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Lucha Underground Preview: Three's a Crowd

Updated on April 12, 2016

It’s nearly been a week since Lucha Underground last graced us with its supreme awesomeness, which means it’s about time we start looking ahead to tomorrow’s show. And my goodness tomorrow should be a show! Sure it doesn’t look like the greatest thing ever on paper; just three regular matches and likely the usual amount of awesome backstage scenes. But as usual with the LU there’s so much more; we have a debut, we have the continuation of a great story that started last week and the ever evolving Trios Tournament that will present to us a dream team that could only be toppled if L.A. Park, Vampiro and Pentagon Jr. decided to do business together. My goodness the awesomeness of that thought nearly just knocked me unconscious right then and there! Thank goodness it didn’t, or there’d be no preview. Speaking of which, let’s begin!

Killshot vs. Argenis

What to Expect: It’s the man that fights to forget against the man who’s been forgotten! I kid Argenis I kid; but seriously you haven’t been around in awhile. That fact alone, coupled with that awesome back story scene we got of Killshot last week leads me to believe this is going to be relatively quick and relatively painful if you’re an Argenis fan. It’ll be good for what it is though. Killshot has been really good when given opportunity but he’s yet to be put in a situation where the focus was squarely on him. This will be his first showcase performance and I expect he’ll be up for the challenge. If Argenis can add anything to that, it’s a bonus for everyone.

Winner: Killshot. There’s no such thing as a lock in Lucha Underground, but this is the closest you can get. The man who fights to forget will finish this one quickly, beginning his march to better and (hopefully) less traumatizing things while Argenis disappears again. Then again maybe he impresses Famous B a great deal here. The man is looking for clients after all!

Daga vs. Texano

What to Expect: Looks as though we’re having another debut in the Temple, this time in the form of AAA star Daga. Who is this Daga you ask? You may not be able to find a Wikipedia page on the man, but the former AAA Cruiserweight Champion and member of Los Perros del Mal is no slouch; in fact I’d argue he’s quietly had one of the better feuds in AAA recently against the highly underrated Australian Suicide. In short, this is a good worker who should add quite a bit to an LU roster that’s already more stacked than the Chicago Cubs roster and my CD collection. Gotta save up those old 90’s records so we have something to hold onto when the Apocalypse hits.

Daga’s first rodeo in the Temple aside I’m actually really interested to see how this match plays out. Even though he’s indeed a smaller wrestler, Daga’s style appears to be more along the lines of Texano’s; he can fly for sure, but his preference is a more brawling, physical style (a “strong style lucha” as Vinny Massaro would surely describe it). On top of that we know little else of what Daga is doing in the Temple and Texano, fresh off his victory over Chavo Guerrero, is looking at a new direction himself. This may be a contest where the match will most certainly be secondary, even if the match is likely to be solid at worst.

Winner: You can never be too sure about these LU debut matches! Some like Kobra Moon and especially Matanza emerge victorious while others (Jack Evans, P.J. Black, Joey Ryan and a few others) seem to have a tougher time getting that first win. I’m banking this will be another case of the latter, with Texano getting the victory but Daga putting on a good performance to come out with a strong start anyway. People need to remember that just because you don’t win the debut doesn’t mean things are downhill, and I’d argue that Evans, Black, Ryan, King Cuerno and others are proof of that. Daga will be the same here.

Lucha Justice League! Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio and El Dragon Azteca Jr. Team Up for the Trios Tournament!!!

What to Expect: Here it is sports fans; the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the greatest climax since Superman *the following is redacted on the grounds that it spoils the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice* at the end of Batman v Superman! For those of you who missed last week’s Lucha Underground episode, Rey Mysterio (clearly dressed to audition for the role of Batman should Ben Affleck mysteriously disappear) announced to his protégé Azteca that he secured a spot for them in the ongoing Trios Tournament set up by El Jefe himself. Who was the partner Azteca asked? Why none other than Prince Puma, who joined the duo on the Temple roof and then proceeded to open his mouth and let sounds come out for the first time…ever. I’ll let this George of the Jungle meme I created last week sum up the internet’s reaction to such beauty.

And thus here we are, with the Lucha Justice League (a term coined by some wonderful human being out there on the Twitterverse) teaming up for the first time tomorrow against three souls who I would describe as either unfortunate or really, REALLY unfortunate. Truthfully it doesn’t matter who the opponents are; just look at this team right here. Prince Puma is incapable of having a bad match with anyone at this point and will likely be leaping off the screen again. I thought Rey looked great during Aztec Warfare II; he was refreshed in a way he hadn’t been in over a decade and I’d expect he’ll be on his game here. The most interesting aspect then will be El Dragon Azteca Jr. If you haven’t seen any of his stuff besides Aztec Warfare II, you’re missing out; the man is a more than capable performer (his match with Dragon Lee not too long ago was tremendous) and it’s quite clear that he has the ability to wow audiences much like his teammates. There’s no question however this will be the biggest stage he’s ever performed on and this will be his first great chance to make a first impression. I really look forward to seeing what he can do here; if he knocks it out of the park while standing next to two of LU’s top stars (and one of the greatest luchadors of all time), this could be a star making performance.

Winners: Perhaps I’m jumping the gun here considering we have no idea who these three are fighting, but come on; short of L.A. Park cloning himself two times and taking this team on there’s no way Rey, Puma and Azteca are falling short here. They’ll win, they’ll move on and hopefully they’ll look great doing it. Let’s just hope for three great opponents so that this match steals the show as we all expect it too.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I’ll be back later guys with…something. Might be an NHL playoff preview, might be a write up on Daga so more people have an idea on what he brings to the table, might be something else entirely. Nothing’s for sure as a former WCW star would say. Till next time, more El Santo and Blue Demon pictures!

Damn Santo, offer Demon your jacket! Can't you see he's cold?!
Damn Santo, offer Demon your jacket! Can't you see he's cold?!

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