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LUCKY CARRIER OF NO. 10 ~ Lukas podolski

Updated on July 5, 2010


Tribute to the German Team ~ a new hub will be published with full details :D

I have seen you graciously run and play

With every pass you swept me away

And as my eyes are locked onto yours

I see exquisiteness in you and a resolute force

That makes me gasp every time you’re near

So when do I get to speak to you for real?

And as I hear YOUR name echo in my ear

I wish you weren’t a 1000 miles away from here

My heart pounds, my soul screams for you

And only some people know about it, so few

But you are here, in my heart enclosed

A part of my soul, my heart, sanity enforced

And as you ride through life on your white and black horse

Let the angel watch over you through this life course

And though we are separated by raging seas

Know that with every image of you running free I shed tears

It fills my heart, a void I have been acquainted to

And every time the moon glints so intense over you

Tattling about my crush and chanting in your golden aura I hear

Little angels so vivid and striking in beauty protecting you

And I call your name in my dreams and hope seeing you smile to me

As with every modest beam you make me gasp and set me free

And though you carry No. 10, you are my NO. 1

For your skin and hair glitters when struck by the sun

And I pray to the lord to see you in your white shield defending

And I simply can’t stop my inner self from thinking and praying

With a gown so white it makes me weep

And from the beauty of your world I take a seep

And drown happily in the token of forbidden love

For you are my capturer my heart, the blood that runs through my veins

And the ultimate, eternal crown over my head, the One who reigns

For you are my divine angel sent from the Guardian Above

Blessed be~



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    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      Go Get 'EM,Uriel:)!!