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Leicester and utopian dream still continues

Updated on March 21, 2016

I aspire to be looked at teacher-student advanced Claudio Ranieri Premier League championship. In his sports life, I do not think I ever dreamed of burning any more.

An extraordinary thing is happening in the world of football. Something that logically should be redefined. Something magical. Something made me wake up feeling overwhelmed lap during the past few months. Because all these things are going on at my club, the club that I have loved and encouraged since childhood.

I witnessed Leicester City lost the FA Cup final, with the father and grandfather. That year, I was 8 years old and was crying all the way home. I saw then relegated Leicester promoted. I played for Leicester in the first eight years of his career. I and a group of friends also contributed financial support to save the club from bankruptcy situation. But nothing comparable to what is happening. Nothing. The wonders how this can come to my club like that!

This day a year ago, still in last Leicester transcripts, with a team not much different than it does now. What happens from then on has far exceeded anticipated by all. First, under the guidance of Nigel Pearson, Leicester made a spectacular escape monitors in history to be able to withstand the Premiership.

But then after that memorable journey, to the obvious disappointment of most of the fans of Leicester, Pearson was fired, probably because three young players have acted unacceptable when on tour in Thailand, Leicester boss's hometown. And was one of three players to be the son of Pearson.

Then the club fell into a panic season. Leicester need even a new coach.

Claudio Ranieri appears.

Then, I and many others do not receive it with much excitement. I also said that in the nearest job before coming to Leicester, he led the Greek team losing teams Faroe Islands pepper. I can not hide his spokesman, Twitter will denounce me.

Then I realized I was wrong. And how wonderful, I badly wrong.

Originally, the house was also on my side, they put Leicester up as the top candidate for relegation productivity. Then, miracle appeared at the time no one waiting.

What we are witnessing, if that champions Leicester at the end of the season, perhaps the greatest feat in the entire history of team sports. A group that a year ago did not win one now become a invincible army. A team built up by the spirit of solidarity and football that long ago renewed witness. Who built his team was cautious man, meticulous but also inspired him rich: He welder.

So we have to explain how the thing can not explain? March last year, the bodies of King Richard III was reburied in the church Leicester. And from that day, Leicester resurrected and moved on to the throne Premiership. The reason that there are so superstitious?

So let's go to the real reason. The players proved struggled in his first season in the Premier League now more confident, more experienced. Blackout revive at the end of last season for them the confidence that I can kick on par with any other club. Jamie Vardy scored consecutive starts with speedy feet of him.

Riyad Mahrez, slender midfielder running on the toes Thoan, continuous talent performances this week end and weeks. The emergence of N'Golo Kante along with a healthier Danny Drinkwater made briefcase best central midfielder Premiership. Besides, not to mention the positive energies from Marc Albrighton, Shinji Okazaki and Jeffrey Schlupp.

Kasper Schmeichel is too great in goal, has also demonstrated that the defense leadership qualities, perhaps inherited from the father. But the most amazing thing to come from the defense, a defense made up the quartet four previous failures. They play like a lifetime and more calmer.

Leicester is not like the team controlled the ball, but they always exploit the weaknesses of the opponent. A team was organized perfectly, a fighting spirit and ability wise concession counter superb organization. From preparing relegation, now they become a powerful team.

We still have to wait and see Leicester can tell the end of his magic or not. Because if the club can rise from despair, they can also cause us to return to it. But I hope that will not happen.

I do not think I ever desire to see something more than that in the whole of his life in sports. I am happy to see his three sons are also watching Dad's love. Even the eldest, George, have supported Manchester United all the way from the baby, now also want to see champions Leicester.

And my dad? He recently wrote on Twitter: "I've been waiting for this for 70 years." And more and more of the world than many people also want to see Leiceister champion. Thursday was terrible pressure and will gradually increase over time. The expectations are always accompanied by threats. But now, Leicester showed they were still faced with it very well. Ranieri teachers and students are on the boundaries of an immortality in the sport.

Do not fear, my team. Remember the words King Richard III: "What I am afraid of it? Yourself!".


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