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Learn How to Play Racquetball With this Simple Guide

Updated on June 30, 2013

How To Play Racquetball

It takes some time but anyone with a little hand eye coordination can learn how to play racquetball. It's one of my favorite sports but I have always loved the racket sports. I teach students how to play racquetball in my physical Education class as I think it's an activity that many people can play for years to come. I play tennis, racquetball, pickleball, badminton and ping pong. Each of them are extremely fun activities that can give you a very good workout..

Racquetball is played on a court with four walls. The most challenging part is learning the way the ball is going to come off the wall and positioning yourself in the best possible place to return the ball to the front wall. Volleying with a partner is the best way to get comfortable with this and once you get better at it racquetball rules can be learned.

There is a box located in the mid section of the court. This is where you serve the ball. The ball must hit the front wall first and come back behind the back line of the serving box to be good. It is a fault if it touches the back wall before touching the floor, if it does not cross the back line or if it hits the floor, sidewall or ceiling before the front wall.

Once a good serve is made, the player in the back returns the ball to the front wall and then it can be played off any wall or ceiling. When someone misses, either the server gets a point and serves again or the back player wins the serve but does not get the point.

Equipment for the game of racquetball includes racquets, racquetballs, goggles to protect eyes and a glove to prevent slipping.

The game can be played with two, three or four people. Two people is a Singles game, three people is called Cut Throat and four people is called Doubles. In singles, its you against your partner. In cut throat its you against the other two when you're serving but when you're not serving, it's the server against you and the the other player. In doubles its two against two. When serving in doubles, the first server from your team serves. When that server loses the serve, the first person form the other team serves, then the 2nd server from team one then the 2nd server from team two.

Learning how to play any racket sport is a great idea because they are sports that can be played from a very young age to a very old age. I know 70 and even some 80 year old people who still enjoy racket sports.

It is a fast paced game and anyone wanting a great workout should try to learn how to play racquetball. It can also be a little slower for those just learning or those who don't move as quickly anymore. Certain clubs hold leagues and/or lessons. Colleges often time have courts available and some places even have outdoor courts.

Playing Racquetball

How To Play Racquetball


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