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Led Bulbs vs Incandescent Bulbs: Which one is more Efficient for Flashlights?

Updated on January 9, 2016

A flashlight is a hand-held electronic portable lighting device. A small incandescent bulb is used as lighting source in the flashlight. It is commonly called as ‘torch’ in countries other than US and Canada. Most of them are hand-held, but there are other types on offer in the market to suit various needs of the people. There are helmet-mounted flashlights, lantern type flashlights, pole mountable flashlights and few others to serve various requirements of different people.

Flashlights were traditionally operated using electronic battery cells of various sizes and inefficient carbon filament bulbs that used to produce flashes of light continuously when switched on. Hence, they are name flashlights. Later, incandescent lamps made of glass bulbs with tungsten filament are used to improve the efficiency and life of the bulb. In the recent years flashlights that use Light-emitting diodes (LED) have replaced conventional light bulb flashlights. Though they have existed earlier also, they were used only as low-power indicator bulb till an American company by name Lumileds Corporation has re-introduced them to the world in the year 2001 by using them in flashlights.

Led Bulbs vs Incandescent Bulbs

LEDs have been proved far more efficient and emit bright light than incandescent bulbs at low power levels. They consume less of battery and lasts a lifetime when compared to ordinary incandescent bulbs. Today LEDs are widely used in flashlights for several reasons. They emit brighter light than other bulbs, highly efficient and less fragile, consume only 5-10% of power when compared to traditional flashlights increasing life of battery by many folds, lasts lifetime of the flashlight and rarely needs to be replaced. Most of them are waterproof which enables you to use them in rain and snow.

LED light is brighter, more focused and directional when compared to old flashlights. Light emitted from the same can be seen up to distance of one mile. Today market is flooded with wide range of LED flashlights for you to select like mini flashlights, rechargeable flashlights, keychain flashlights, battery free flashlights and many more. Selecting LED flashlight required by you from so many available in the market can be little difficult.

Types of Led Flashlights:

LED flashlights are available in different colors, shapes and sizes for you to select. Most common flavors that can be seen in the market are;

  • LED aluminum flashlights,
  • LED rubber flashlights,
  • LED plastic flashlights
  • and LED mini flashlights.

Finding each type of LED flashlight in detail, can help you to select the one that best suits your requirement.

  • Aluminium flashlights are one of the strongest and can withstand wear and tear to a great extent.
  • LED rubber flashlights are offered with a rubber grip and can be easily carried anywhere either by clipping them to the pocket or to the backpack.They are considered best from the rest for they are made with rubber which is anti-shock and weatherproof.
  • LED plastic flashlights are lighter in weight and easy on pocket.
  • LED mini flashlights are small in size and are cheaper when compared to other flashlights available in the market.


If you searching for the right place to browse latest LED flashlight models and buy them at discounted prices, then Internet is the best market place. You can easily find out latest LED flashlights models in the market, compare features of best models and buy them for best prices online from the comfort of your home.


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