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Lawn Mower Racing as a Sport

Updated on March 1, 2014

Lawn Mower Racing

Tired of the usual and boring task of mowing loans? We’ll there’s an exciting alternative to that and it’s called lawn mower racing.

Lawn mower racing is basically just driving the lawn mower around a track just like another other type of motor racing. These mowers are the same as stock mowers expect that the blades have been removed because of safety concerns.

This type of racing has been around for quite some time. In fact the first recorded lawn mower race took place in Twelve Mile, Indiana in 1963. Then in 1973, a number of young men who complained about the high costs of getting involved in motorsports in West Sussex, England, decided to form their own club.

So they formed the British Lawn Mower Racing Association as an answer to their problem. The association designed their rules to be as cheap as possible to get into the sport, which is true to their aim of having a cost-effective form of motorsport.

Then there’s the North West Lawn Mower Racing Association which was created soon after its proponent was formed.

This sports’ popularity has since spread across the globe beginning with the United States to which the petrol-stabilizer maker Sta-bil brought in 1992.

It has become widely-accepted in the country and organizations such as the US Lawn Mower Racing Association were formed as well.

Aside from removing the blades, there are also some modifications made to the lawn mower to improve its performance. An example of which is changing the pulleys of the lawn mower to make it go faster.

Also, mechanical transmission is preferred by lawn mower racing enthusiasts over hydrostatic ones because the former improves the mowers speed much better than the latter.

British Lawn Mower Racing Association

Back in 1983 a bunch of guys started talking over a few pins in Sussex, England and came up with the idea of lawn mower racing. Now spread all over the world, it has become a professionally run and competitive sport. Not only is it a lot of fun but it isn’t that expensive to become involved in this sport.

North West Lawn Mower Racing Association

In 1982, two the North West Lawn Mower Racing Association was born in Astley, near Manchester, England. The club continues to grow and has a membership of around 200 people with an average of 30 active racers at each race meeting.

This club discourages sponsorship and no cash prizes are awarded. Most racers are happy to have bragging rights when they win! The NWLMRA also raises money for charity, with donations primarily coming from members of the club.

STA-BIL Keeps Gas Fresh Finals Clippings: FXT Class

United States Lawn Mower Racing Association

This organization was established in 1992. Members don’t race for money, only trophies. Members feel this is the best way to keep the sport safe and affordable for everyone.

Racers are grouped with comparable mower equipment that is based on horsepower and modifications. Important to note is that mower blades are removed and a kill switch needs to be installed and working.

Each mower is inspected by officials on the day of the race and some riders might be required to wear protective gear such as a helmet.


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