engaging wrestlers I’ve consistently watched. His superkick is a thing of terror, consistently missing by a good foot and a half, and his dives seem to be dangerous to both Race and the fans in the front row, though rarely to the person he is supposed to be trying to hit. Maybe I’m being too hard on the guy, but I can’t say I’m enthused about this pairing. I have a hard time imagining this team going beyond the second round, in any case.

Is it just me or do you find it very interesting that all the teams featuring women are up on the top half of the bracket mizfan? Just some food for thought. I haven’t seen enough of Lovelace but everything I hear is that she’s one of the most underrated performers in the world and is without question someone to keep an eye on. I think with better partners she might have a better chance of running to the finals, but as you said Rockwell and Jaxon are at best okay and even if they were better they don’t exactly seem to fit with Lovelace anyway. I honestly think we’ll see them go out in round one. Hopefully they find a spot for Lovelace somewhere else on the card over the three days.

Major League Moustache (Dasher Hatfield, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate)

Moustache! Here we have two returning guest talents, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate who together won the hearts of CHIKARA fans last year as part of the team “Moustache Mountain”. Joining them this year is CHIKARA’s own Dasher Hatfield, a baseball-headed fellow with wholesome old-timey values. Seven and Bate were very impressive last year, so I’m glad to see them return and have no doubt they will bring the good stuff here. Dasher, for his part, is one of the most reliably strong performers on the roster, and is pretty dang popular in his own right. With a loaded tournament they might struggle to get past the second round, but I could potentially see it happening. One thing is for sure… there will be moustaches!!!

The mustaches were a powerful thing at last year’s King of Trios mizfan; sadly this won’t be the case this time. It’s that damn Hallowicked; being on the same side of the bracket as him and whoever he brings is an automatic death sentence I tell you. Like I said earlier though these guys will surely be entertaining and they’re worth seeing just for the nice pop they’ll get during their entrance. Put them on the other side of the bracket and I think they’re a potential finals team.

The Snake Pit (Amasis, Argus and Ophidian)

Don’t you know about Ophidian and Amasis, the break-dancing Egyptian Snake and Pharaoh duo?? If you don’t you should, because they are an absolute blast! Joining them is one of Ophidian’s protégés, Argus, who continues the reptilian theme by working as a “Gekko-Roman” wrestler, and if you don’t like that play on words then I’m not sure we can be friends. Ophidian is one of my absolute favorite guys around right now, but when he and Amasis team up they both seem to rise up to another level, so I’m very excited to see them doing their thing here. Argus is much greener than his teammates here, but he has shown some impressive technical skill in his own right, so I have no doubt he will have something to offer. This feels like another 2nd round team with potential for the semi-finals, so they will be interesting to watch.

Remember how I said there was only one team that could topple Hallowicked mizfan? This is them. Don’t think I don’t recognize two of these guys as the men who once gave the wrestling world this gem.

Let’s be real mizfan; how can you pick against these guys in the first few rounds after seeing that? I say they’re pretty much just going to use (announcer voice) HYPNOSIS on everyone up till they get to Team Hallowicked, and then we’re going to find out whether the power of HYPNOSIS is stronger than whatever black magic runs through Hallowicked’s veins. At worst this is a semi-finals team and hey, you just never know when HYPNOSIS is involved. Let’s go back and watch that clip again mizfan!

Team Big Deal (The Big Deal, Rick Roland and Sloan Caprice)

I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to tell you about this team. Basically it’s Hornswoggle (AKA the Big Deal) and two bodyguards. I’ve not seen them in action, so I really can’t say what the other two will be able to do. I can only wonder if Hornswoggle’s antics will find a better outlet in CHIKARA than they usually did in WWE. Despite the fact that they are doggedly fan friendly, CHIKARA isn’t usually especially childish so I’m hopeful for some good comedy if nothing else. This feels like a team that can go down in the first round without anyone raising too much of fuss.

I bet you the Artist Formerly Known as Hornswoggle kills it here mizfan. I’ll freely admit he used to annoy me as a face, but he was hysterical as a heel when he worked with 3MB and now he should have the cuffs off to go beyond the childlike humor he was only allowed to portray. In any event he and his two pals (who I’ve never heard of) aren’t going far here and that’s okay. Like you said Swoggle will provide some laughs, probably surprise us by showing he’s a better wrestler than WWE ever allowed him to be and that’ll do it. By Sunday he’ll be sitting on a beach earning 20%.

