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Lucha Underground Review: Six to Survive

Updated on June 15, 2016

Well ladies and gentlemen; Lucha Underground was at it again tonight. Much like both Aztec Warfare matches and the famous All Night Long bout between Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma, tonight’s LU featured a match that went the entire show. And like those previous three matches, this one was a doozy in the best way possible. All six performers delivered the goods to bring what I feel might be the best match in LU history, including a final pairing that was so good and featured so much pure chemistry between the wrestlers it made me think of Bret and Owen Hart. Oh yes, I went there! I’d say more but that would spoil the column. Speaking of that, let’s get to it. Moses, take it away while I fetch a chocolate milk.

Six to Survive Match

Pentagon Jr. vs. King Cuerno vs. Ivelisse vs. Johnny Mundo vs. Taya vs. Fenix

Act I

Big ups to Vampiro trying to act like he couldn’t believe Pentagon had healed from his injury. I love you Vamp but come on; we all know what’s up and we all would’ve known what was up even if we hadn’t seen you putting Pentagon through the most painful type of physical therapy ever. The lesson as always; don’t give creepy looks from the back of an ambulance after your protégé has been broken like Batman in Knightfall. It’s a dead giveaway that you’re going to be involved in his resurrection.

Different place, same look!
Different place, same look!

As you’d expect this match got off to a hot start, with Ivelisse being double teamed by Mundo and Taya followed by Pentagon and Fenix dominating the action at first with some double teaming on Mundo (including a righteous double stomp to enemy scrotum by Pentagon onto Mundo). After that the first fall became King Cuerno’s; good ole Deer Antlers had a lot to do, such as reigniting his early season feud with Fenix, a brief but fun throw down with Pentagon Jr. and then what looked like to be an early elimination of Fenix before, you guessed it, Mil Muertes and Catrina waltzed right back into the Temple. Spoiler alert; Cuerno didn’t come out of this in good spirits. A spear, a powerbomb and some pummeling later left Deer Antlers in prone position to be eliminated by an End of the World, causing the Cageside Seats comments section to cry. Why I don’t know; yes it would’ve been nice to see Cuerno hang around longer and they could’ve done the Mil spot towards the end, but at the same token we all knew Mil-Cuerno was coming and doing it later would’ve distracted from…well we’ll get to it. Needless to say I was fine with Act I ending this way and now we can all get excited for Cuerno-Mil. In the words of shameless self promoter Dick Vitale, IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME BABY!

Act II

If Act I was about Cuerno and establishing the tone, Act II was all about Ivelisse. Seriously, out of all the falls none was dominated more by this one and it was all about the “Baddest Bitch in the Building.” There was a great, and I mean GREAT, sequence between her and Fenix, where Fenix refused to fight Ivelisse (funny because he had zero problem helping Cuerno throw her out of the ring earlier), leading to Ivelisse kicking the ever loving shit out of him. We then had a too brief Ivelisse-Pentagon encounter that got me happier than the time I saw the Alkaline Trio in concert. And finally we got the encounter we all wanted; Ivelisse vs. Taya, which led to them tearing the house down in a brief five minute encounter that saw Taya almost land one of the best moonsaults I’ve ever seen. I mean we’re talking Kurt Angle quality she had there. Despite that setback and a whole lot of great Ivelisse work, the Baddest Bitch was sent home after Taya delivered her famous (but little seen in the Temple) Northern Lights/Double Stomp finisher. Damn shame we didn’t get more Ivelisse. On the plus side she was excellent here, we’re definitely getting her vs. Taya again soon and the two straight falls won by Mundo and Taya established them as the roadblock in this match.


As if the pinfall from the end of Act II was no indication, Act III was pretty much about Mundo and Taya; first getting their asses kicked and then taking control. Pentagon absolutely destroyed Taya (his former Perros del Mal teammate!) in the first half of this fall while Mundo and Fenix brawled. It was only when Mundo finally took care of Fenix that we got Pentagon-Mundo, which led to forearm exchanges before Taya came in and caught fire with a sweet hurricanrana and an even sweeter tornado DDT. From there the rudos took control and stayed in control until a mishap led to Fenix removing Mundo from the equation, leaving Pentagon to hit the first of a few Package Piledrivers for the elimination. Perhaps the most ordinary of the falls, but still really good and a nice showcase for Taya.

Act IV

I mean let’s be real; one look at the three names left (Mundo, Pentagon and Fenix) is enough to tell you how good this fall was. And it was good. Mundo got his turn to shine here by dominating most of the fall, which saw him hit a sweet sit out Gutwrench Powerbomb, a sweeter dive and a whole lot of Shining Wizards. Even through all of that though Pentagon and Fenix got their licks in; there was a great chop sequence in the beginning of the fall and, all due respect to Mundo, the best parts of the fall occurred when Pentagon and Fenix started beating the ever loving shit out of each other. A good sign considering what followed this. I think the thing people will remember the most about this fall however was the ending, one of the most bizarre I’ve seen. After finally taking Mundo down, Pentagon hit the ropes and was picked up by Fenix for what looked like to be an assisted splash. Instead Pentagon tried to roll up Fenix, leading to the two both landing on top of Mundo, stunning him enough for the elimination. It was weird enough where someone could thing it was a botch but unique and creative enough that it worked. Also, there’s a 99.9% chance Mundo seethes over that for a week, attacks Fenix next week and leads to that wondrous Wyld Stallions-Aerostar, Fenix, Drago Trios Match at UL Dos. And yes, I am trying to will that to happen. Want to fight about it?

Act V

Ladies and gentlemen I have witnessed a Red Sox World Series victory, I was there when Goldberg fought The Rock; I’ve even seen a grown man satisfy a camel (just kidding. Or am I?). The final fall here between Pentagon and Fenix was better than those things (and should’ve been). This wasn’t two men reinventing the wheel or anything; it was just two really great wrestlers going all out to deliver the goods, and they did it with a chemistry that you hardly see in wrestling these days. These two were so in synch it was unbelievable, until you remembered that these two are actually brothers and should know each other like the back of their own hand. What more can I really say other than this was amazing and I kind of wish there had been a no contest finish so these two could’ve been given another hour to wrestle next week (All Night Long II!). It wasn’t to be, as Pentagon finally managed to win the match with his third Canadian Destroyer (the first of which you have to see to believe), followed by another Package Piledriver. Matanza and El Jefe appeared afterwards for a stare down and…well something interesting happened, or at least to me it did. Pentagon would cut a post match promo and, to my surprise, didn’t vow to take the title but instead vowed to break every bone in both Matanza and El Jefe’s body. No mention of the Lucha Underground title at all folks. Does that mean the title isn’t the focus of this match? Would Pentagon actually attempt to destroy Matanza instead of beat him? It may be nothing, but it was to me an interesting wrinkle to close the show and may prove to be a huge plot point in the weeks to come.

That’s it folks. Do yourself a favor and find this show to watch this match. Kudos to all six performers for an excellent experience and my current front runner for the best match of LU season two. I shall return soon with…something. Who knows what? Till then, watch this match. Seriously, be like Nike and just do it. It’s that good; like DUCHOVNY good. That's right; he's back.

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