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LeBron James, The King of Basketball Once Again Wears His Crown

Updated on July 11, 2014

The Prodigal Son

Some might liken LeBron James' return to Cleveland to the story in the Bible about the prodigal son. Four years ago, he floored the nation and severely dented his fan base when he decided to leave his home team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, to go play for Miami Heat. Today, he has once again been christened with the crown as King of the NBA by announcing to the world that he will be leaving Miami to return to Ohio.

No One Expected this Decision

Everyone has been waiting for 10 days to see what team he'd be playing for. His announcement came as an unexpected, but very pleasant, surprise. For him to announce that he will be leaving Miami and his two superstar friends, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, to return to the state full of fans that he'd scorned was amazing!

LeBron James, returns to Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron James, returns to Cleveland Cavaliers | Source
  • sneaky, deceptive way of announcing his decision to leave (via national TV)
  • joined the Heats which would cause 3 NBA superstars to be on the same team

Why was Ohio so angry when he left?

The big hang up about his departure was that LeBron James didn't let them know in advance. He made the announcement on national TV and received lots of criticism for how he went about it. James later apologized on quite a few occasions for how he handled things. It was good that he apologized because he acknowledged his wrong. But he gained many enemies due to his decision, including the Cavaliers' owner, Dan Gilbert, who called Lebron a coward. His fans set fire to his jersey in the streets, showing how angry and betrayed they felt at the time.

Many people were upset about the three superstars, James, Bosh, and Wade, gaining up on one team anyway. They felt like they were cheating because of the unfair advantage. Out of four years, they won two championships. They lost one year to the Spurs and to the Mavericks.

LeBron James
LeBron James | Source

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How does Ohio feel about him returning home?

I guess you can say there are no hard feelings. His Cleveland fans are ecstatic that LeBron has returned after four years. Why wouldn't they be? They now have claims on the man who is considered the best athlete in the world. This man has the power to change the economy of an entire city, and his return will undoubtedly be an economy booster for Cleveland.

LeBron Jame and Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat
LeBron Jame and Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat | Source

How does Miami and LeBron's superstar friends feel about it?

He's leaving behind Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Though they haven't spoken about his choice to leave yet, I'm certain that they will be supportive of his decision. Other professional players haven't been interviewed yet about how they feel about the situation.

LeBron James Top Dunks for 2014

LeBron James returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron James returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers | Source

Why did he decide to go home?

There are a number of reasons why James decided to go home, all personal, none business-related. One, he considered his four years in Miami as the four years a college student would take at a university. After his four years, in a sense, he graduated and now he wants to return home to use his "degree" to better his home state. Another reason why he's returning home is because Ohio hasn't won a championship title in over 50 years. Now, he wants to bring the title home. And finally, he wants to return home because he wants to show the youth of Northeast Ohio that you can use your gifts and talents to give back to the community.

LeBron James was bashed for leaving, but now, he's being held in the highest regard. The King is finally returning home.

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Stats on Lebron James for 2012-2013

2P Goal (662)
3P Goals (103)
Free Throws (403)
Offensive Rebounds (97)
Defensive Rebounds (513)
Assists (551)
Steals (129)
Turnovers (226)
Personal Fouls (110)
Stats on LeBron James for his 2012-2013 season with Miami Heat Source:

© 2014 Jessica Barrow


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    • jessicabsmith profile image

      Jessica Barrow 3 years ago from Spring Lake, NC

      @lions44, It has a taste of both either way. Of course, economy in Cleveland is going to go through the roof. Marketing lbj apparel/management, etc. explodes. But all in all, I think it's more of a love connection for the Chosen one and the city he loves. Both sides come out on top, business & personal, for the love of the game. I think LeBron's mindset might be, “Now let's win championships the right way and make this money while doing it!!”

    • Janus Joshua profile image

      Janus Joshua Angeles 3 years ago from Philippines


    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 3 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Nice article. But I disagree on one point: that the move is all personal and not business. Although I like LeBron and get why he went to Miami in the first place (all you have to do is visit South Beach), I believe his move to Cleveland is all about business. He just rebranded himself again. Jersey sales through the roof, new advertising ventures and most of all, he will be called a"hero" now. There's nothing wrong with that. LeBron is a corporation, more than just one athlete. Maybe there is a twinge of homesickness. Do right by your home area. He will eventually own the Cavs, no doubt. And may help revitalize that town. Voted up.