Team #CWC (Cedric Alexander, Drew Gulak and Johnny Gargano)

Now this is more like it! One heck of a guest team, CHIKARA original Drew Gulak joins up with two super-indy mainstays who are surely WWE bound at this point. I’m very glad to see Gargano in particular make an appearance, as CHIKARA was one of the places that helped popularize him on his way up the indy totem pole, and it’s only fitting that he stop there one last time. I think most people know what these guys can do, right? Gulak is perhaps the best technician in the world today, Cedric is amazing flyer and general indy style worker, and Gargano, ah, he just has that certain something, doesn’t he? These guys will rock it, I have no doubt. They are a real wild card in terms of how far they will go though, I could see them main eventing the first night in a loss against a high profile team, or in all honesty they could win the entire thing like Team Lucha did last year! Either way they will be putting on great matches as long as they remain in the game, and I can’t wait to see them do it.

I think most people would say this is the cream of the crop in regards to in ring ability. I’m actually not as high on Gargano as everyone else and Gulak has always been just okay to me, but there’s no question they’re capable and they’re paired with a guy who is now one of the best workers in the world after ditching twenty pounds. Any other time I’d say these guys would be going places. But in the twist to end all twists, I actually don’t see them making it out of the first round. I know; three WWE CWC guys won’t make it out of the first round? It sounds crazy…until you consider that Cedric Alexander needs to be in Los Angeles by Saturday as he’s also taking part in Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s Battle of Los Angeles event. Unless he’s invented a teleporter he can’t be in two places at once and that means this trio will be heading out early. What a pity; if not for Alexander’s other engagements this team would be a sure fire favorite to win. At least they’ll have one great match before they go.

Team JWP (Command Bolshoi, Hanako Nakamori and Manami Katsu)

I have no idea whatsoever about this team! They are a trio of Joshi workers from the promotion JWP, and I have never seen any of them wrestler before. Double they will get past the second round, but should be fun though!

Hey, finally a team that neither of us have a clue about. I feel smart again! These girls (the only ones not on the top end of the bracket) are going against The Snake Pit in the first round, aka HYPNOSIS. In other words they have no chance. NEXT!

Team Original Divas Revolution (Jazz, Mickie James and Victoria)

This one interests me greatly! In case you haven’t noticed CHIKARA is very much down with the intergender wrestling thing, in fact they’ve been doing it for about a dozen years now, but it may be a bit of a new world to three legends that make up this threesome. I think it will be fascinating to see if they are paired against a team of fellas or if they end up against another female team and take a loss in the first round so as to avoid the issue entirely. I kind of hope for the former, as I’m really curious to see what they can do! I am a big fan of all three here and I’m looking forward to seeing where they are at, even if most likely none are at their prime. I only wish Molly Holly could have been there!

I can’t believe it took you that long to bring up Molly Holly. The only thing more surprising is that we haven’t had a Miz or Lex Luger reference in this shindig yet!

Team Sendai Girls (Cassandra Miyagi, Dash Chisako and Meiko Satomura)

Another Joshi team! This one I at least know a little about! From the Joshi promotion “Sendai Girls” we have this team, lead by a personal favorite of mine, Meiko Satomura. Satomura is an incredibly skilled veteran with fantastic technique, heavy strikes, and a very determined and vicious attitude. This is a promotion that also has a bit of a history with CHIKARA, which may increase their chances as well. Another team I could see potentially going past the second round and they may indeed have the best chance to go far out of any of the all-female teams!

I don’t agree with your last statement in the slightest mizfan (more on that in a moment) but I definitely think they’ve got a shot. Frankly just getting to see them perform should be enough. I’m not familiar with either of them but after seeing Asuka in NXT and watching footage of the Stardom girls that may or may not be brought in for Lucha Underground in season three the thought of seeing more Japanese trained women wrestlers is an exciting prospect. It’s great that they’ll get to lock up with Lovelace too in the opening round. At worst I think they’re a second round group.

Team Shimmer (Candice LeRae, Crazy Mary Dobson and Solo Darling)

Speaking of, one last female to help round things out! I am not familiar with Crazy Mary so I look forward to seeing what she has to offer. Solo Darling is someone I have seen a couple times now and, unfortunately, I can’t say I’m impressed, but obviously the main attraction of the group is the excellent Candice LeRae. LaRae is a talent I hugely enjoy, and knowing her exceptional ability to mix it up in intergender scenarios, I have a strong suspicion she will lead her team past the first round at a bare minimum.

