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Last game of the season

Updated on January 17, 2012

A baseball season

Game 162 of a long season

Baseball is measured by seasons in my view and my favorite part is the prelude to the regular season when pitchers and catchers meet to start spring training in sunny Florida in the month of February when we here at home are digging out of the snow. During spring training your team is preparing for the regular 162 game season and at that time you have hope and know your team has an equal chance as any other team to advance to post season play and you feel a fresh new start is on the horizon and you look forward to seeing the veterans, the core players and the new faces. You always hope you have a solid pitching staff free from injury that can endure the challenges of a long season and you hope the offense can get it done too. The things that separate the winning teams from the mediocre teams are pitching and timely hitting. If you have a reliable pitching staff and you get timely hitting from your lineup then you stand a chance to get to the post season.

The hardest part of watching a long season of baseball when you have your hopes pinned on post season play is the disappointment in knowing that your team just is not good enough to advance. Even coming to this realization I still watch my team, the New York Mets because I have always been a fan of the team since I was a kid watching games since the magical 1969 season with my mom who loved them.

The beauty of baseball is that it is unpredictable and almost anything can happen and it is an exciting game to watch and to see players you had never seen before step up and play with heart and passion makes it so very special. I always root for a player that plays with heart, courage and determination and when I see such a player I become a fan of theirs for life.

As baseball spans the seasons of spring, summer and fall it seems it will go on forever in the early weeks of the season but when the seasons change from summer to fall the reality of the baseball season ending becomes clear and with no post season to look forward to it makes me a bit sad but then I realize it is just a game but it is a game I enjoy and it is always nice to see your team in post season play.

The Mets from my view played disappointing baseball and of course they had some pitchers sidelined for the season and some of their everyday players also had been out with injury so I am not all that surprised but I would have enjoyed seeing a playoff berth but knew it was not likely. I saw some exciting young players develop and show promise like Ike Davis, Angel Pagan and Josh Tolley during the season. I also saw more experienced players show signs of new life such as the remarkable R.A. Dicky who was amazing with his knuckleball and had a tremendous presence in the pitching rotation. This is the part of baseball I love to see and it seems every year there is a standout player like a David Wright or a Jose Reyes that just keeps your interest with the team as you realize these are the players to build an exciting team around. 

So as another season comes and goes and the expectations of post season play are dashed it now is time for the players to rest and recuperate and spend time with their families as the fans move on and appreciate their team regardless of where they placed. Baseball is a pleasure to watch and to have a team to root for and as we say farewell to this season we know that as another fall season starts there will also be another spring to come as another year passes and pitchers and catchers will report again to start a fresh new season of baseball. First, however we will watch the final teams play post season and see who is best in the Fall Classic.

May the best team win!

Edward D. Iannielli III



Lets go Mets!

Mets 1986 Video


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    • ediann profile image

      ediann 7 years ago

      Yes! I am a Mets fan for life and will always be. I will root for the Yankess in post season. I am a big base ball fan. I am also a hugh Virginia Tech Hokies football fan! I will catch some Jets and Giants games on tv during football season too.

    • bayoulady profile image

      bayoulady 7 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

      You are a die-hard fan! Hopefully, you like football,too.Otherwise,what sport do you watch in October?