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Learn How To Snowboard: The Basics

Updated on August 8, 2010

Learn How To Snowboard: The Basics

 Snowboarding is one of the most popular winter sports and it is not hard to see why.  Snowboarding is now even considered to be more popular than skiing.  There are so many people who are eager to get started snowboarding but who are just not sure how to.  The best way is always to go through a snowboarding school or otherwise have a professional snowboard instructor who is going to teach you the ways, and there are a few basic moves you will learn.

 Before you can learn any snowboarding moves you are going to need to get geared up.  You have to dress warmly if you are going to be out on the mountains all day, so you will need some nice warm thermal wear and a snowsuit.  For snowboarding you will also need boots, bindings, a board, and goggles will help as well to give you a clear view while you are snowboarding down the hills in fog and snow.  Once you have everything and are ready to get started, you want to try the simplest thing which is just standing on your board.

 It may sound pretty simple but once you stand on your board for the first time you will understand how difficult it can really be.  This is because you have your feet strapped together onto a board and so it can be hard to find your center of gravity and get comfortable on the board.  Once you feel a bit more comfortable and can stand up freely on your board, try the skating move.  This is one of the first moves taught by most snowboarding schools because it is so important and used so often.

 To perform the skating move you simply use the strength of your legs to push yourself and get some momentum so you can get the board moving.  Skating is what you will use when snowboarding on flat snow and going through terrains.  If you want to switch edges all you have to do is jump up and flip around while you are in the air, then you will land on the other side of your board.  Gliding is the basic movement that boarders use to gain snowboard control, which is used more than anything when going down a hill.

 Most boarders have one stance or the other that they prefer, and you will be able to figure this out once you get out there and start boarding.  However, you would switch edges if you wanted to give one of your legs a rest and start relying on the other for a bit.  There are a lot of other basic moves you will need to master as well if you want to be a snowboarder.  If you go through snowboarding school you will learn all of these and many more moves. 


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