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Ladies Golf Clubs Under $200

Updated on January 4, 2015
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Marian (aka Azure11) has been playing golf for over 20 years and has volunteered as a marshal at quite a number of golf tournaments.

Me and Rory McIlroy!
Me and Rory McIlroy! | Source

Choosing a Set of Ladies Golf Clubs

I have been playing golf for around 20 years and I know that when I first started playing golf it was difficult to decide which set of golf clubs I should buy for myself. As I was a beginner golfer I toyed between buying a set of second hand clubs or a set of new clubs. I knew that I only had a limited amount of money to spend on golf clubs and so I needed a set of ladies golf clubs for under $200 (or around £100 as it was at the time).

The decision that I made in the end was to buy a half set of graphite clubs and over time I would fill in the gaps in the missing clubs one at a time so that I then had a full set of clubs. As I was a beginner golfer I only really needed a half set of clubs and some woods to start me off so that did me fine.

However, after I had brought a few of the in between clubs I had progressed a bit and decided I needed a completely new set (and they had stopped making the clubs I had!), so I never had a full set of golf clubs to start with.

20 years on though and it is possible to buy a good set of ladies golf clubs for under $200. In fact it is not only possible but there is a good amount of choice available.

Not only can you get a set, but because of advances in technology and production these sets are likely to last longer and you can also get a golf club set with graphite shafts for under $200.

Voit V7 Ladies All Graphite Golf Club Set and Staff Bag.
Voit V7 Ladies All Graphite Golf Club Set and Staff Bag.

Ladies Golf Clubs Under $200

Ladies Golf Clubs Under $200

In fact, not only can you get a set of ladies golf clubs under $200 but they can be significantly below that price. The set of clubs often includes all of the irons that you need, a hybrid club (this is a club that can get you out of most tricky lies and I find it is a godsend as it is easier to hit than a wood), and 2 or 3 woods which usually includes a driver.

Added to the clubs you also get a bag so you are pretty much ready to hit the fairways and the greens. One such set of clubs is shown opposite and is the Voit V7 Ladies All Graphite Golf Club Set and Staff Bag. Not only is this set only priced at $169.99 but it is suitable for beginners and intermediates and so should last you a decent amount of time whilst your golf improves.

This is only one of a few options that are available for beginner or intermediate lady golfers - check out some of the suggestions below for more options of golf clubs under $200.

You may find that there are quite a few ladies golf club sets that come in pink (including some that donate part of the sales to breast cancer) but if this is not your 'thing' then there are plenty of other colors to choose from. Check that you are getting a good quality bag with plenty of pockets for balls, markers and tees etc and also that the bad has a flip open stand so that it stands up on it's own (most golf club sets do have this built in stand option).

There are also plenty of options for left-handed or right-handed lady golfers. Once you have a set of clubs it can be a good idea to get them custom fitted to your height and build by your local golf club pro shop. Although the clubs are designed for ladies, obviously we are all different heights and so for the more petite lady golfer it may be necessary to shorten the clubs.

UK Ladies Golf Clubs Under £200

If you are in the UK and looking for a good value set of ladies golf clubs for under £200 then you also have a few options. Check out the Spalding SP55 Ladies Golf Club Set for starters - this again comes with a bag, a driver, 3 wood, hybrid, 7 irons and a putter so a complete set so that you can just go out and play golf.

There are also other options available if you follow this link.


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