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Lucha Underground Review! The Wrath of Chavo

Updated on October 12, 2016

I must admit to making a cardinal sin earlier today; I wasn’t that excited for tonight’s Lucha Underground. Maybe it was the Cubs victory last night sapping all the excitement out of my body, maybe it was the last two CMLL shows disappointing me to some degree, maybe I figured tonight would be a transitional episode after last week’s awesome Puma-Matanza match. How did this feeling work out for me? I’ll let Dr. Cox explain it.

As I should’ve known, Lucha Underground tonight was not only anything but a transitional episode, it was arguably the best episode they’ve put out from top to bottom during this season. We got more El Jefe greatness. We got more hints about the White Rabbits. Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero channeled one of the greatest Star Trek movies of all time. A man and his masked buddy made one of the most entertaining entrances in the history of the western hemisphere. And oh yes, all three matches delivered greatly. Can you tell I loved this episode?! I want to personally carry it through the gates of Valhalla, where it will ride eternal, shiny and chrome. But there’s time for that later. First let’s review it because I’ve got a lot of jokes to make. Moses, from hell’s heart I meme at thee!


It began with El Dragon Azteca Jr. trying to psyche himself up for his match with Pentagon by looking at a poster of his master vs. Chavo Guerrero Sr. from back in the day. It ended with Rey Mysterio Jr. attending to a lifeless Azteca after Chavo Jr. laid him out with a chair. I don’t know, something about Chavo deserving revenge of Pentagon more than Azteca did (who can figure out that Chavo these days?). It was the beginning of the show long story establishing that Chavo is still the most diabolical hater since the so called Beautiful, but the thing everyone will remember will be Rey going full Captain Kirk in the Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan at the end. I never thought we’d see someone top “YO SO MEXICO CHAVO! YO SOY!!!!!”, and yet Rey did that tonight with a line reading so cheesy it was classic. And yes, there will be plenty of Wrath of Khan/Chavo memes coming up shortly.

Famous B and Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Mascarita Sagrada and Son of Havoc

Evidently Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada decided they needed to top Rey’s “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!” moment; amazingly they almost did. How? By riding out to the ring on a motorcycle with a side car. And yes, Mascarita was in the side car. Between this and the Rey segment there may not have been a funnier opening few minutes in LU history, made even more so by the face Famous B made upon seeing Havoc and Mascarita roll in. It looked something like this.

Shockingly the match that followed was just as entertaining. It won’t be remembered as one of the all time great Lucha Underground matches but that wasn’t the purpose; this was supposed to be some quick, easy fun and that’s what it was. Famous was great as a cowardly rudo, the Good Doctor put forth his best performance in the Temple thus far and did one hell of a job making Mascarita look like a bad ass, and I honestly thought Havoc and Mascarita really clicked together as a team. All that combined for a super fun match that continued the story thanks to Famous squeaking out a win after the Good Doctor intervened on his behalf. The crowd was itching for Havoc and Mascarita to finally get their revenge on him and Wagner, but it’s still a little too soon. Giving Famous and Wagner a semi cheap win (Famous’ first in the Temple no less) will give them more heat and help make it more meaningful when Mascarita and Havoc eventually conquer their enemies.

How Long is Forever?

We got another quick Rabbit vignette! That’s pretty much it. Damn LU for dragging this one out! I get why, but all its doing is making me feel like Kirk when Khan is bragging about stranding him on that planet. Gee, I wonder what that reference is leading to!

