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Lacrosse Gear Review: Warrior Riot gloves

Updated on April 28, 2013
Warrior Riot lacrosse gloves
Warrior Riot lacrosse gloves

The Warrior Riot lacrosse gloves are probably the very first set of gloves with interchangeable cuffs for fast alteration. Two units of cuffs are incorporated with each set of gloves to get your personalization started. Delivering a new tight fitting design, you get a perfect cozy fit. If you want a far better hold of your handle that really feels natural, the single layered palms truly aid with this. They're strongly recommended for attack, midfield, goalie and defense positions. The gloves are on the market in the standard sizes of 12" and 13".


Great wrist guard design

The wrist protectors on the Warrior Riot gloves hold the usual 3 pad design along the back with a perfectly positioned break permitting the wrist to bend properly. The two exterior pads almost touch, which is equal to nearly a double layer of protection on the back of the wrist.

Smart finger protection

The tiny finger receives some extra protection with an extra pad on the side of the glove. Gloves with out this feature are actually behind the times. The protection at the back of fingers is neatly placed directly over your knuckles, thus they will not be uncovered through the gaps in between the padding. The outer side of the forefinger is a little exposed, but no more than other types of gloves. It is an area where one of the inventive brands could invent something.

Solid external design

The exterior layer of the Warrior Riot lax gloves is really tough. The big protective pieces over the back of the glove are incredibly firm. You only have to squeeze on them to feel this. The exterior is water resistant and resilient, therefore you're likely to get very good wear out of them.

Finger slots really hold your fingers

Another thing I love concerning the gloves, is just how tight they fit. I was curious as to whether I'd grabbed the 12" and not the 13" due to the fact they seemed so tight. These are intended to be a snug fit while you first put them on, and after a close look, I realised the pair were 13". The firm fit will keep your fingers protected against slashes by limiting the possibility of your fingers coming out the side. Sure the snug fit can feel a little bit uncomfortable at first, but it is worth putting up with. It is the type of protection you need and you'll become accustomed to the firm fit. One tiny benefit with the tiny finger slots is that they follow every single tiny action of the fingers. The gloves gladly follow all your finger movements with low effort.

Durable grip with a great feel

If you prefer to have a whole lot of grip on your handle then get the tape out. But I do not see any need for it. There aren't any sort of attachments on the fingers or palms for additional grip, but you don't need any. You will get an excellent feel of the shaft with the single layered palms. The rate at which these wear down, however, may be quicker basically because the single layered material can be thinner. Nevertheless the Warrior Riot gloves passed our testing very well and didn't seem to tire out. The leather in the beginning seemed smooth and began to move nicely shortly after. The palm appeared very flexible and effortlessly moves with your hand. It sometimes appears like you have got almost nothing on mainly because they're so soft. You will not have to wait around too long to break the gloves in. I did not see any defects in the palms in any way. The leather was still unchanged and showed virtually no signs of deterioration. There had been a small bit of pilling around the thumb webbing, but it was all.

Great ventilation

Your fingers are suitably aired by way of the fine mesh sections incorporated into the palm. Further contributing to the air flow, they even include a much larger mesh piece right near the base of your thumb. All of them appear to stream ample air flow to your hands to ensure they're free of moisture.

Things to enhance

The gloves are short

Fitted with shorter cuffs that do not extend much further over the wrists, the Warrior Riot gloves actually appear to come up short in this spot. A lot of the vendors look like they are going in this way with their models and I am not a fan of this. The modern standard would seem to be go light.

Detachable cuff isn't a great feature

My worry with the detachable cuff is precisely that; they are detachable. Fixed cuffs will stay in position for longer and for that reason offer a lot more coverage. When sewn in, there's really no opportunity for these to move about and uncover the rear of your wrist. In spite of this, there's not a lot of likelihood of these moving from place because they are large enough to defend the back of your wrist and they are solid enough to be in position and hold up against the rigorous of the game.

Gotta dry them out

You might need to make sure that you hang the Riot gloves from Warrior out to ensure that they last a long time for the reason that leather palms do not work well in the wet. You'll need position them somewhere where they will get some warmth and some fresh air. If your palms do dry-out and get hard, rubbing them a tad will loosen them up. You will be sure to wear out the fabric if you put them on like this. You merely need to knead them for a little bit and they're going to become softer.


What I like when authoring these product reviews is the fact that now and again something unexpected occurs. From time to time you find a piece of gear to be top notch and you haven't any expected results in the least. The Riot gloves from Warrior are a great example of this. I've seen on the forums and people's comments that the gloves don't enjoy the best status, having said that I feel these are excellent. They have a wide spectrum of scope, starting from high quality lacrosse professionals right down to we mere mortals. Make sure to include them on the list the next time you are looking for a new set of lacrosse gloves.


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