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Lethal Martial Arts

Updated on May 10, 2015
Froggy213 profile image

Greg has always loved sports with baseball being his favorite. He often writes about sport related subjects. He values any opinions too.

As a child, I grew up watching the great show entitled Kung Fu starring David Carradine.

i have always been interested in martial arts and even studied a bit of some forms.

This hub is not about the basic forms such as you may find being taught down the road. Many of these forms do teach basic self defense and how to adapt to certain circumstances that you may find in this violent world we live in.

What this hub is about are those martial arts forms that are meant to kill or at least maim and destroy the opponent. Many of these forms will not be taught anymore. If you happen to meet a "Master" of any of these forms, I suggest you be very friendly with them.

Lets take a look at the most lethal forms of martial arts.

Krav Maga

This deadly art was developed in Israel.

Israel and the Jewish people have been attacked and attacked many times by those who hate them.

In the 1930s, Jewish man from Czechoslovakia developed this form to help Jews protect themselves from Nazi's whose intent were to harm or even kill the Jewish people.

Krav Maga is taught to Israeli defense forces who are some of the most elite and well trained forces in the world today. They are taught how to use a person's own weapons against them. The men and women who are taught Krav Maga know that if an opponent is still breathing, they can still be a danger. If you are an opponent to someone who knows Krav Maga, odds are you will die very soon.

Keep in mind that those who live and breathe the Krav Maga form are also very devout to God. You will not just be fighting a Jew, but also God. No winning a battle like that.


This very old martial art is from Cambodia.

It was considered so dangerous that Pol Pot who was an evil dictator in that area, exterminated anyone who practiced the art of Bokator. He was frightened that they would overcome his militia and himself.

Bokator is practiced by using many forms with submissions, kicks, elbows and other striking. Weapons, are also used; primarily bamboo staffs and sticks.

The word Bokator stands for "pounding a lion." Essentially the first practitioners of this art were able to kill lions with their bare hands.

This martial art is still practiced and I suggest that you be very wary of anyone who you know is involved with it. Don't be the lion.


In 1910 a man by the name of Bill Underwood developed a style of martial arts called Combato.

Combato was used by Canadian Special Forces. The fact is, they could kill a person in seconds using their bare hands.

Law enforcement agencies were so impressed by this system that they requested Mr Underwood to teach them Combato after World War II. He refused on the grounds that it was too lethal.

Bill developed a watered down variety called Defendo. This system was more about self defense.

I suggest not messing with a 90 year old Canadian who tells stories of World War II. Good chance he knows Combato. It would be embarrassing having a 90 year old man knock you cold.

Jeet Kune Do

The great Master Bruce Lee developed this style of martial arts.

Jeet Kune Do is an anything goes style.

Bruce Lee was one of the greatest, so naturally any style he developed had to be great too.

There are still a few who practice this art. They can kill a person very quickly.

I must tell you that even if you watched every edition of The Green Hornet, you are still not a Master of Jeet Kune Do.

Many Others

These are just a few of the lethal martial arts in the world.

Below is a table of more.

Many of the individuals who are developed in these arts know that violence is not the answer. They will usually walk away from an encounter if it is possible.

We should also live that way too. There are better ways than violence.

(click column header to sort results)
Where Developed  
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Ground Fighting; Submission
Hand-to-hand battle
Defend and destroy
Defend and conquer
Staffs and knives
Wrestling and submission
Tactical defense
All is fair in a fight
So dangerous, it is now considered a dance
Swords and knives
The body and the universe are one
Muay Thai
Stand up striking
US Marines
Marines conquer and kill


Every one of these arts were developed to win.

Have you taken any martial arts? If the answer is yes, please tell us your rank and art form.

I would like to hear your opinions. There are two polls here. Please vote and give your comments.

This is a violent world, but in all actuality, knowing a person may be a trained killer may keep some criminals at bay.

© G.L. Boudonck

Have You

Have you taken courses in any martial arts?

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Most Dangerous

Out of all the martial arts listed, which do you consider the most lethal?

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© 2013 Greg Boudonck


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    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 4 years ago from Returned to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      You are welcome Adept.

    • Adept2012 profile image

      Adebayo Adeolu Ibrahim 4 years ago

      I will love to learn martial art, thanks froggy for sharing this

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 4 years ago from Returned to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      I have that added as the first entry in the table newell12345. It is also a very lethal art.

    • newell12345 profile image

      newell12345 4 years ago

      what about Brazilian jiu-jitsu...

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 4 years ago from Returned to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      Thanks Maggie. Kung Fu was a good lesson giver to young TV watchers. I wish there were more shows like it these days.

      Bill, yea, I always loved Johnny Carson and Underwood fit in great. thanks my friend.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      The film with Underwood was fascinating and hilarious. Very cool hub, Greg!

    • Lastheart profile image

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 4 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      Kung Fu starring David Carradine, was also one of the three shows I was able to watch, since I never had, have, and will, like to sit on front of a TV. But this specific program taught me how to control myself and to give attention to other things better than violence. He could have used it, but it was only when no other option was available.

      Psalm 11: 4-6

      "The LORD is in His holy temple; the LORD'S throne is in heaven; His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men. The LORD tests the righteous and the wicked, And the one who loves violence His soul hates. Upon the wicked He will rain snares; Fire and brimstone and burning wind will be the portion of their cup.…

      Other than violence the format of this hub is great, very interesting and you made a good search. Bravo!!!