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Learn How To Skateboard Today

Updated on July 13, 2010

Skateboarding started off as a somewhat obsolete sport but has now become one of the most popular sports in the world.  No longer thought of nothing more than a fun hobby, skateboarding is now considered as being a legit sport and there are professional athletes who make their living off skating.  Now considered as a legit professional sport, there are people who make a living out of skating.  Anyone can get started in the sport, learn how to skateboard and become a skilled skater, if they learn a few basic moves.

 The first that should be mastered is actually the first skating trick ever invented, the Ollie.  As long as you have a board and a helmet for safety reasons you can get started.  For beginners it’s best to practice the Ollie at first without the board moving.  For beginners it’s best to try and Ollie while the board is still, rather than when it’s moving.

 Make sure that your body is positioned properly on the board, with your front foot in the middle and back foot at the tail end of the board.  Get your balance and then push down hard on the back end of the board, while slowly moving your opposite foot more to the front as the board starts to lift at that end.  Push down even harder with your front foot and this will get you air, so you can basically jump with the board onto rails, stairs, or just give yourself some lift for another trick.  Just be sure that you keep your feet close to the board at all times so that you don’t lose your balance and fall off on the landing.

 The Manual is another important trick to learn when you’re learning how to skateboard.  With this trick you can ride along on the back wheels of your board.  To start you need to get the board going at a relatively quick speed.  You need to push the board to get it moving at a reasonably quick speed then put one foot on the tail and the other in the middle of the board, Ollie onto the object, and land on your back wheels keeping most of your weight near the back end of the board.

 Some skaters can hold their Manuals until the board slows down on its own.  Boardslides are also impressive and you just need to get some speed with the board and Ollie onto a rail.  To perform this trick you want to get some speed on the board, Ollie onto a rail, slide down it with your board and then Ollie back off and land on the same side that you started.  This trick can be a bit more difficult to get the hang of but is amazing when you perfect it.


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