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Leverage Machines: Body Solid Vs Powertec Leverage Home gyms

Updated on June 16, 2010

Leverage machines were Originally designed and built for Gold's Gym in California for the professional bodybuilders and athletes to train on. These fitness machines gained popularity almost instantly and it's commercial viability was immediately exploited.

The early concept and design is really quite simple. The typical Leverage machine is made up of a steel frame structure, a bench or seat and a lever arm. No weight stacks, cables, pulleys, cams, chains or belts, like with a multi-gym. These parts add friction, slack and empty gaps of resistance that strain user compatibility. Today's leverage machines are just extra tweak on bits and pieces of this early version, the leverage machines is quite a unique body building "buddy"; reason why these fitness machines have remained a contender. Meanwhile today's fitness machine-makers market their brands under the same name and remain loyal to the early skull-structure.

The body solid Home leverage gym and the Powertec home gym has been around competing for market share since home gyms began gaining popularity among folks as one of the best manufacturers. Both fitness machines have selling points and cons as well but drawing comparison from personal experience and from others peoples. I will try to present a practical examination of both.

Last i checked both the Body solid and Powertec home gym were in the same price bracket. But the missing leg curls in the Powertec is an unfortunate loss, though you could get it custom made. I would think if they were in competition a forteit of any part must have an apetizing compensation on weight and size, but lossing leg curls! very unsavvy.

Both home gyms could also come with a Cage/rack unit. If you have space. But,Early models as well as later models of the body solid take up much room in my opinion than its contender.

A leverage machine
A leverage machine

In terms of assembly the powertec is also a winner. It is easier to assembly and simply structured but this simplicity is not all advantage. Because studies show that for home gym patrons, sophistication is a learning curve they will gladly bear. The idea of figuring it all out, and putting it up. A hard days work. The satifaction that this stationary machines does more than one thing. several things, in fact. Sells. Bottom line sophistication Sells in this home gym market.

The body solid system is more dynamic than the powertec. it is compatible with newer, even more sophiticated extensions/installations. At one time i had managed my machine with a branded bowflex from ...please don't ask. I can be very cheap at times.

The earlier versions of powetec did not have detachable bench while the body solid had. Though this may have been integrated into current versions i do think so; i still use a 2006 model of the machine, only have current addons. The reason why i also base my judgement on older as well as newer model is that the Body solid sneaking advantages over the powertec is as a result of good market research. The little tweaks they add are always a big added plus.Always. Take for instance the the press arm station that the later does not have, though some may not appreciate this feature but position yourself slightly further away from the rotating press arms than normal you'll see that all pressing motions will feel more excellent, free flowing.

Again, the pivoting arms allow you to press straight upwards instead of having to following an arc allowing you to balance forward and rearward as you press, so you use some stabilizer muscles, more like you would using an olympic bar. Unlike the Powetec The lat pulldown station has pivoting arms that allow you to pull straight down this allows you to do close grip pulldowns and tricep pulldowns.

The lat station also has an arched bench pad that allows you to prestretch your abs and contract them through a full range of motion, holding the ab straps attached to the one cable and pulley on the Powerlift. This works ab magic. This is not to conclude for you against the Powertec. Both carry their merits and demerits. Both the markets does not lie, or rather should not. The Body solid hasĀ  better patronage than the powertec.

I advice that you do extra research on your own and see which fits you most. Last advice if you are going for the winner be careful it doesn't fits wholly into most homes!


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