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Lance Armstrong Busted - Another Athlete Caught Enhancing Performance

Updated on October 17, 2012

Anything to Win?

When the rumors started circulating about Lance Armstrong enhancing his performance via illegal means prior to races, I just did not want to believe it. I mean come on! He beat cancer! He helps people! Lance is one of the good guys!

And he denied it, so well that most of me believed him…but there was still a part of me that questioned him. I didn’t want to believe it, but the possibility of it being true was significant. After all, he certainly is not the first outstanding athlete to be accused, deny, and then later be confirmed of doping to win.

So many athletes have been found to be enhancing their performance and then stripped of their rewards…well, most of them at least.

The temptation is understandable…considering the money and fame possibilities for top performing athletes. Not just for the actual act of playing the sport, but the endorsements and other contracts can add up real fast…and in some cases they may even obtain reality TV spots…I could keep going on about this, but I am sure you get the point: There is a lot of money involved. There is also the desire to win…one can’t be a winning athlete without a drive to win.

In reviewing what people are saying about Lance, and the other sports “heroes” that have been busted for enhancements, there really are mixed viewpoints. Not everyone believes that enhancing performance is wrong. Some say he is a fraud and that he has tarnished the US, while others point out all the good he has done during his career and tell people to basically get over it.

Consider this: People take all kinds of drugs and vitamins to enhance themselves for various reasons, from losing weight to dealing with pain or even just for their overall well-being. People have surgery to change the way they look. So is performance enhancement really wrong? Is it much different from other enhancements? Or is it the sneaking and lying that makes it so much worse?

What do you think?


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