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Life Outside the Oval Office - Nick Symmonds (Running Book Review)

Updated on October 27, 2014

Nick Symmonds, the 3rd fastest American 800m runner ever, tells all in his new book Life Outside the Oval Office: The Track Less Traveled. Symmonds is known for his success off the track as well as on the track, where he has done everything from fighting for better sports marketing to dating Paris Hilton. His new book is not a rehashing of archived running achievements, but instead a unique look into his private life.

Not only is Symmonds a competitor at the 800m on a worldwide stage, but he also holds the American beer mile world record.

The book offers a rare glimpse into the private life of an American Olympic runner. Symmonds separates himself from the pack figuratively by being one of the few American runners to attempt to brand himself. He has been an advocate for athletes and led the charge in finding better ways for underpaid athletes to be financially sufficient. The book puts a strong focus on this side of the sport while at the same time highlighting many of Symmonds' personal achievements and anecdotes. The books tie-ins to contemporary American trends, thanks to the kind of guy that Symmonds is, makes the book more accessible and sure to stand out from the crowd.

© 2014 Joe Dowgiallo


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