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Lucha Underground Review: Episode 30 (Girl Power!)

Updated on June 4, 2015

Another episode of Lucha Underground is in the books everyone! And while it may not have been the masterpiece last week's episode was, last night's journey through the Temple was still as worthy an effort as we've come to expect from the best wrestling going today. It's not like we can just have Mil Muertes come out and powerbomb somebody through a roof every week. Wait, can we have that happen? Don't answer that, I'll get distracted. Let's just review some Lucha Underground, shall we? ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

Lucha Underground: Episode 30 (Girl Power!)

Don't Trust Chavo

Let's be real; we all knew Chavo was going to be...well, Chavo in this situation. El Dragon Azteca shouldn't have trusted him so easily. Black Lotus most definitely shouldn't have trusted him so easily. I'd say the same about Dario Cueto, but he is the man after all, and (judging by future segments) it seems like he's on the right side of whatever game Chavo is playing. This didn't drip with the dark humor like most of Dario's segments tend to do these days, but it certainly served the purpose of kicking off the Black Lotus arc that dominated the evening (backstage at least) and revealed Chavo to be the sneakiest bastard since Alex Krycheck. Also, how about Cueto's face when Chavo told him about El Dragon Azteca?! Not only was it hilarious (what Cueto look isn't these days), but it was pretty telling how afraid he was of Lotus' trainer. Don't try to brush it off by saying Azteca wouldn't enter the Temple either El Jefe. We've seen him there before, not to mention he evidently has an inside man there. Time to be afraid!

Match for an Aztec Medallion

Jack Evans defeats Argenis

This match was epic before it even began, largely due to Evans yet again break dancing his way to the ring, then stopping to insult an older fan that wanted a high five. A prince amongst men you are FIFA Champ! In all seriousness, it was great rudo work, and it helped get people excited (well, that and a Cueto appearance) for a match that might've been the best on the card. Not that the other two weren't good, but this bout certainly had a bit more flow to it, likely because there was less baggage involved. Argenis was able to get some of his offense in for the first time and looked mighty impressive, while Evans was Evans. Which pretty much means he danced, he taunted, he flew, he kicked and he continued to make me wonder how he's able to take Angelico's gear without him noticing (is that match in the works there? Striker and Vamp kept bring their tag team up, which must mean something!). In the end, Evans also got the victory on a pretty chill neo backslide, which now means he gets a medallion that...what do these damn things do again? Do they grant immortality? Do they give you powers? Is Cueto just screwing with us?! If it leads to Evans doing one of those double moonsaults again, sign me up for whatever it is.

Locker Room Brawl: The Movie

Let's break this down here; Daivari approached his new buddy Big Ryck in the locker room about a Trios Titles opportunity, saying all they needed to do was find a third partner. Ryck suggested The Mack (I guess Killshot stepped out for some pizza, which in retrospect was the right call), and Daivari was receptive...until Cage walked in. Next thing you know, FIGHT! I'm not sure why the LU hasn't done more of this; to the best of my knowledge, the only backstage fight scenes we've seen have been Mil Muertes choking someone, Mil Muertes threatening someone, or Matanza killing a guy. Hey, it worked though, as Cage put a huge beating on the poor, unsuspecting Mack, as Big Ryck watched on conflicted and Daivari smiled like he just won the chance to a private Fury Road screening with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I like how it was made clear that Big Ryck is definitely in this for the money, not because he thinks Daivari is fun to chill with. I also like the strong, strong hint of a possible Cage vs. The Mack match. Holy bonkers will that be good! Seriously, if you can't get excited for the most talented big man in wrestling today against the most underrated dude in the Temple today, you're probably someone who enjoyed Entourage more than Fury Road. In which case, you're the worst.

Seriously, Don't Trust Chavo

In any other instance, I would've named this segment Locker Room Fight: The Movie Part II. But hey, Chavo was involved, luring Black Lotus into a false sense of security before blindsiding her with a fist full of lying, cheating and stealing. Except Lotus was ready for it! Azteca taught her well. No seriously, watch the segment if you don't believe me. Say what you want about Chavo and The Crew (all two of them now that Bael is wrestling the great gig in the sky), but they're no scrubs. And yet, Black Lotus just wrecked them. It was really cool to watch, especially on a night that ultimately put a lot of showcase on its female performers. It doesn't even matter that Chavo eventually got the upper hand due to the vast numbers against Lotus. She fought well. She fought very well. I'd dare say this segment was the best part of the show, if you know, the end of the show didn't happen.

