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Least manly things in Sports World

Updated on September 8, 2012


Least manners ways in Sports

Reggie Bush before entering into NFL was a dynamic and outstanding footwork player. However, this is what the defenders feel too. Besides this, with his excellent moves he stole even the Heisman too.

But, to the surprise of all, when he entered NFL he tried to avoid contact by running side by side. In fact, he was viewed as a wimpy player when compare with other players (tough). He was considered even as a disgrace to the sporting world too.

But, further he turned it around and no one worries about his manliness. Besides, there are 25 sporting occurrences at stake. Compared to the ratings of an M.Night Shyamalan movie, sports fans become sadder about this. They can be put into different classes like strategic, funny or entertaining. They are familiar with only one word in sports i.e. Lame.

The following is the discussion on the 25 happenings that are worth spending on The Happening.

Running backs in a committee: When a single running back is incapable of carrying the ball atleast 20 times, there is no other choice for coaches to select more than one for a game. Scouts tell fans that these people are just like the athletes they have ever seen. But the question if that is true why they can not be of both speed and size. A real running back is possible, when a touch of durability is added.

Silence: Besides, golf fans say that, to strike a ball, a complete focus is very essential. However, Michael Jordan to win over Bryon Russell need to focus on his famous jumper and with a decibel level higher than that of jet turbine, did it an arena.

Adding to this tennis would be better with people shouting McEnroe the entire match. Definitely, America wouldn’t miss it.

Backing out of the all star festive: The ultimate rule would be, a player is not out unless until he is injured. However, not because, his manager thinks he tires his body or he decides to stick to his promise he made last year etc. In fact, if selected or committed to a play, you play for sure. To watch their idols play fans spend twice, but swinging at 10pitches a day becomes a big no for you.

Fines: Recently, Ted Leonsis was fined with $100,000 for his comments on NBA’s salary cap, by David Stern. However, debt was paid by Leonsis in just forty minutes (from his change purse). This shows that charging people less than their paychecks does nothing. And this also shows that commissioners can end up as jerks for things which do not even matter.

The Pick off Attempt: Men not only like things that are efficient, that are scantily clad they also like things that have no weakness. Coaches definitely don’t want the opponents to lead the base. This means just to get a catcher, who is worthy.

Open floor layups: On the other hand, if one doesn’t dunk that’s becomes otherwise. People deserve to see dunk when multimillionaire is wide open and also when they are paying $70 to sit in the nosebleeds. The fans wish to see the monstrous finger roll move.

Avoiding Gatorade bath: No one dares to question Bill Belichick’s manliness. This is because to dress like a hobo 24/7, one needs real guts. Try avoiding Lemon-Lime or Riptide Rush shower. Try taking it as a lame move or else take it dignity. This is what is done by Prince and no other is so manlier than his.

Grunting: Coming to grunting in tennis, to women it can release more energy and power but for men it’s so weird. Guys that do so even admit they need some advantage that they do want to have and not acquired at gym. But, it’s so funny at some situations.

Hack-A-Anyone: It is the coach signal that team cannot continue with their play. Intentional fouls are quite different from these. This refers to target and fowl only the same player when only more than 3 minutes are left in the game. Being disrespectful, this even becomes a shame to the players who do not make a comeback and also not trusted even to make one.

Adult autograph getters: Adult autograph signs are the signs at the theme park. This specifies the height you must have to ride and also should be inverted for autographs. And also one must be this short to get a signature. The required height is 60 inches and below. Kids stand in a line to get an autograph. If same is done by adults, ‘child molester’ is written on all of them.

Long soccer substitutions: Coach should be able to decide whether his team can hold any longer or a player needs to be picked in a different zip code to make his way to the side line. Replacing with a sub can be disrespectful to the game. The chance to lose is more, if the team doesn’t hold the lead.

Black eyed peas: When the music came from rock groups like Metallica, Rage against the machine and ofcourse, AC/DC it was good to hear. However, more it sounds like robotic noise compared to a car factory. There is no other word to describe the songs than ‘noise’. Songs in general use words but not “Boom Boom Pow”.

Bad free Throw shooters: this shot purely depends on muscle memory and of course, bad free throw shooters have the memory similar to that of a gold fish. This is the easiest shot that is practiced in basketball. No jumping, no lateral movements and no distractions are required in this game. Besides, it is sad to see some shooting with the accuracy of Jackson Pollock.

Prepared statements: One gets manned when someone admits their mistakes. But, one gets pussed out, when someone else does for his sake. The later one is more natural for men like Tiger.

Tantrums: For his quiet and friendly demeanor, he built an awesome reputation with the eagles. But, he was maligned and told that no one ever should try making scenes on the sidelines. Well, he was natural and he never tried being so sarcastic.

Acknowledge: In today’s world there are a number of ways to acknowledge someone. Some of them are the Facebook Poke, the First-pound and the high-five. However, dudes still love playing smack and ass (possibly grab). In the lockers rooms, Bravo must be 24/7.

World Series of Poker (WSOP): For entertainment and sports Programming ESPN stands one of the networks. To the surprise, WSOP is none among them, not atleast programming even.

Having no sportsman’s ship: Sportsmanship is the only thing kids tend to learn when they play some at their local parks. But, King James must have been too busy for that. In Eastern Conference Finals which was held in 2009, Orlando Magic won and King James just left the field without appreciating them. In fact, he said he was a fiercful opponent which may not be a good excuse. Even Bird and magic hugged it out.

Twitter fights: It’s very bad to see two grown need the help of “tweet” to settle the differences. Is it less intimidating to sound so?

Whining: Not ever a single play has been reversed by complaining. Only players yell at referees but it amounts to nothing. The complaining is all about moving the blame to somewhere else and the responsibility is taken by real men.

Delta State Fighting Okra: In fact, the Okra is the worst mascot in sports. No one rushes to pick greens over the Buffalo wings and ofcourse, okra is the taint of all veggies.

Capris: A real man does not do (the pulling of capris) much. Ofcourse, women and gay artists may have a chance to do so. Even France can’t ignore this blunder.

Crying: This has never been considered manly unless until it is tears of joy. However, Adam Morrison, legend of Zorro loves to do one. Hence, the water coming from head better be from the drool.

Flopping: Sports are played in such a way it looks being played in a wharf and with all the flopping going on. Trying to bait umps and faking injuries all mean that they have no potential to play on their own, hence take the help of referee. May be manly to some, but most feel otherwise.

Man dancers: Some like Marlin feel surprised to see so few fans at their games. The man dancers coming into picture replacing the previous may be the reason. Even better decisions are made by Enron. Being obese every day of the week can be overcome by being bankrupt. You want to get more info, follow to twitter or read at L.A sports Examiner.


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