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Lucha Underground Preview: Cage in a Cage

Updated on April 26, 2016

It’s getting close to that time again folks! Tomorrow night Lucha Underground returns and for this episode, less appears to be more. What do I mean? Well there are only two matches scheduled for tomorrow, a good thing considering these two matches feature a combined fourteen luchador(a)s, a whole lot of stakes, a whole lot of potential chaos and a man named Cage who will be in a cage. Who needs more than two matches when you have all of that? And luckily for all of you, I’m here to break it down the only way I know how. So let’s not lollygag anymore; its prediction time!

Trios Tournament Finals: Four Way Trios Match for the Lucha Underground Trios Championships

Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc (c) vs. The Crew and Joey Ryan vs. Fenix, Jack Evans and P.J. Black vs. Lucha Justice League

What to Expect: This is a match where one only needs to look at the participants to let out a Hunter S. Thompson esq “MOTHER OF GOD!” We have the Trios Champions, forced into this match by El Jefe last week and once more forced to defend their titles against long odds. We have Cortes, Cisco and Ryan, a dysfunctional half undercover cop, half street gang group that’s here thanks to a Cisco breakout performance and Big Willie and the Moths imploding on each other. There’s Fenix, Jack and the Darewolf, another dysfunctional unit because we all know El Jefe loves them dysfunctional units. And then there’s the Lucha Justice League in Rey, Puma and Azteca Jr., who have no issues, nearly no flaws and get along better than Nate Drake and Elena in the second half of Uncharted. Basically the talent here is endless, and that's not just because Jack Evans is here (though it is a big part of it).

And it’s because of that this match is going to be absolutely, off the wall bonkers good. Hell I’d even have it close the show, though I can understand either match happening this week doing such. There’s just so many interesting subplots that could happen in this match; The Crew and the Trios Champions tangling again after their epic battles from last year, the champs and the Justice League throwing down, how Ryan and the Crew get along, if Fenix can co-exist with Jack and Black, Jack vs. Ivelisse, Jack vs. Angelico, Jack vs. Havoc, Jack vs. Rey, Jack vs. Puma, pretty much Jack against everyone in this match is a potential dream match. On top of that, this is likely the first match of LU’s second season that promises to feature action at a Fury Road kind of pace. Remember last year how we got several multi-man matches that saw everyone just going crazy? Aside from Cage-Taya and the Justice League-Cage, Mundo, Taya match from a few weeks ago we haven’t really seen a match that was complete lucha chaos. That will change here. I’m going to say we get at least ten awe inspiring dives and at least one holy shit moment that may or may not involve Angelico jumping off the office roof while also jumping over that hole in the roof left by Mil and Matanza. I put the odds at 50% for that one.

Winners: I’m assuming that this year’s Trios finals will be like last year’s finals, which means this match will be an elimination style bout. As such, I’ll go with the Crew and Ryan being the first eliminated, likely in a way that leads to not very good things happening to Cisco (remember, Castro and Ryan need to get close to El Jefe, Captain Vasquez is now feeling heat from outside sources to shut down this investigation and there is that scene of Cisco being held in prison from the long ago season two trailer. I bet a loss here leads Cisco behind bars). After that will go Fenix, Jack and Black, leading to a final between the Justice League and the champs. Who wins? Against my better judgment I’m going with Ivelisse, Angelico and Havoc. Part of that is because I’m enormously biased and love all three of them, but it’s also because a) the Lucha Justice League will be fine win or lose and b) the champs beating the Justice League would be huge. Like so huge we’d have to pull out a Mike Francesca yuge to describe it. I say they pull off the upset in the end and retain the belts, leading to El Jefe making more stern looks and once again stacking the odds against them.

Cage Match for an Aztec Medallion

Cage vs. Johnny Mundo

What to Expect: Here is the show stopper folks; after months of tension, brawls and a whole lot of Taya, Cage and the Wednesday Night Delight will finally settle their differences (at least I think they will) in a contest that should make Cage feel right at home. You know, because it’s in a cage. And Cage’s name is Cage. This would’ve been one of the silliest things ever if Johnny Mundo hadn’t elevated it to comedic gold medal status with his “Cage…in a cage!” line from last week. This is why he gets the Palace of Wisdom and we don’t folks.

Clearly the Palace of Wisdom is where liquid gold was invented
Clearly the Palace of Wisdom is where liquid gold was invented

In all seriousness, this is a fairly big match considering Cage and Mundo have been feuding since the season began (this is without question the longest running feud of season two), what’s on the line and the stipulation. The only question is how good will this match be. Mundo proved with King Cuerno last year that he’s more than capable of having good cage matches, Cage has looked really good this year when allowed to go (I’m still a really big fan of that match he had with Taya) and I thought these two did well against each other earlier this season, albeit without having to do a whole lot. I expect that this match will be ultraviolent, will feature a good amount of blood, one crazy Mundo spot, a moment where it looks like Cage may break the cage and Taya doing everything she can to interfere in this match (hell she may even take a big bump here as well). In short, it’ll be crazy; whether or not it’s the match of the night will depend on if it can match the craziness of the Trios Match. Good lord I’m going to have to buy so much Mountain Dew for this show just to keep up!

Winner: Cage. Sorry Wednesday Night Delight, but you quite honestly don’t need an Aztec Medallion and Cage, aside from that Taya victory, has yet to get a win over his enemies. I say he does it here after an awesome final spot to pick up the win and the Medallion. At least Taya will be there to nurse Johnny back to health afterwards. Even in defeat he wins.

And that is how it ends boys and girls. I’m off to stock up on that Mountain Dew for tomorrow’s show; I suggest you do the same. I shall be back soon though to do a Lucha Tribute for one of CMLL’s best luchadora’s! Till then, El Santo and Blue Demon with a special guest!

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What are you looking forward to the most from tomorrow's Lucha Underground episode?

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