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The 17 Teams League

Updated on July 30, 2016

As did the ACB official from his Twitter, the Endesa League will have 17 teams .

Gipuzkoa Basket decided to use his place in LEB Gold and leave the decision to have 17,18 or 19 teams to Palencia and Melilla, teams who gave up his place because of the demands of the league. Melilla published the ACB demands on their web page, here is the link:

Real Madrid was the 2015/2016 Spain champion
Real Madrid was the 2015/2016 Spain champion | Source

In addition to these problems , we have been about to have 16 teams.

Baloncesto Sevilla has been nearly out of the league, but between Real Betis and Plus Energy Company , have managed to get this historic team forward . They will need to make quick template to prepare the preseason with the new coach Zan Tabak , his first signing Marc Garcia and the only player with a contract in force Nikola Radicevic , will try to make a team that will try to fight for everything .

There are also various team problems with the IRS as in the case of Estudiantes , other cases of crisis in Badalona and other recovery in Murcia with a team , which has riched a very strong team in ACB League and last year played a big role in Playoffs .

Baloncesto Sevilla
Baloncesto Sevilla | Source


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