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Krav Maga: Lesson Three

Updated on June 26, 2017

Ready for a Challenge?

Today is the day you learn the last of being a white belt, and this includes your overhand right, uppercut, and sidekick. To top it, you will also learn the bear hug from behind.

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Karate rats! Templeton has taken a little bite of Scabbers.And Scabbers had fought back!
Karate rats! Templeton has taken a little bite of Scabbers.
Karate rats! Templeton has taken a little bite of Scabbers.
And Scabbers had fought back!
And Scabbers had fought back!

Punches: Overhand Right

Back in your guard stance. Remember your hook? Take that back hand, and swing it around. Step out a little with your front foot. It's not a very useful punch, but you can see in in sparring. If you need more of a visual, you can look it up, because it very hard to explain here. Remember to swing tp the left.

Punches: Backhand Uppercut

Turn, load, and explode. In other words, turn to the right, drop your weight, and aline your body to the side. Then, with your back hand, hook your hand, and bring it up to your eyebrows. Only your eyebrows.

Kicks: Back Leg Sidekick

Pivot your leg and bring your back leg to your front leg by curling at the knee. Then bend back, and kick out. Do not attempt this without watching a video, as it is very hard to explain. When you have watched that video, you should be able to do it pretty well.

Defenses: Bear Hug from Behind, Under the Arms

Here we go! Your enemy has grabbed you behind, under the arms. Drop your weight, and elbow backwards. Then, grab your enemy's hand, and whip around, hammerfisting your enemy's face.

Are you ready to become a yellow belt, and advance to harder lessons?

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