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Learning About The Various Types Of Bicycle Tires

Updated on November 16, 2012

Selecting the right set of tires for your bicycle is highly important, for ensuring a smooth ride, and for enhancing the longevity of the cycle itself. The type of tire that you choose should be in accordance with the nature of the surface/terrain, where you will be doing most of your cycling activities. For example, if you are involved in cycling sports, you need to pick efficient, high-speed tires, which would go well with the advanced sports cycles, like Focus bikes. With a variety of different tire types being currently available in the markets, it would indeed be handy for you to have a proper idea about the alternative varieties, while looking for the ideal ones for your bicycle.

Over here, we take a look at some of the bicycle tires that you can opt for:

Clincher cycle tire – The internal tube in these tires are filled with air, for smoother revolutions. These clincher tires are generally made of high-quality fabric, and can also come with advanced puncture-resistant properties. Among general cyclists, these tires enjoy maximum popularity.

Tires for mountain bicycles – With intricately designed treads and knobs, these tires help cyclists remain stable on uneven roads, rocky terrains, or other such uneven surfaces. As a result, they can also diminish the chances of accidental falls. However, on smoother surfaces, these tires do not support riding at high speeds.

Tubeless tires – As their name implies, these bicycle tires do not have tubes in them. An air-tight lock is formed, by placing the tire on the rim (of UST variety). Provided that they are properly sealed, these tires can help you to cycle with complete ease, even when the air pressure level is lower than average. The risks of puncture are also minimal, when you use tires of this variety.

Road bicycle tires – Alternatively referred to as ‘slicks’, these tires are characterized by the absence of any type of textures on their surface. They are chiefly meant for riding on smooth and even roads, and do not have any significant tread either. These tires for road bikes are also slimmer than most of the other tire varieties.

BMX bicycle tires – These tires are also relatively thin in nature, and have specifically designed knobs. If you are looking to ride your bicycle on potentially challenging dirt tracks, you can use these tires to retain a better grip on the surface.

Inverted tread bicycle tire – For a proper combination of pace and stability while cycling, these tires can prove to be ideal. They have textured surfaces, and are handy for pedaling quickly on uneven, rocky areas.

Sealant tires – In these bicycle tires, a liquid sealing agent is used to create air-tight knobs. Different sophisticated chemicals are used in the sealants, to ensure superior performance. These tires can be used on practically all types of rims, adding to the convenience of riders. In essence, they combine the best features of tubular and tubeless tires.


Apart from having a thorough knowledge about the different types of bicycle tires, you also need to be familiar with how their dimensions are measured, in order to make the right choice. Tires of different dimensions and width can be bought, and you need to select the one that would typically suit your cycling requirements. While wider tires would give you a better grip on the roads (and hence, a greater sense of stability), choosing a thin tire is advisable, if you are looking to cycle at high speeds. Make sure that the tires you buy are durable, so that you can derive the best performance from the classy, new-age cycles, like Focus bikes. Choose tires with proper care, and venture out with your bicycle, on any surface you want!

Video Source: eHowFitness

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