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Lucha Underground Preview! The Prince and The Monster

Updated on October 4, 2016

It’s time! It’s time! It’s Lucha Underground preview time! Man, been awhile since I’ve done one of these and started a column off with that Vader line. Thankfully I have enough information to go on in order to break down this week’s LU, which as always looks like a really interesting show. There will at least be two matches, both of which look really good on paper. There’s potentially a third match between a new stable of luchadors that will feature a Dolphin Master trying to become a Rabbit Master. And, in a subject we’ll tackle first, one of the two breakout stars of season three thus far will be given news that…well it’s not good, let’s just leave it at that for now. Don’t give me that look; you’re finding out what happened in about thirty seconds anyway. I’ll prove it. Moses, get on your bike and meme so we can start this bad boy!

Killshot Gets Chilling News!

What to Expect: I actually had this headline originally named “Killshot Gets Disturbing News”, then went back to look at the small preview blurb and saw the word chilling used instead. And frankly chilling is a better word that disturbing; it reminds me of every time I watch The Shining and how I’m feeling right now because it’s October in Rhode Island. One day it’s sunny and the next day Ahnuld has arrived and he’s cosplaying as Mr. Freeze again.

In any event, what is this chilling news Killshot is receiving? I’m not a genius but I’d put my money on it involving a certain dude we saw in the season three trailer who looks a whole lot like that A.R. Fox guy. Then again maybe it was that other guy dressed in military garb. Oh wait; there wasn’t! So yeah, this is more than likely going to involve Fox being revealed to be alive and Killshot reacting poorly to it. The intrigue here is going to be why he reacts poorly. Is it merely because it’s a reminder of that past that he’s fighting to forget? Or does the arrival of Fox threaten to shatter what we think we know about Killshot? I’ve been saying from the beginning that Fox’s arrival to Lucha Underground didn’t necessarily mean he was coming to help his old army buddy, and I think this segment will prove to be the first piece of evidence that that’s not the case.

The Rabbit Tribe Debuts

What to Expect: For the new LU fans out there asking “who the bloody hell is the Rabbit Tribe?” you need only go back and watch that season three trailer again. Or just look at this picture; yeah let’s do that!

As you can see, The Rabbit tribe consists of a mohawked rabbit dude, a dude in dressed in a checkers outfit and, in the words of friend of the column Joe Brown, PAUL LONDON BABY! You may not know the last two (don’t worry; I’ve looked into it) but that’s kind of the point as the draw here is London, the former WWE star whose making his return to televised wrestling and who still is really, REALLY good if this year’s Triplemania was any indication. I’m guessing they’ll put him to good use here by not only giving these guys a grand old introduction but a match as well to show off what they can do. Who against? Beats me. Just know that these guys will be getting to show off what they can do, which is excellent because London is excellent and I’m assuming his two pals are as well. Paul London doesn’t surround himself with scrubs folks. He’s a man who brings only the best danger bees and dolphin masters!

Winners: I guess it really depends on who they’re throwing down with right? If it’s a jobber team or a dysfunctional thrown together group featuring guys like Cage and Texano then these guys will win. If however it’s someone like the trios champions then London and the Silly Rabbits will join LU legends like Jack Evans, P.J. Black and pretty much any member of the Worldwide Underground in losing their first a match in the Temple. I’m going to say it’s a thrown together team, which allows the Rabbit’s to win. Hey; MAYBE VINNIE IS PART OF THAT TEAM! The comeback is on folks; I can feel it.

Best of Five Series (Match Two)

Cage vs. Texano

What to Expect: The war for the Ultimate Opportunity continues as Cage and Texano tangle again. If I had to guess, this one is going to be on the shorter side considering all the other things going on in the show and that may be a good thing. I enjoyed the first match between these two but there were many who thought it was merely okay and feel like there's no way these two can have four more matches that are different then the first. Thus I think it's best to show them otherwise by having a short, high action match here and then move on to whatever is planned next.

Winners: It wouldn't shock me if Cage goes up 2-0 much like how Sheamus went up 3-0 on Cesaro during WWE's best of series, but I'm going to guess Texano ties it up here with a quick win. See you again in two weeks for this one!

