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Kwik Goal Premier soccer linesman flags: Product review

Updated on January 8, 2012
Kwik Goal Premier Linesman Flags: Decent quality for the low price
Kwik Goal Premier Linesman Flags: Decent quality for the low price

Kwik Goal Premier Linesman Flags may not be premier, but they are certainly a good buy. This product has the optimum combination of price, weight and appearance.

The Kwik Goal Premier Linesman Flags are good enough to use at semi-professional levels of association football and they closely mirror the design of flags used at top levels by assistant referees around the globe.

Product features

  • Red and fluorescent yellow colours with a small Kwik Goal Logo on the top left
  • Durable nylon material that is also waterproof
  • Effective swivel design
  • Removable flag– waterproof and easy to clean

The swivel feature of Kwik Goal allows free movement of the flag whilst running along the touchline. The flags do not furl easily, although the nylon adheres to itself when the flag is wet (this can hardly be avoided). Kwik Goal has one of the best designs of the three sets of flags that I have purchased. In addition, it has easy-grip foam handles at the end of the fibreglass shaft and comes with a waterproof carrying case that has a clear front and a black vinyl back.

Buy Kwik Goal Premier Linesman Flags at

Kwik Goal Premier Linesman Flags
Kwik Goal Premier Linesman Flags

Highly recommended as an extra pair or for those looking to buy flags of decent quality at a reasonable price.

Kwik Goal Premier Referee Kit
Kwik Goal Premier Referee Kit

Get the flags together with basic accessories. Great for referees who are starting out.



One of the main benefits of the Kwik Goal flags is their appearance and visibility. The flags look classy and are highly visible in natural and artificial light. The nylon material also provides a crisp sound when signalling, which can aid the centre referee (in fairly quiet arenas, parks or stadiums).


The fibreglass shaft combined with the signature swivel design makes these flags easy to manoeuvre as well. It is lightweight, which is always a plus compared to some ridiculously heavy flags, since the lightness facilitates better movements when signalling.


The Kwik Goal Premier linesman flags look pretty, but do not hold up when wet. The foam handles tend to slide along the fibreglass shaft after using the flag when it is wet (unavoidable if the rain pours). also does not ship these flags to countries beyond the USA and Canada.

Product rating: 3.5 out of 5: Great for the price, but there are a few better flags out there for the professionals.


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