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Lebron vs Jordan: Unfair Comparison

Updated on March 30, 2018

Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships

— Micheal Jordan


I grew up watching basketball. Basketball was my favorite sport and it still is. Growing up I loved Julius Irving, Magic Johnson, Larry Byrd, Dominique Wilson and more. All those I named was a bit before my time but I watched them when my uncles were screaming at the TV when I was a toddler. By the time I became of age I witnessed greatness in the making. I was born in 1983. I became more active in this game when I was about eight years old. That is when I knew I wanted to play the sport. I worked on my game and excelled over the years and one player motivated me to do it. It was Michael Jordan. Today’s Michael Jordan is Lebron James. Jordan had #23, and LeBron has it. Jordan won Rookie of the Year and Lebron won it. Lebron is bigger and close to the rim and he came out of HS. He has more numbers because he played more time but at 3-5 in the finals and Jordan never lost separates them both. It is disrespectful to say Lebron is better than Jordan and I have three reasons why he’s not.

He had the help. He Just failed with it

This is the first reason because when Jordan got the help that he needed he took advantage. Lebron did not. He led cavs to win the top seed in the eastern conference during the 2008-2010 seasons leading them to a +60 plus seasons. He also won season MVP both season. Went into the playoffs with high expectations. Hoping to face another HS prodigy in Kobe Bryant but failed to do so every year. He had the help but he limited what he had. Kobe had the help as well but like Jordan he wanted to win. Lebron just wanted numbers. That’s one of the many things that seperates the two. That No help excuse is a lie.

College, HS, and Different Positions

It is not really a big deal but Jordan played in college. Lebron came out of HS. Jordan played shooting guard and Lebron plays power forward. Jordan did not play as much minutes as LeBron. Lebron had more time to play. On my Facebook page in a basketball group he is talked about a lot and I give my input on it and say “He better have better numbers. He had more time and is bigger”. Lebron is a great statistical player but he is not greater than Michael Jordan

Jordan Stayed and Lebron Ran

This maybe the most overlooked one. Jordan did not run to win his first he stayed and built a championship team. Waiting for his time to come and it paid off. Lebron ran to Miami. Ran to Miami with all-star and 2006 finals MVP in Dwayne Wade. Added other all-stars to the roster. Some were current and some were not. One of the standouts was former Rookie of the Year in Mike Miller and Toronto Raptors standout Chris Bosh. Wade and Bosh, he played with on team USA. He surely had the help he needed. Despite the help the heat did not gel quickly. The went into the playoffs as the second seed in the eastern conference. In the playoffs they defeated the Philadelphia 76ers, The Boston Celtics, then the Chicago Bulls. Despite them limiting each opponent in the prior rounds to 1 game they fell to the Dallas Mavericks in the finals. Lebron James failed with help for his third straight year. The only differences are he did not win season MVP and it happened in the NBA finals.


If someone with a below .500 NBA finals record can make the world forget someone that never lost a final it shows the state of this era. Its disrespectful to say LeBron is better than Jordan but hey, it is what it is. This is the unfair part that many seem to ignore. I cannot speak for all but I don’t argue using Jordan’s Defensive player of the year. His season MVP’s. His nearly perfect year in 1988 or his rookie of the year. I talk about his NBA finals and how good he was in them. When kids grow up they can only talk about his numbers because at this rate he may stay below .500 in the finals. Even if he doesn’t the fact that he had to leave his draft team just to win his first NBA finals game is enough. LeBron fan said to me that LeBron won heat two rings so I ask WELL, HOW MANY HE WON HIS CAVS? This show is getting ridiculous. He is getting older. The minutes and all over the years is taking its toll on his body. The fact that him saying he should have won MVP the last eight years tells me that he knows his time is near. Former player Jae Crowder said he was padding stats and this current team proves that he is. He is currently the leader in everything on the team but his Cavs are below potential because of it. The last 3 years they were better. He’s not really getting them involved to battle elite teams. LeBron is a good player but he is no Jordan. Not even close. It’s not fair to put him on Jordan’s level because of numbers. Jordan played to win not to get just stats.

Steve Kerr Played with Jordan

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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