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Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 6 Preview!

Updated on March 1, 2016

And I’m back again! Yup, it hasn’t even been…I don’t know how many hours, and already I’m ready to strike with another column. This is what happens when you have no motivation to write for several weeks and spend all your time playing Alan Wake instead. And just like that I’m pretty sure I’ve said too much. Then again maybe I didn’t. What say you Red Skull?

…alright let’s move on. Much in the same spirit of my CMLL Super Viernes preview from earlier, this will be a preview of tomorrow night’s Lucha Underground episode. That’s right; I’m bringing back the LU preview column! I’d been scrapping it this year because it’s been difficult to find out just watch matches are taking place heading into the show, but with two matches known for a fact and the third having enough info for me to talk about, it seemed like the right time to break this out. So what are we waiting for? Grab a cold one, turn the volume down on that Tuesday CMLL show you have on in the background and make sure the oven is turned off. Let’s talk some LU!

Sexy Star Returns to the Ring!

What to Expect: I think I speak for the entire Lucha Kliq when I say that I have no freaking clue what’s going to happen here. The last few times we saw Sexy Star involved her either being kidnapped by Marty the Moth, held prisoner by Marty the Moth: Bully Edition and then being chased in the LU hallway before running into The Mack, a moment that led to a face that only the people who saw whatever was beyond the Mountains of Madness have made. Put all that together and there’s way too many directions they can go with here. Maybe Sexy is facing Big Willie and his now scarred for life state of mind; maybe she’s facing Marty; maybe she’s facing Marty’s sister; maybe she’s teaming with Marty and his sister against his will; hell, maybe she’s facing someone else while having to look over her shoulder every five minutes in fear of the Moth’s. Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it. More Sexy Star is the anchor that gives my spirit license to soar. No I don’t regret that statement at all. LEAVE ME AND MY LOVE FOR SEXY STAR ALONE!!!

Best photo ever? Best photo ever
Best photo ever? Best photo ever

Winner: Sexy Star. I don’t know what she’s doing, but she’ll win it. Let’s move on.

Puma-Pentagon Jr. II: The Sound and the Fury

What to Expect: It’s the biggest fighting sequel since Holyfield-Tyson II, except there’s no Miles Lane and instead of ear biting there’s just arm snapping. Oh, and Vampiro looking on from the commentary booth with the same look on his face Martin Sheen had while Charlie was going through his “winning” phase a few years ago.

I think the natural assumption here is that this will be yet another short match between these two that isn’t as bonkers good as everyone hopes and has a finish that sets up Puma-Pentagon Jr. III: The Treble in the Temple (I own all rights to that subtitle). Not so fast my friend! With there only being three matches on this show on top of whatever wonderful scenes we see from backstage, I think this match will get a lot more time than we expect. They’ll save some stuff sure for the inevitable final showdown, but we’ll also see more than we did last time, and I think we can expect another glorious encounter from the best overall performer in wrestling today and Prince Puma. Between this match and the iTunes deal, Van Wagenen, DeJoseph, Roach and the rest of the gang will be jumping into Scrooge McDuck style money pits by the end of the week.

Winner: Puma got the last one with an amazing feat of athleticism, so the logical conclusion is that Pentagon gets the win back here via sneakiness that makes Vampiro celebrate like Leicester City just won the Premier League. While that’s my official pick, don’t be surprised if Puma takes this one yet again after Pentagon gets too cocky. Remember, there’s a good story to tell with Pentagon thinking he’s figured it all out now that he’s got his master, only for him to lose his way and have to embrace the teachings again to get back on track. I can easily see that being the case here.

Ladder Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship

King Cuerno (c) vs. Fenix

What to Expect: Only in Lucha Underground can you find a show with Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. facing each other in something other than the main event. That honor goes to Fenix and Deer Antlers, who have been so damn good against each other this season that they’ll most definitely close the show with an opportunity to win (or retain) the Gift of the Gods Championship. And what’s the match? El Jefe, tell the people!

As one would assume about a ladder match featuring two men who have already had two Match of the Year candidates this year, expectations are really, really high. Will this surpass their season opening bout where Cuerno took the Gift of the Gods Championship from Fenix and the even better Last Luchador Standing match they had three weeks ago? And how will Catrina and Immortan Mil factor into this? Just a few weeks ago it seemed the two would do anything to keep Fenix away from the Gift of the Gods title; now it seems like they’re looking to put the screws to Cuerno just as much, even if it means Fenix gets the gold. In short, do not miss this match. It’ll be glorious both from an in ring standpoint (like we’d expect anything less from Cuerno and Fenix at this point) and a storytelling perspective. Man, what did we do to deserve Puma-Pentagon II, Cuerno-Fenix III and another Dragon Lee-Kamaitachi match all in the same week?!

Winner: Fenix; that’s right, “The Man of a Thousand Lives” is taking back his gold here, and I think he will do it with an assist from Catrina. I’m telling you, that last segment from last week’s episode has stuck with me, and I think Catrina (and the Immortan by extension) have gotten so enraged by Cuerno backing out of their deal that they will screw him and open the door for Fenix to win. And oh man does that open up more possibilities; another Fenix vs. Mil match (likely with another stipulation to go with it) for the Lucha Underground Championship and the prospect of a scorned Deer Antlers getting his revenge and costing Mil and Catrina all the power they received at Ultima Lucha. Did I mention I can’t wait for this match?!

That’ll do it guys! I’m off to watch CMLL’s Tuesday show; I know, it’ll likely be nowhere near Super Viernes quality, but what’s life without risk right? Till next time, more Leo Oscar jokes!

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