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Following the Dress Code - NBA Edition

Updated on June 22, 2014
See without a mask he is just a really good basketball player. With a mask however, he is just a really good basketball player.
See without a mask he is just a really good basketball player. With a mask however, he is just a really good basketball player. | Source

The Dilemma

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you can not wear what you want. For this article I will be dealing with the LeBron James incident. This should be an easy reference point to get the idea across to everyone.

During a game with the New York Knicks, or whoever the heat was wiping the floor with, Lebron James was wearing a black carbon fiber mask that I can only describe as a superhero face piece, or a really unnecessary bondage eyeless blindfold. Which to me honestly can not be very useful in either one of those situations. You can hide your identity all the want you can't make those whip marks go away buddy. The only thing people were looking at during that game was a look of fear in the eyes of the other team as a superhero charged the court. If he would have had a cape I bet people would have paid extra, or if Kobe Bryant was there. Besides the fact that the game of 108-82 points was a little uneven, it was still like a regular game. Except for this mask. It's like no one can look away from his face. Even though we already know who is under it, we are still intrigued. I mean come on superman only puts on a pair of glasses, how the hell can no one figure that out by the way.

In reality this mask is for broken noses. Even though it is a face mask, and it is the appropriate kind of mask it is not the recommended color. The NBA has agreed amongst itself that only clear face mask should be wore during games. Which tells me that they want everyone to know for sure that the players aren't using some kind of body doubles to play for them. If they are I would hire those players instead, you saw the score. Other players have also been affected by this rule including Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant who both wore black mask and then were told they had to switch to clear mask. Which honestly this doesn't make sense to me. I wouldn't care if they all wore top hats, if it doesn't effect their game then it shouldn't matter.

Money Makers

The black mask rejection decision is trying to be appealed by Lebron. The black mask apparently is lighter and fits better. I can see that. Some of the players on the team along with Lebron, decided to take a few snap shots if this amazing mask, and through them around the net. It was also mentioned that he said the mask matched the uniform, and that it was stylish. You can not look up Lebron James right now without seeing at least one of those pictures. It was spun around the hemisphere and landed in the laps of everyone willing to actually pay attention in the twitter world. It is not the first time some one has turned a brace into a fashion statement. Although it does seem pretty cool. In fact I will take two. You should buy one as lets post an ebay link.

Good Searching

I could only find clear ones. So just spray paint them, or just buy the shirt that the team started throwing around everywhere online, which now happens to be on ebay. Hey when you have adversity in the face of injury and you want to get that bank. You know who to call. When it comes to making a business out of anything, just ask people who already have money. Trust me they know how to get more. Here is that shirt. It features him wearing the black mask, and cost about 20 bucks, for another 20 bucks you could get a Kobe Bryant shirt and you can fight yourself. I think a lot of people are gonna have this shirt in a couple of days.

Here I would like to show you some examples of why people wear mask.

  • To save the world, or there world.
  • For various types of bondage things, which I won't get into because I am not sure who is reading this.
  • For broken noses.
  • For Halloween.
  • For some sports.
  • To rob a bank. PLEASE DO NOT ROB BANKS.


Every sport has its own set of rules that players must follow. Some of these rules are as stupid as some of the players. This is one of those rules. It is just a mask. The fact is that if you do not follow the rules you can get fined for it. Just another way to make money I guess. So it is still a choice, albeit an expensive one I am sure. It is like telling someone that they can only wear regular band-aids. I am sorry but if I made millions a year and put my body at risk I should be able to wear a hello kitty band-aid. I mean that is my choice, not yours. The fact that everyone doesn't wear hello kitty band-aids actually shocks me.

Let us look at this important injury chart

Sport's injury
Fixed with
Broken neck
neck brace and rest
Fix that neck
Broken leg
leg brace and rest
Fix that leg
Broken nose
Face mask
Save the planet then fix that nose

Which would you wear?

See results

I know what I would wear. The important question is if you broke your nose what would you wear.

Getting ready to win, I think I am not sure which game this was.
Getting ready to win, I think I am not sure which game this was. | Source

Likes sports

Which sport do you like the most?

See results

Truth be known I don't even like basketball, honestly I can't even play it well. I do know however that when it comes the rules of the sports, the people who make them can be a nuisance. The reason he can wear a clear mask and not a black one to me is just distraction. Someone at some point thought it would distract from the game. Anything that distracts from the game takes away money from the big guys. At least it is not a fake wrestling, and believe me when I say this...I know for a fact that wrestlers DO actually get very hurt during those matches. I also know when something is set up. Those matches are, but still I respect there profession. I think that maybe just maybe they don't want people to stand out. The denise rodmans if you will. I on the other hand believe its important to stand out to make it to the top of fame and fortune. Otherwise we are just more faces in the crowd.

Driving the lane... or getting ready to slip.
Driving the lane... or getting ready to slip. | Source

The mask in action

The video clearly illustrates that the black mask has given Lebron super powers. He shooting average went up by 1 percent. I know what you are thinking, that's incredible. Well it is so deal with it. You can see that he is clearly stylin, the only one that can wear a mask better lived with an iron one for a really long time. The amount of attention this got is to me very unnecessary. I believe it was the merchandise that came out with it, like the shirts up there. The NBA wants all the money is the problem.

In Conclusion

The fact of the matter is that no one should be able to tell the players what to wear if it doesn't directly affect the game. I mean, no rainbow jump suits. It should be about the game, and in this case it has nothing to do with the game, or have any affect on the players around him, the team, the audience, nothing. He has a broken nose, it needs to stay where it is. End of story.

Please leave me any comments or feedback you have. If there is anything I missed and you would like to share it with the class. I would be happy to attempt to have a rational conversation about it. Sarcasm is welcomed.


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    • jravity1 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from bellevue, MI


    • ChristinRK profile image


      4 years ago from Sioux Falls, SD

      Ha! Loved this! Thanks for the laugh this morning!


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