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LFC, 2016/17

Updated on May 13, 2016

LFC, a new beginning

So the Premier League season falls gracefully to its climax again, the banners come down, the stadiums fall silent and in the distance we can all hear the ripples of transfer rumours from the media's merry-go-round.

The coaches put away the long trench coats and training tops that have become a significant part of our lives between August and May every year.

The referees hang up their whistles and cards and begin the process of learning this years selection of rule-changes that the pencil-pushers in the suits at the FA have been fine tuning for the majority of this year.

For the majority, its mission complete, not all successful, but safe in the knowledge that another season in the Premier League awaits them in September, for some though, it's the end of the road, and for one in particular, the end of a very long successful road.

Yes, Aston Villa got themselves relegated, although, (and I hate to say it) it's all they deserved from a season of misery, poor results and mis-management/ownership. I'm sure they'll be back though, I hope so anyway. On that note, with not much time left, it's looking like Rafa won't pull the miracle and save the Magpies. Again, it's a poorly run club, it's not good to see that Rafa may have a relegation on his C.V, but he made his bed the day he took the poisoned chalice of Newcastle under his wing.

Well the top of the leagues seen a turnaround as well. Leicester have free flowed, they have proven it's doable without a beneficiary. All you need is a good coach, some decent players and a bit of team spirit and you have a good start. Well played to them, they really deserve it and are worthy winners.

As for LFC, the days of top four may seem a long way away now, however, Jurgen Klopp has dedicated years to clubs before and made them successful, he's always had to put his stamp on the team though and 9/10 months into a job was never going to see him win the Premier League as some expected!

Jurgen Klopp is one of the worlds motivational experts, he knows how to get the ball rolling and knows how to get his teams to respond, but, he needs HIS teams, not a squad of players somebody else threw together, or square pegs in round holes. The fact he's just reached his second final in the short time he's been at Anfield is a credit to him.

This season has not only been a transition for a few teams, it's been a transition of the Premier League. It's felt a little stagnant of late and a change its routine of the same old teams doing the same old thing was much needed. Leicester have opened a few eyes, we don't want it to turn out like the Scottish League that has been the same teams for years and will carry on like that, especially now Rangers are back.

More importantly, next season is going to be another with major changes. Manchester City, Chelsea and possibly United are all changing managers. Even some Arsenal fans are looking for Arsene Wenger to be sacked.

So what does this mean? Well, it means LFC will have been through a transition, they have had time for Klopp to bed in and sustain a level of consistency in his work, the players know him, he knows them and he gets to sign who he wants. So while the others are flipping and changing, LFC remain balanced, it has to be a major advantage, doesn't it?

Nobody is saying that LFC will win it all, we merely hope they do, that's why we look at the changes and see an opportunity.

In Football, as in life, you have to take these chances and prove what you can do. Leicester won a low scoring league, that's not a dig them as they did amazingly, but next year it's a different ball game, you never know how it's going to go, but we can stay positive, at least until we know how the seasons progressing.

In the meantime we have a European Final to contest and we already played a final that was only concluded on the luck of spot kick!

So it's not been bad, the Premier League form has not been consistent but we've seen some positive aspects of Klopp's philosophy in games against some of the big players, not to mention in Europe.

Reds fans everywhere can now look forward to the Basel cup final, and after that, a good long summers rest before getting back to it.

They'll be some unfamiliar faces to train with for LFC's squad, Jurgen Klopp will be making this side his for next year! Fit, ready and heavy metal!


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