Ivelisse vs. Mariposa

What to Expect: One of the two matches we actually know to be happening on this show (I’m making an educated guess with the Rabbits) and definitely an intriguing bout to say the least. Why? Well for starters Ivelisse is a really, REALLY good professional wrestler, and those who have followed Mariposa’s exploits before she put on the mask will know that she too is really, REALLY good herself. This also serves as the first time these two have fought in the Temple, so it’ll be a fresh match up (at least to those in the Temple). But the intrigue doesn’t stop there; the preview blurb reveals that Ivelisse gets a new love interest in this episode and one has to imagine said love interest will get involved here. Is it Marty the Moth, who would get involved here (he’s Mariposa’s bro after all) and is known to chase after women he can’t have? Is it someone else? Will Son of Havoc have a reaction to it? And how, if at all, will it tie into the fact that Ivelisse has a huge match with Catrina coming up at Ultima Lucha Tres next year, something that will surely be pushed on commentary during this match? There’s a lot going on in this match, which should help it whether it gets enough time to show what these two can do or doesn’t.

Winner: Mariposa is always going to be established as a big time threat due to what she did to Sexy Star and it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten to see Ivelisse throw down. I say she gets this win, perhaps with the help of this love interest. By the way, I hope this love interest is ready to become the most hated man on the LU roster. Ivelisse taken? There will be more broken hearts than that time we all found out Summer Glau was married.

Lucha Underground Championship Match

Matanza (c) vs. Luchador Sopresa

What to Expect: The Dial of Doom returns to give you another LU Championship match folks, and because I love you I can give you the list of suspects who could be facing him. When Dario first broke out this gimmick during episode one of this season, the names on the wheel were Mariposa, Prince Puma, Son of Havoc, The Mack, Chavo Guerrero Jr., El Dragon Azteca Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Killshot and Johnny Mundo. After Havoc was chosen that week, the next Dial of Doom featured those eight names and a new slot called Dario’s Choice. Assuming El Jefe continues to be El Jefe, I’m assuming that this week will feature two Dario’s Choice slots in addition to Puma, Mariposa, Chavo, Azteca, Wagner, Killshot and Mundo. The plot thickens…until you see the title of the episode is “The Prince and The Monster.”

Granted you never know till it happens and it’s possible that one of the two Dario’s Choice slots are chosen or that one of the other competitors is secretly called Prince during their spare time (I can see Chavo trying to pass this off). But Puma actually is a Prince, and even if the title wasn’t a reference to him all the other luchadors here are either taken that evening (Mariposa, Killshot), have big things coming up (Chavo, Azteca), are being kept from the title because El Jefe is toying with them (Mundo) or has an army of disgruntled, bagel bite loving underdogs coming his way (Wagner). So Puma is going to be the guy who faces Matanza and let’s be real, that’s the right call. Prince Puma is a beast in the ring looking to get back his mojo after losing it last season, Matanza has that Lucha Underground Championship belt Prince Puma so desperately wants back and, whether it’s been said out loud or not, it’s pretty clear that Dario’s continued use of Matanza is weakening the monster and making him easy prey for someone with the skill set of Puma. Add that all up and this should be one hell of a match, with Puma taking Matanza to the limit as only Pentagon and Cage have before him, while El Jefe looks on from the floor looking like he just got busted with cocaine on his nose yet again.

Winner: It may seem like I just made a really, REALLY strong case for Prince Puma to win this match and you’d be correct. Hell, maybe he does win it too; I just wouldn’t bank on it. Why not? Because the former Immortan Mil Muertes is bound to be making an appearance here after Puma punked him out last week (and truthfully the week before that) and will find some way to distract him, leading to Matanza yet again eking out a title defense. It’s the best finish for all involved; Matanza continues to look vulnerable but manages to sneak out with the title as he always does (drawing heat), Mil screws the technico and gives the technico even more reason to go after him than he already has (cause you know, Mil beat him at Ultima Lucha Uno and ruined his life). We’re on the slow, steady climb to that big Puma vs. Mil match up and this match will merely be another step in that direction. At least it’s an exciting one!

That’ll do kids, that’ll do. You’ll see me later tonight to break down a (hopefully) much more interesting CMLL show than the one we got last night. Till we meet again, some more Twin Peaks in the morning.

Please change disks to continue...

What are you most looking forward to on this episode of Lucha Underground?

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