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L-Arginine Gains Momentum As The Most Effective & Best Bodybuilding Supplement

Updated on August 22, 2013
"I Have Had A Dream - That One Day A Miracle Molecule Will Be Found !"
"I Have Had A Dream - That One Day A Miracle Molecule Will Be Found !"

Some Facts About L-Arginine and Athletic Performance

Much has been written recently about the health benefits of L-Arginine, often referred to as the “Miracle Molecule”. This remarkable, and quite recent, discovery has helped to improve the cardiovascular system, control blood pressure, reduce the onset of and help with the control of diabetes, help strengthen the immune system, and much more besides.

The miracle molecule does, however, have another very important role and it is one which has a growing, and very appreciative, audience. L-Arginine is now the principle ingredient in a new generation of supplements that are providing significant benefits for men and in particular, significant benefits for bodybuilding.

When describing the health and sports nutritional benefits of L-Arginine in the context of bodybuilding supplements I will use as examples two products that are causing a great deal of interest at the moment in the bodybuilding and athletic community in general. The products referred to are known as Ark1 and Ark2.

Endurance is something that almost all athletes need to maintain and, if possible, improve upon as one of their daily training objectives. Furthermore, they need to be able to do it in a natural way since all athletes know the possible consequences of using other, less natural, methods.
Ark1 and Ark2 both contain a specially developed group of amino-acids together with other natural substances including the leading bio-available version of L-Arginine currently on the market and which has been 100% naturally sourced from soy beans.

Bodybuilders and other athletes who use L-Arginine based supplements benefit from improved performance and significantly improved endurance after regular usage for Ark1 and Ark2.

So Exactly How Does Ark1 & Ark2 Work To Assist The Bodybuilder?

The products Ark 1 and Ark2 are collectively known as the “Micro Nutrition Pack” and serves to nourish the body by adding nutrients to assist quickly with the post training healing and recuperation that is necessary after exercise.

These nutrients act to increase endurance and stamina whilst, at the same time, stimulating human growth hormone production in the body in order to help with muscle mass growth, energy levels and also having a positive effect on the anti-ageing process.

The Micro Nutrients, once on the body, help to break down the L-Arginine which converts into Nitric Oxide. This then helps to deliver the nutrients to the cells by increasing the flow of oxygen and improving the circulation of blood around the body. This way, the body’s cells become saturated with valuable and helpful nutrients.

Athletes and bodybuilders can take Ark1 and Ark2 supplements, safe in the knowledge that they are pharmaceutically graded in order to maintain optimum bio-availability.
This equates to an accuracy level of 98% in terms of the amount of nutrient that is delivered to the body when the product is taken.

Findings Backed Up By Solid Scientific Research

Recent research carried out by the university of Exeter in England, United Kingdom, concluded that bodybuilders taking a regular dietary supplement in order to boost the levels of nitric oxide in the body could expect a significant boost to their stamina during a session of high intensity exercise.

To quantify these findings, the study went on to say that those athletes and bodybuilders taking these supplements could expect to be able to exercise for up to 20% longer which could lead to a 1-2% improvement in their race times.
Previous research at Exeter had also concluded that the high nitrate content found in beetroot juice would also have a similar effect.

Other research has looked at the effect that the Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (A-AKG) found in Arkworld’s Ark 1 has when combined with another bodybuilder’s favourite, Creatine. Extensive studies with controlled groups of athletes carrying out bench presses over a 10 day period has shown noticeable improvements over and above a similar group who had taken Creatine on its own.

Peak power and average power levels amongst the athletes tested were also significantly improved over the test period by including Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate in the tests.
These results strongly suggest that the use of Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate, as found in Arkworld’s Ark 1 product, when taken in combination with Creatine improves the upper body muscle endurance and peak power output.

These results should be a clear message to male bodybuilders and other athletes; Ark1 and Ark2 should be your constant companions from now on!


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