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Lebron James is starting to look old. How Lebron James Receding Hairline reveals more than you may think

Updated on June 19, 2013
Lebron James Balding
Lebron James Balding

It's a fact of life that most men encounter, but usually into their 40's and 50's and not late 20's, but Lebron Jame's receding hairline is more indicative a bigger problem: mainly, that the star athlete has reached his peak. Lebron James game is not what it once was. While Lebron did win yet another MVP, his on court antics and ego are getting ahead of himself. Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five championships? Lebron is struggling to reach 2 championships on a Miami Heat team that was anointed at one point in time, as the best NBA team ever assembled. The new big three: Lebron, D-Wade and Chris Bosh were supposed to be unstoppable. But it seems like father time is creeping in at a pace no one has expected, not even Lebron himself.

Lebron James Headband now
Lebron James Headband now
Lebron James Headband now
Lebron James Headband now

Lebron James Headband

The story of Lebron James levelling out or "peaking" can be seen through his headband. It seems that his confidence is being shaken by nature. Just a few years ago, Lebron wore his headband almost level, resting at a slight angle upward just above his forehead. Now Lebron wears his headband at a much steeper angle, almost straight up and down in an attempt to hide his bald spot. While balding is no laughing matter, as it can shake a man's confidence, for the athlete how thinks he is a God, this can be a real chink in his armor. Lebron's game play seems to follow the trend as well. While his stats are still at or near the top of the league, what is interesting to see is how, even with 2 other premier players on his team, Lebron is struggling to will his teams to victory. When Lebron played for the Cleveland Cav's, he was it. There was no supporting cast and Lebron single handily brought his team to the NBA Finals. Why doesn't he do that anymore. Lebron just doesn't seem to take the ball to the hoop with the same confidence, or control the ball and game with his shear determination. While understanding that he now does actually have some help, the fact remains, this isn't the same Lebron.

Lebron James Balding: Becoming more human?
Lebron James Balding: Becoming more human?

Not the Same Lebron

Physically, from an appearance standpoint, Lebron is a mountain of a man, sans the hair. Even if the Miami Heat win their 2nd title, nothing can change the fact that he looks tired, complacent and downright non-existent at times. During the Spurs match-up in the NBA finals, when the Heat are down and the "other 2" struggling, Lebron has his window of opportunity to take over a game and yet, he has failed to do so. Bad passes, missed shots, turnovers or bad decisions are becoming the norm for this one time champion. Where is the killer instinct. Lebron says he'll take his team on his back if needed. His team does need him and yet, he's becoming a pass first shoot second player. HI stats in the NBA finals tell the story that something is bother it the hair? Does he feel vulnerable?

Lebron James Stats Decline as His Hairline Gets Worse

While not scientifically correlated, maybe there is some truth to the "confidence factor" suffered by an increasingly receding hairline. It is a known fact that losing your hair can eat away at your confidence. Maybe this is trickling into Lebron's game.

Lebron James Confidence and Shooting Percentage
Lebron James Confidence and Shooting Percentage

The Stats Don't Lie

The stats don't lie. Lebron has shot worse in big games this year than in regular season games where there isn't much risk/reward on the table. Is this because with a big game, there is more attention? During these periods of more focus and more attention, it is possible that along with the increased attention, comes more self-consciousness and as a result, more pressure to perform. Is this pressure the reason for Lebron's decreased shooting percentage? Shooting the basketball well is all about confidence. You visualize the shot going in,release the ball believing in yourself and your ability and then shoot the ball with confidence. If Lebron isn't feeling like he's the man he wishes he was, physically from an appearance standpoint that is, it goes without saying that his shot is being affected. Lebron's fashion statements further accentuate the fact that he is trying to overcompensate something. Like Dwayne Wade. Up until the past few years, D-Wade was an elite player. Now, he is more known for his fashion attempts and flubs than his assertiveness on the court.

Lebron Over Compensating.

Similar to D-Wade, Lebron too may be trying to compensate for his own poor performance. Let's face it, Lebron is definitely trying to make more fashion statements these days. Is this his way of showing that he has interest beyond basketball or a means to come off as more than just a basketball player and hopefully distract some of his critics. If they're criticizing his fashion that means they're taking time away from criticizing his game.

Look at his attire instead of his game.
Look at his attire instead of his game.

Where do you go from here?

Where does Lebron go from here. Shaving his head bald is the next logical step. If he shaves his head bald, it will be interesting to see if his confidence, swagger and shooting percentage return. Either way, something is going on with this guy. No longer a one man show and yet, when he once used to be able to win games by himself, he seems to be struggling to find himself. Maybe Miami wasn't such a good idea.


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    • rlleon42 profile image

      rlleon42 4 years ago from United States

      When he gets to 4, we can start the discussion.

    • profile image

      TheM 4 years ago

      Another hater smh. Lebron a 2x champion!