Gift of the Gods Championship Match

Sexy Star (c) defeated Jack Evans

Given how Sexy Star has struggled a bit to star this season, I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to this one as much as I would’ve a season ago. Then Jack Evans got on the mic and declared himself a “Star Destroyer” and suddenly magic happened in the form of a fantastic match. This is the Sexy Star I want to see; motivated, keeping a good pace and just looking like the woman who seemed capable of anything during that No Mas match. She needed this performance and she stepped up big time. Lucky for her so did Evans. Jack has always been one of the unsung heroes of Lucha Underground (and wrestling in general), but I think tonight honestly may have been his best work. Not only did he come out looking great but he made Sexy look great. Almost anyone could’ve tonight given Sexy’s effort, but Jack put some extra effort in there to make her look her best and he has to be commended for that. It was a stellar rudo effort and one that hopefully shows LU that Evans deserves bigger opportunities going forward. For now it looks like he’ll be continuing to beef with the Lucha Super Friends alongside the rest of Worldwide Underground. Oh yes, those issues continued thanks to Mundo and P.J. interfering on Evans’ behalf, followed by Aerostar, Drago and Fenix coming in to help Sexy, who picked up the win in all the chaos thanks to a kendo stick shot to Evans’ powder plums (Taya was absent due to the leg injury she suffered in the Atomicos match). By the way, how great is Aerostar? The man had no match tonight and still managed to have the best spot with that reverse cannonball dive of his. He got so much air that I thought he was going to reach that planet Kirk got stuck on. Fuck; think I jumped the gun with that reference!

El Jefe: Show Stealer

Apparently Aerostar’s quick star turn inspired El Jefe to have one of his own in his lone appearance of the night. He confirmed to Chavo that Azteca was out for the foreseeable future and allowed Chavo to take Azteca’s place against Pentagon. All good right? NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! In walked Rey Tiberius Mysterio, who proceeded to unleash the profanity and fists on Chavo Khan while Dario looked on like he was seeing the drawing scene from Titanic for the first time. Finally El Jefe put his bloodlust aside to put together the main event; Chavo vs. Pentagon vs. Rey in a triple threat match! This is why we love the man folks. Chavo-Pentagon was a good idea; Chavo-Pentagon-Rey was an idea alongside the likes of drafting Auston Matthews number one and combining pizza and Pringles together to make the pizza pringle. Which by the way was probably El Jefe’s idea.

Pentagon Dark defeated Rey Tiberius Mysterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr.

This may be blasphemy but I’ll go on record and say this anyway; I enjoyed Sexy vs. Jack Evans more than this match. OH THE HUMANITY! Honestly it had less to do with how good this match was and more to do with just how much Jack and Sexy seemed to click together to deliver a fun match. This bout was fun too, although more so when Pentagon and Rey were going at it. Those two have sublime chemistry that’s bolstered by Rey still being a top level performer and Pentagon being one of the best wrestlers in the world today. They delivered the goods just like they did the first week of season three, which was enough to outweigh some of the slower spots that Chavo brought to the table. Even better was that Pentagon won the match by pinning Mysterio! Not only does that make Pentagon look like an absolute beast but it should quiet the “PENTAGON NEEDS TO WIN EVERY MATCH” crowd that was getting really annoying recently. Hell they’ll still probably find something wrong with this finish. My guess at the complaint; HE SHOULD’VE PINNED BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!

But while Pentagon winning will be remembered, the reason this match existed was to more or less close the Azteca/Rey vs. Pentagon and Chavo vs. Pentagon issues to segue completely into Azteca/Rey vs. Chavo. Ticked off that Rey had cost him a chance for revenge, Chavo laid into the legend after the match with a chair. The key here was that Chavo targeted Rey’s knee, first while Rey lay prone on the mat and then again while he was hung in the tree of woe, a sequence that led to poor Marty Elias taking a chair shot for Rey while trying to protect him. I could be wrong but this looked to be LU’s way of taking Rey off TV for a bit (along with Azteca) to set up a triumphant return for both men down the road where they would get their revenge on Chavo. I have zero issue with that for numerous reasons; a) it gets Rey and Chavo away from the main event scene and into their own little world (which means they don’t have to go over young guys), b) if anyone can get the best out of Chavo it’s Rey and c) it gets Chavo huge heat for taking out a legend and a popular up and coming luchador. It’s not necessarily what I’d like to see Rey or Azteca doing for the whole season, but its fine for now and as such was a fine way to close this episode. If they weren’t already it looks like Lucha Underground is once again on the verge of hitting their stride.

Adios amigos! I’ll be back tomorrow with a preview of CMLL’s big Friday show, featuring the first Block of the CMLL Universal Championship competition. I may also preview some baseball with Gamblin Matt, though I’m not sure as of now. Till we meet again, the meme we’ve been building up to all night. Say it with me now folks.

Please change disks to continue...

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