This is why your previous statement is wrong mizfan. This is the woman’s team that in my view has the best shot of going the distance. I don’t know much about Darling but Dobson is a fantastic performer and GOOD FREAKIN CTHULHU IT’S CANDICE LERAE! I love Candice mizfan; I love her more than you, I love her more than her husband to be and when it comes to the best women’s wrestlers out there today in my mind there’s her, Ivelisse, KimberLee (more on her soon), Sasha Banks and CMLL’s Zeuxis. She can work against anyone and tell a great story as you pointed out, and that’s going to be the key here. I don’t know how well the other girls work in intergender situations, but I know Candice is the best at it other than Ivelisse, and that favors her team going far into this thing. In fact, I think they have a great shot of winning it all. Maybe that’s my Candice bias talking but who cares?! Watch out for this team mizfan.

United Nations (Juan Francisco de Coronado, Prakash Sabar and The Proletariat Boar of Moldova)

Back in the CHIKARA fold! The United Nations are interesting bunch, to say the least. They are a collection of wrestlers representing unusual countries (Ecuador, Pakistan, and Moldova, respectively!), and they bizarrely also function as a kind of off brand version of DX. This is most apparent when looking at Prakash, who is pretty much a tribute act to Sean Waltman (complete with an X Pac-esque tongue protruding from his mask). I must also point out that his character is actually only formerly from Pakistan (an “ex-Pakistani”, if you will), and currently resides in Georgia… the country, of course. How somebody dreamt all that up, I will never know. The Boar is less obvious but exhibits some distinctly Billy Gunn-like offense, while also having a strong animal theme (not a dog, or Dogg, but still!). Their leader, the aristocratic Juan Francisco, is prone to extremely long entrances and droning promos… sound familiar?

In terms of ring work, both Prakash and Boar only have a couple years under their belt but have been steadily improving in that time. I don’t expect either to tear the house down, but they tend to hold up their end pretty well. Juan, on the other hand, is one of my favorite guys in CHIKARA, his relentless dedication to both extreme snobbishness and dogged mispronunciation (he always claims to be visiting the “United Stations”, for example) is very fun but it’s his intensely devious and underhanded ways that really give me a kick out of watching him work. He is a picture perfect arrogant cowardly heel, plus he’s actually a fantastic wrestler when you get down to it. Despite this, the UN could easily fall in the first round, but I wouldn’t count them out of possibly making it to night 2.

I remember these guys from last year and I do recall them being pretty entertaining. The only problem I have with them this year is that a certain Mr. Azerbaijan won’t be wrestling for them. I swear he reminded me of someone mizfan…ah whatever. Regardless of who is there for the UN or not they aren’t getting past the first round and I’d expect more than anything they’re here just to provide us with some laughs before they hit the showers. Then again they did get to round two last year against all odds (by beating my boy Mark Andrews no less!) so who knows?

The Warriors Three (Oleg the Usurper, Princess KimberLee and ThunderFrog)

This one could end up being quite significant! The leader of this new trio is surely Princess Kimberlee, who until recently was holder of the Grand Championship. Despite her loss, she is surely not done with Hallowicked or with defending the legitimacy of her reign by being tougher than most of the men she runs up against in the wrestling ring. She may be a “princess”, but you can be sure she will save herself when it comes down to it. Oleg is also a significant CHIKARA player, who broke out of his original heel role to fantastic fan reaction last year and has been running strong ever since. A barbaric but strangely loveable performer, he will no doubt be looking for the heads of his enemies once again. The final member of the team with the ThunderFrog, a sort of amphibious version of Thor complete with a magical hammer that only the pure of heart can wield. He is also the current Young Lion’s Cup champion, so he will surely be bringing his A game to the fight. However, he may also have become a target for Hallowicked’s recruitment drive, as Hallowicked has made mention that Nazmaldun desires a powerful weapon, and Frog’s hammer is one of the strongest artifacts in CHIKARA. In terms of ability this team should be bringing some good stuff, Kimberlee is a fantastic worker and Oleg brings a lot to the table with both his power and surprising agility. Frog is a bit more of an unknown as he has only recently returned to CHIKARA, but he seems to be bringing a lot of passion and some really shocking strength for his size, so I have no doubt he will have something good to contribute. This warrior themed group feels very significant, to the point where I could easily see them ending up in the finals and maybe even winning the whole thing. They will certainly be one to watch!

