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Leeds United Merchandise

Updated on June 30, 2010
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Leeds United Mug  From United Duvet Set From United Flag  From United Gnome From
Leeds United Mug  From
Leeds United Mug From
Leeds United Duvet Set From
Leeds United Duvet Set From
Leeds United Flag  From
Leeds United Flag From
Leeds United Gnome From
Leeds United Gnome From

Leeds United Merchandise

I will admit I am by no means a Leeds fan however they have a large fan base and people search for Leeds United merchandise so I wanted to see if I could produce a good article on Leeds united merchandise and products and hope I do Leeds football team justice in this article!

Leeds United Clothing

Leeds as with nearly every football team have many products and merchandise available. Especially with Leeds as they have quite a large fan base due to their success in the past so many people may want Leeds United merchandise and products!

  1. Leeds United Scarf - Not very original but if you are a regular Leeds fan you may want to consider getting a Leeds United scarf!
  2. Leeds United Shirt - Show your love for Leeds United with a Leeds United football shirt and let everyone know you support Leeds. Also ideal for match day where an official shirt is a nice thing to have.
  3. Leeds United hat - Get a Leeds Hat - a decent idea and a cheap one too!
  4. Leeds United Tie - Show everyone at work who you think is the best football team in the world!

The official Leeds United FC football shirt for 2009-2010 From
The official Leeds United FC football shirt for 2009-2010 From

Leeds United Accessories and Gifts

Leeds United Accessories and Gifts

5. Leeds United Mug - A really nice idea whether for a gift or for yourself. A good quality mug has it's uses and you can always give this mug to anyone who supports a rival team!

Not sure if some of you Leeds fans will take offence at this but I went round a Leeds supporters house and he a Leeds mug which was pretty funny and read something like this:

"Leeds united Supporters Mug Put a goldfish in it and pretend you have won something!"

I just love that personally!

6. Leeds United poster - Get a Leeds poster

7. Leeds United Duvet Set - If you are really sad you could get a Leeds duvet set - I would not want one personally! See picture on the right.

8. Leeds United air freshener - If you are a tight wad I have the perfect gift idea for a Leeds fan for you!

9. Leeds United Flag - Get a flag and wave it about on match day and become a true Leeds supporter.

10. Leeds United Gnome - yes you love gnomes don't you and you love Leeds - so why not get a lovely away kit Leeds United gnome - a fantastic present!  (Sort of joking!)

There you go 10 Leeds United Pieces of Merchandise and Gifts

So there you have 10 absolutely brilliant Leeds United pieces of merchandise and/or gifts recommended by a non Leeds United fan!  What could be better!

If you liked this article please share it with your fellow Leeds fans or use it as your birthday list!


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