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Landyachtz 9 Two 5 Review

Updated on March 10, 2011
It's Business Time!
It's Business Time!

Landyachtz 9 Two 5 Specs

  • Height - 40.5"
  • Width - 10"
  • Wheelbase - 31"
  • Construction - Maple (yeahhhh Boyeeee)
  • Concave - High
  • Flex - Low

Overall Ride Specs (rating 1-5)

  • Push - 4.5
  • Cruise - 4.5
  • Carve - 4.5
  • Slide - 5.5
  • Freeride - 6.5
  • Downhill - 4.5

When you stand on the Landyachtz 9 two 5 board it's going to feel awesome under your feet. This Landyachz 9 two 5 board will be instant love for you.

As far as the width goes if you have a size 9.5 shoe size your heel and toe will hang off of both sides whether it be back side or front side carving. It's a great over all feel and the gas pedals actually do help, and weren't just thrown on as some crappy "feature."

The concave is sweet and you'll notice that your foot won't sit on top of the concave as it would with other boards so that's definitely a plus. Once again great board and it has a tiny bit of flex to it but nothing too outrageous you'll have a good ride over all. Oh and it's very comfortable when pushing, and this is super important since you're be wanting to get place to place!

So if you're thinking of buying this board I would suggest going through Amazon since they've got a lot of great deals. Amazon can get kind of confusing so if you want to grab it through them you can use the link I've thrown in below! Shred the gnar!

oh and P.S. I would definitely cop some 70mm wheels so you don't get some weak ass wheel bite!

Landyachtz 9 Two 5


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    • profile image

      bla bla black sheep 5 years ago

      what is it like compared to the chinook cause im ethier getting a 9 two 5 or chinook but a friend goes the 9 two 5 is just like my dervish?

    • profile image

      random09 5 years ago

      is it a good board to cruise and downhill?

    • profile image

      chungs 5 years ago

      I have a 9 two 5 and it is absolutely the best board ive ever ridden. Mines suped up with 86a zombie hawgz, 85 bear trucks, landyahtz bear bearings and venom 85a cones and 86a barrels. And to answer your question longboarder, it is symetrical. Shred the gnar!

    • profile image

      longboarder 3636 6 years ago

      does it have gas pedals in all sides. i cant find if it symetrical anywhere even though it looks symetrical