Trios Tag Team Championship

Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc defeated DelAvar Daivari, Big Ryck and Cage

In terms of in ring action, this Trios titles match was more about story than any impressive moves. And honestly, it probably should've been. It's obviously no secret that we all enjoy watching Angelico do crazy shit every week while Ivelisse yells and Son of Havoc does the little things. It's great theater. You go to that well too often though, and the meaning is gone. So I don't blame them here for toning things down with this match, especially since Ivelisse was still hurt (you wonder how much that's affected what the LU was going to do with their matches) and certain storyline aspects needed to be explored, like the champs continued distrust for each other and Texano's interference. Who knew all the man needed was to help the most popular trios team alive to get over?! That said, there were still some cool moments. I really liked the work of both Angelico and Cage to start the match off, and Ivelisse's character work remains as strong as ever. Oh, and Angelico still did some cool stuff, even if it was just a ROLLING SENTON KICK OVER THE TURNBUCKLE! Even his lesser spots are better than your best spots! We now go to footage that proves Angelico is still the man.

I Told You, Don't Trust Chavo!

I mean, I think I've made it pretty clear you shouldn't prior to this point of the show, but as Black Lotus didn't heed my advice, it bears repeating again! Don't trust Chavo. All it leads to is a seat right across from Matanza so he never gets lonely again. I'm going to say this though; there's something more going on here than even I thought. I suppose they could just kill Black Lotus off by having Matanza Bael her, but that would be abandoning months and months of story development. In short, it be a WWE thing to do (I think even the most diehard E fan would agree that they cut shit short all the time), and the LU doesn't have that track record yet. Could Lotus and Matanza *gulp* form an alliance? Is it possible our favorite unknown monster is misunderstood, forced to do the things he does by Cueto? I could be way off base with all of that there, but I'm telling you now, there's something else going on here beneath the surface. Damn this Matanza storyline for sucking me in so much!

Submission Match

Pentagon Jr. defeats Sexy Star

We have to have a real discussion here readers. I've seen several of you out there who didn't like this match, and the general consensus is because Sexy Star looked too strong and Pentagon Jr. looked too weak. Huh? I can understand perhaps not enjoying the way the match was booked or wrestled. I thought it was well done all things considered, but it wasn't the greatest thing ever, as I'm sure both performers would admit. But to be on the fence because it was a cheap heel win? Listen, Pentagon Jr. is, at the end of the day, a rudo. He may be a badass rudo, he may be a beloved rudo (as certainly was evident last night) but he's still a rudo! And rudos, at the end of most feuds, get their asses kicked, and if they win, they win by cheap measures. I don't think it damages Pentagon at all that Sexy got a lot of good offense in and that he happened to win because Super Fly (in a move everyone knew was coming mind you) cost Sexy the match. I think that's a typical match for this kind of blow off match. In the end, I look at it this way; a talented female wrestler got a main event showcase in which she (in my opinion) excelled, Pentagon Jr. got enough spots in to look like the most diabolical hater since the so called Beautiful, and we the fans got a good main event, the result we wanted (that's right, Pentagon won in the end!) and a ready to go, interesting storyline going forward. Actually, make that two. Because things didn't stop after the match...


It's time to mark out kids! After winning the match, Pentagon did what he usually sets out to do post match, which is break the arm of his opponent. Well, much like with the Melissa Santos segment not too long ago, good old Vampiro couldn't take it, got up from the booth, AND CHARGED THE RING! There was a shoulder block, an epic stare down, and Vamp eventually walking it off to the back, where he confronted his demons in a pretty cool "look in the mirror" segment to close the show. I may not remember all of it as I was too busy acting like the Cubs won the World Series. I've said it before, I'll say it again; Vampiro is one of my favorites. I loved the guy in WCW. I've overall loved his work in the booth along with Matt Striker. This was awesome for me to see, and judging by the reaction from the Temple, it was awesome for them as well. Looks like I can also get ready for the #7 dream match for Lucha Underground to take place. Those who were upset about the way Pentagon was booked last night can rest easy. Vampiro vs. Pentagon will be a massive match (my guess; Ultimo Lucha), and one that will do a lot more for everyone's favorite rudo than last night would've. I can't wait to see it! Vamp is coming back people. GET HYPED!

[Once again, I'd like to applaud the LU for putting on such a good show after the death of Perro Aguayo Jr. just a day before (for those who don't know, Lucha Underground taped four shows the day after the tragic incident in March. Last night's was the second of the four). A lot of credit should go to everyone, especially Pentagon (who came to the ring in a Perros del Mal t-shirt) and Sexy Star, who were both very close with him. We miss you Perro.]

That'll do it guys! I'll be back next week with some more LU previewing and reviewing, and I'm sure I'll have some more lucha talk in the meantime as well! Till next time, VAMP pic!

Not sure if Soviet Russian Vamp or Spanish Army Vamp
Not sure if Soviet Russian Vamp or Spanish Army Vamp

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