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Lake Fishing Techniques For A Better Catch

Updated on July 21, 2010

Lake Fishing Techniques For A Better Catch

 Fishing is a very popular and thrilling sport and one of the most relaxing.  Although it can be done anywhere - in the sea, a flowing stream or river, lake fishing is the favorite option with most anglers.  On-shore fishing and fishing from a boat are two types of lake fishing.  The techniques involved in both these types of lake fishing differ from one another.

 Fishing from a boat - is extremely effective and relaxing among the two lake fishing options.  Casting, forward and back-trolling, employing down riggers and drift fishing are some of the techniques used for boat fishing.  While it’s true that certain techniques are more effective for different fish species, most anglers prefer to troll when fishing from a boat.  Trolling is when the boat moves forward slowly, pulling a single lure or several lures behind it.  By and large, forward and reverse trolling are the same, except that the boat moves backwards at a slower pace for reverse trolling.

 Anglers are able to move quietly and slowly in boats equipped with trolling motors, because these motors make little or no sound, thus avoiding any disturbance to fish.  Anglers find it more convenient to cast lures in places most likely to have more fish present when using boats fitted with trolling motors.   Although lake fishing from a boat is ideal for catching fish, the price of boat hire can prove quite costly, so consider hiring an inflatable kayak or pontoon boat as an alternative.  These are not only cheaper than traditional boats; they are also just as effective.

 Shore fishing - eliminates the need to buy or hire a boat which is costly, and is therefore the preferred choice of anglers.  Among the different techniques used for fishing from shorelines, the most popular one is ‘still fishing’.  This is a technique in which the fishing line is rigged with a sinker, hook/s with bait attached, and a stopper (floater).  The stopper is attached to the fishing line above the sinker and hook/s to prevent the sinker from going down the line to the bait.  The use of many hooks for this rig, rather than one, will prove more effective as the bait will look more natural and attractive to the fish.  The angler then casts this rig, allowing some time for the line to sink, before reeling tight the loose line in slow manner to attract and hook fish.

 Casting several lures into the lake at various points, as you walk along the shore, is another popular technique amongst anglers for on-shore, lake fishing.  However, this technique is only possible in lakes which don’t have too many bushes that can obstruct walking and angling along the shore.  Use these techniques for lake fishing and have a wonderful, relaxed time on your next day off.


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