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The Ins and Outs of Lucha Underground: Episode 36

Updated on July 14, 2015

Ah, what a day. WHAT A LOVELY DAY! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Trainwreck is at...94% on Rotten Tomatoes and there's only one more day till the next Lucha Underground episode. In short, the opposite of bogus! And while this week's LU may not seem to be as "MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS!!!!" like last week's show was, I think you'll find that tomorrow will surprise you. I mean, Vampiro and Pentagon will finally make their match official, Prince Puma might shit himself on TV once Mil Muertes looks him in the eye, and my goodness will there be some Aztec Medallions won tomorrow! We all know how helpful those have been too. Well, at least to Aero Star. All that Medallion has seemed to do for Jack Evans is make the Mortal Kombat Champ into a smaller, whiter version of Masato Tanaka. But enough about the inventor of modern lucha libre, there's other LU stuff to discuss. ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

Aztec Medallion Match

Bengala vs. DelAvar Daivari

What to Expect: mean Daivari-Texano is over? They're free from wrestling each other?! PRAISE CTHUTLU! I think even those two will admit that they're better off facing other people, and we're going to get to see what Daivari can do here against Bengala. Really, this match is pretty intriguing all around. We still don't really know that much about Bengala, other than his white Bengal tiger mask finally gives us the answer to what Dungeon of Doom's Master meant when he yelled "THE GREAT WHITE BENGAL TIGER APPROACHES!". This will be his chance to prove how good he is in the ring, and I think we're going to see some good stuff. Hell, I think we're going to see some good stuff from Daivari too. I grow tired of mentioning this to people, but it wasn't too long ago that a lot of people thought he was a very good wrestler. I don't think that stopped, I just think that he had no chemistry with Texano. We've already seen how breaking off from Daivari has helped make Texano more relevant (well, that and evil, crazy Suits fan Blue Demon Jr.). I think we see this match, which will be good at worst, do the same for Daivari. If not, there's always shoot DVD's on the Muhammad Hassan angle I suppose.

Winner: Bengala. Remember how Big Ryck accidentally cost Daivari his final match against Texano just a few weeks ago? Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's going to be lingering issues there, and it wouldn't surprise me if Ryck goes from accidentally costing Daivari to intentionally costing him here. There's only so much money you can take before one wants to take Daivari's drink and smash it over his head. In fact, put that down for my prediction; Bengala wins via glass to head.

Aztec Medallion Match

Sexy Star vs. Super Fly

What to Expect: So remember when I said this match was going to take place at Ultima Lucha, only for everyone to tell me later that this was more likely to be a match for a Medallion? Yup, wrong again on my part. The lesson here for me is twofold; when tons of people are saying you're wrong, it probably means you're going to end up wrong (note to all NFL and NBA coaches; HEED THIS ADVICE!), and you shouldn't make predictions on Sexy Star due to the fact that you're hopelessly in love with Sexy Star. What can I say; one look at that Sexy the Vampire Slayer and I pretty much became John Lithgow in Santa Clause: The Movie when he was told to sell his products for free. Minus the part where Lithgow screamed "FOR FREEEEEEEEEEE?!" like he had just been shanked in the balls by Sexy Star.

Yes, this is real!
Yes, this is real!

Of all the matches on this show, this is the one I'm the most wary of. I'm not as down on Sexy Star as everyone else is; she's still a better rudo than a technico, but the woman can wrestle and has been as sympathetic a babyface there is since she came up to the LU. But let's be real here; she and Super Fly didn't really click in their last go around and, while Super Fly definitely has ability (especially as a rudo. Go check his AAA stuff if you don't believe me), he may easily be having the same issues Texano had at adapting to performing in the U.S. My guess here is we're going to get a cross between the mask vs. mask match these two had months back and the one they had a few weeks ago. Which is to say this will be a decent bout and not much more. Here's hoping that it's the last time they fight, as Sexy, in my opinion, should be doing bigger and better things.

Winner: Sexy Star. I've previewed Mil Muertes matches that haven't been this much of a lock right here. She's the bigger star, she deserves an Ultima Lucha spot and I'm unbelievably biased on top of all those other points. No question in my mind she takes the W here.

Aztec Medallion Match

King Cuerno vs. Killshot

What to Expect: We are officially on Match of the Night alert and, if I may be so bold, perhaps a potential sleeper to crack the LU's top ten matches thus far. Yes, I'm getting my expectations up quite large for this one. The fact of the matter is that both of these guys are top notch performers. Good old Deer Antlers Fantasma is so grossly underrated at this point, he might've taken the crown from Aero Star. Remember now, this is the same dude who was having balls to the wall matches with Drago and Johnny Mundo only a few months ago. He also hasn't exactly had many single opportunities recently due to his alliance with Cage. I can't wait to see him in singles action again here, and I also can't wait to see more of Killshot. He was quite good while teaming with The Mack and Big Ryck during the trios tournament, and since then has kind of found himself on the outside looking in. Don't sleep on this one girls and boys. When two ultra talented dudes get some time to work with after fading a little into the background, they generally take advantage of it. This will be no different here.

Winner: This was less difficult a pick than I first envisioned. While it's not out of the realm of possibility Cage gets involved here to screw Cuerno and set up an Ultima Lucha bout, it seems like the man from the 559 still has The Mack to deal with. Thus, with no other interference likely, I gotta hand this one to Deer Antlers here. It'll be tight, but I say he pulls it out barely at the end. Poor Killshot. I guess he can always eliminate Will Smith and take his place in Suicide Squad. A move I wouldn't be opposed to by the way.

Mystery Match

Yes, if you are to believe our buddy over at luchablog (and why wouldn't you?), there's going to be another match for tomorrow night's show. What is it? I don't know. But who cares? WHO CAN RESIST THE CALL OF THE MYSTERY MATCH?! Alright, it's probably not that big of a deal. My guess is that one of the winners of the Medallions will be forced to defend it immediately following their match by Dario Cueto, which works because a) it worked really well for Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc when they had to do double duty to win the Trios titles and b) more El Jefe is good for the soul. I'm going to predict that Sexy Star will be the one to go double duty tomorrow. It's a move that will continue to build sympathy, you could totally see El Jefe looking to screw her over and it gives the LU the option to either use a second match to put Sexy more over OR to screw her and begin a one on one program for her come Ultima Lucha. It's can't miss. Plus, it allows me to see Sexy Star more than once, and that makes me a satisfied panda. If I were a panda that is. Makes sense if you don't think about it.

That'll do for now dudes and dudettes. I'll be back in a few hours with some Community, then back a few hours after with some Rey Mysterio-Myzteziz talk. Till then, here's an ironic message for the people saying they weren't impressed with the Suicide Squad/Batman v Superman trailers from comic con.

Please change disks to continue...

What are you looking forward to the most on tomorrow's Lucha Underground?

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