I cannot speak highly enough of KimberLee mizfan, and not just because she’s great. Aside from Lucha Underground’s first season my favorite moment of 2015 was KimberLee beating Hallowicked for that Grand Championship, all while breaking down the gender door while Dave Meltzer ran to the hills screaming in horror (you know you were Dave!). She’ll forever have a place in my heart for that moment right there, and it’s because of those unresolved issues with her and Hallowicked that I think CHIKARA might be setting up for something special here. It’s the only reason why I can’t be 100% confident about Team Shimmer winning this; these two teams will meet in the second round and I have a feeling that will decide how the final will play out. Will it be KimberLee and her pals trying to get revenge on her mortal nemesis Hallowicked and his crew? Or will they play a similar story just with Candice, Dobson and Darling instead? That mizfan is the biggest question of the weekend. Well besides choosing whether to go to this show or BOLA of course!

Final Predictions!

You are the expert here mizfan. What are you thinking for the finals and the winner?

On the bottom half of the bracket I gotta agree with what you’ve been saying, facing the mysterious Hallowicked team is probably the death knell for everyone on his way to the finals. I’ve got a suspicion CHIKARA could pull out some real surprises for his partners, which only increases his chances. I gotta consider Team Nazmaldun a lock at this point, and very likely the winner of the whole thing. It’s far from certain as CHIKARA often has surprises in store, but the story just seems too strong! On the other side I’m much more split. You may be high on HYPNOSIS~! And to be honest I am too, but I have a tough time seeing them going the distance as they have not been quite as high on the pecking order as of late. The real choice for me is between the Warriors Three and the original Colony. The Warriors probably have the strongest storyline claim thanks to KimberLee’s involvement, but something has me thinking CHIKARA will throw a twist into that story before the end of the tournament. In the end I’ve got to go with the Colony on the other side of the finals against Hallowicked, they are just about the most CHIKARA team you could ask for and have incredibly high standing in the company, so for Hallowicked to beat them out in the end would be a great dark victory, while still protecting the fresher faces and leaving multiple paths open towards the big season finale in Chicago, and I’m not just saying that because I will be in the front row come December! Tune in to watch mizfan dodging Ants as they crash into his chair!

We are in complete agreement on the bottom half mizfan. Other than HYPNOSIS I can’t see anyone taking down Hallowicked, even if he’s the only one on his team. He’ll be in the finals and one way or another it’ll involve him going up against a woman. It’s no coincidence to me mizfan that all but one team feature a female was put on the other side of the bracket away from Hallowicked. I think CHIKARA wants to continue the trend of women standing toe to toe against Hallowicked and being his biggest challenge; the question is which way they go. Do they continue KimberLee vs. Hallowicked (which seems to be an inevitable match sooner or later) or do they go the other route? I’m going to say the other route and I’m banking that team is going to be Team Shimmer. Who better to take on the mad man then the best intergender wrestler in the world in Candice LeRae right? As for the winner, put me down for Team Shimmer. I may be completely fooled by bias now but CHIKARA did have an out of company team win last year and I just love the thought of an all women team putting Hallowicked and whoever he brings with him in his place. Hell I’ll go one better and say that KimberLee will get involved and help Team Shimmer win to further her issues with Hallowicked. Whatever the case; Team Shimmer is winning. And yes I might be bat shit crazy. What the hell; its CHIKARA right?

I think we’ve done it mizfan! Any last words for the people of the world?

Besides that I think your prediction is straight up nuts?? But I have to admit, you do paint a compelling picture, and anything can happen in the world of CHIKARA so I won’t rule it out! Let me just say, in closing, that King of Trios is an awesome place to jump into the CHIKARA-verse, and with their super cheap streaming service and huge library it’s never been easier to become a fan of one of my favorite promotions ever. Thanks very much for having me, Kurt Ion (that’s a new one!); it’s been a true pleasure!

Kurt Ion? What Steinerized weed have you been smoking? We’ll have to find out another time as I’m off to chill. I’ll be back tomorrow with a Lucha Tribute and possibly a preview of the IWRG Sunday show, though that may wait a day. Till then, more Spidey!

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